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Ähm .. OVTI akt. auf 52w od. 2,5 y high

13.03.03 19:02
Omnivision Technologies

Ähm .. OVTI akt. auf 52w od. 2,5 y high 970304host.wallstreetcity.com/frti/...279-0-1-0-260-400-211-X-0.gif" style="max-width:560px" >

Greetz f-h


Entdecke die beliebtesten ETFs von SPDR

SPDR S&P U.S. Technology Select Sector UCITS ETF
Perf. 12M: +40,41%
SPDR S&P U.S. Communication Serv. Select Sector UCITS ETF Ac
Perf. 12M: +39,64%
SPDR MSCI World Technology UCITS ETF
Perf. 12M: +38,30%
SPDR MSCI World Communication Services UCITS ETF
Perf. 12M: +37,75%
SPDR MSCI Europe Technology UCITS ETF
Perf. 12M: +30,26%

Ähm .. OVTI akt. auf 52w od. 2,5 y high first-henri

Und die habe ich vorhin bei Realtime

13.03.03 22:56
20,40 reingestellt, Schlußkurs 21,39,

hat mich sehr gefreut f-h
Ähm .. OVTI akt. auf 52w od. 2,5 y high first-henri

Und 9-mal ist es gelesen worden bisher

13.03.03 22:58
einfach goldig und schade, daß scheinbar nur "reißerische Headlines" gelesen werden

Ich lach mich tot !
Ähm .. OVTI akt. auf 52w od. 2,5 y high masteruz

Ich hab's gelesen!

13.03.03 23:03
Ähm .. OVTI akt. auf 52w od. 2,5 y high first-henri

Das freut mich, masteruz, Grueni sicherlich

13.03.03 23:07
auch, wenn er "on" war, Eskimato hätte es gelesen, wenn es ihm möglich gewesen wäre.

Greetz f-h

For to watch !  
Ähm .. OVTI akt. auf 52w od. 2,5 y high first-henri

OmniVision Technologies(OVTI)

14.03.03 01:58
Research and Markets: OmniVision Technologies(OVTI) - Quantitative Valuation Report  

Company Name, Mar 09, 2003 (M2 PRESSWIRE via COMTEX) -- OmniVision Technologies

Now you, as an individual investor or investment professional, can have access
to the same tools used by equity fund and portfolio managers as they deal with
billions of dollars in assets every business day. Our ongoing cooperative
research program, involving economists and financial theorists at Yale
University and our own development team, has forged a solid bridge between the
academic world and the marketplace. Thus armed with the freshest concepts and
ideas, the ValuEngine team tests new theories and works out practical
applications for them. We can say without fear of contradiction that there is no
asset valuation and forecasting system in use today that is the equal of

Table of Contents

1. Valuation Overview, 2. ValuEngine Rating, 3. Fair Value, 4.

Investment-Style Rating, 5. Return Forecasts, 6. Market Ratio-Based Valuation,
7. Quantitative Summary, 8. Comparisons, 9. Earnings Report, 10. Analyst
Expectations, 11. Annual Financials, 12. Quarterly Financials

For a complete index of this report click on

Independent, numbers-based, objective Equity Research

Use this report to help to :

- Optimize your equity portfolio for the best risk/return ratio.

- Forecast equity portfolio's value next year.

- Find a fair value for stocks and forecast their future prospects.

- Determine the chances of gain or loss on current holdings.

- Find momentum & volatility ranks for stocks.

"Yale finance professor Dr. Zhiwu Chen has done an excellent job of transforming
academic research and rigorous mathematics into a practical investing tool. The
valuation model combines 12-month trailing EPS, consensus analyst estimates, and
the 30-year Treasury yield to come up with a fair value price for any stock.
Then its forecast model uses common market trends such as momentum and price
reversals, and runs simulations to determine the most probable price outcomes
over three years." - Forbes

Note on the Models used to create the reports:

These company reports employ many proprietary models, which were adapted from
innovative concepts in finance theory generated both in academia and from Wall
Street practice. Each of the four ValuEngine models represents the
state-of-the-art in valuation, forecasting technologies:

1) The VE Stock Valuation Model 2) The VE Stock Forecast Model 3) The VE
Portfolio Advisor Model 4) The VE Portfolio Forecast Model

The ValuEngine Stock Valuation Model

The ValuEngine Stock Valuation Model was derived from the recent research and
findings of Dr. Zhiwu Chen, Professor of Finance, Yale University, and his
co-authors. The model is more sophisticated than traditional valuation models
and outperforms its peers by employing a three-factor approach to stock
valuation. Fundamental variables such as a company's trailing 12-month
Earnings-Per-Share (EPS), the analyst consensus estimate of the company's future
12-month EPS, and the 30-year Treasury yield are all combined and used to create
a more accurate reflection of a company's fair value. Armed with these framework
features, the Model then paints a detailed picture of a company's fair value,
which is represented by the "model price."

The ValuEngine Stock Forecast Model

The predictive variables used in the forecasting models include both proprietary
and well-established forecasting variables derived from credible financial
research studies and publications. They use a distinct forecasting model for
each forecasting horizon and every industry. The forecasting models capture,
among other things, several important tendencies that stock prices consistently
exhibit: Short-term price reversals Intermediate-term momentum continuation
Long-term price reversal s. They then apply the most advanced
statistical/econometric techniques to ensure that the stock return forecasts are
as reliable as possible. In addition, they have a realistic econometric model
for assessing a stock's and a portfolio's future return prospects. This
econometric model involves running thousands of simulations to estimate the
probability of a double in stock price as well as the probability of meeting and
exceeding any given investment target by a stock or a portfolio of stocks.

The ValuEngine Portfolio Forecast Model

The PortfolioForecast tool arrives at projections by utilizing forecasting
models to estimate future returns for the individual stocks in a portfolio.
After computing the future return forecasts for each stock, they then run
thousands of concurrent simulations for all of the stocks in a given portfolio
(subject to various econometric requirements). The thousands of simulated price
paths created by this process form the basis for the PortfolioForecast
projections. Finally, the PortfolioForecast tool calculates the most likely
return forecast from the thousands of simulated outcomes.

The ValuEngine Portfolio Advisor Model

The ValuEngine PortfolioAdvisor enables you to specify the following portfolio
objectives: Maximize the chance of meeting or exceeding an investment target;
Minimize the chance of loss; Both of the above.

Choosing the first option will prompt PortfolioAdvisor to create an aggressive
yet risky portfolio. Choosing the second option will prompt PortfolioAdvisor to
search for a conservative mix of stocks that will seek to preserve capital.
Choosing the third option will prompt PortfolioAdvisor to create a balanced
portfolio that will seek to both maximize potential gains and minimize potential
losses. Once you have specified an investment objective, PortfolioAdvisor will
utilize our forecasting models to estimate future returns for the individual
stocks in your portfolio. PortfolioAdvisor will then examine tens of thousands
of possible capital allocation plans distributed across the stocks of your
choice. From the results of these simulations, PortfolioAdvisor will identify
and display the most favorable stock allocation for your portfolio.
Additionally, PortfolioAdvisor will inform you of the exact number of shares to
buy or sell of each stock so that the resulting portfolio will maximize your
chances of maximizing gain, minimizing loss, or both.

Ähm .. OVTI akt. auf 52w od. 2,5 y high 970564chart.bigcharts.com/bc3/quickchart/...88&mocktick=1&rand=8669" style="max-width:560px" >
Ähm .. OVTI akt. auf 52w od. 2,5 y high Eskimato

Brightpoint ( CELL )

14.03.03 05:27
Es gibt schon viel mehr Shares auf Alltime-High, auf 52 Wochen High oder knapp drunter. Wirst wahrscheinlich die Postings von Grueni und mir zu Brightpoint gelesen haben.
O-Ton der Postings: "Gekauft hab ich Idiot aber nie."

Gruss E.

Ähm .. OVTI akt. auf 52w od. 2,5 y high 970569chart.bigcharts.com/bc3/quickchart/...69&mocktick=1&rand=4348" style="max-width:560px" >
Ähm .. OVTI akt. auf 52w od. 2,5 y high Eskimato

Boommarkt Digitalkameras

14.03.03 06:11
OVTI ist der Topzulieferer für Digitalkamerachips und Biometrieanwendungen, also vertreten in zwei wichtigen Wachstumsfeldern.

Gruss E.

About OmniVision

OmniVision Technologies, Inc. is an independent CameraChip solutions provider. Utilizing proprietary design technology for its highly integrated still-photo and video camera solutions for high-volume imaging applications, OmniVision integrates multiple image processing and capture functions into a single CameraChip design. With the addition of only a lens, the result is a low-cost CameraChip that consumes less power, has a greater environmental functioning range and has a smaller footprint than typical CMOS multi-chip image sensor solutions. OmniVision`s CameraChip solutions are in cell phones, personal digital assistants, automobiles and industrial machine vision applications, as well as surveillance and biometric security applications. OmniVision is based in Sunnyvale, California. For more information about the company, visit our Website at www.ovt.com.

Ausserdem hatte OVTI am 03.03.03 mal wieder seinen technologischen Vorsprung demonstriert:

OmniVision Anounces 3.1 Megapixel CameraChip with New VarioPixel Technology
Monday March 3, 12:11 pm ET
New High Resolution Chip Has Advanced Video and Low-light Sensitivity Modes

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 3, 2003-- OmniVision Technologies, Inc. (NasdaqVTI - News), a market-leading independent supplier of CameraChip(TM) solutions for high-volume imaging applications, today announced it has begun sampling 3.1 Mega-Pixel CameraChips to customers with its newly developed VarioPixel(TM) technology. The 3.1 Mega-Pixel OV3610 CameraChip is designed for use by volume manufacturers of Digital Still Cameras or combination still image/video cameras where high image quality and low power constraints place stringent demands on CameraChip providers. VarioPixel is a new technology developed by OmniVision to enhance the video and low light capabilities of its high resolution CameraChips.
"OmniVision continues to demonstrate technology leadership with our new 3.1 mega pixel CameraChip," stated John Lynch, Vice President Sales and Marketing at OmniVision. "By providing enhanced capabilities afforded by our VarioPixel technology, we believe we will be able to offer the most competitive solution in terms of price, performance and features."

VarioPixel is a newly developed technology that uses multiple pixels to act as a single pixel in order to improve the chips performance. CameraChips that incorporate the technology can provide significantly improved low light performance at video resolutions giving consumers improved LCD preview capabilities and enhanced video capture.

The OV3610 is a 1/2 inch optical format CMOS CameraChip with 2048 x 1536 pixels, enabling high quality 3"x 5", 4"x 6" and 8" x 10" prints. This latest CameraChip offering by Omnivision outputs Bayer Pattern RGB data and integrates auto-white balance, auto-exposure, auto-gain control and performs correlated double sampling. Based on the VarioPixel technology, it can output XGA resolution video with 4x low light performance enhancement.

The OV3610 is pin-for-pin compatible with OmniVision`s current OV9620 1.3 Mega-Pixel and the OV2610 2 Mega-Pixel CameraChips. It draws less than 50mA at 3.3 volts, significantly less than comparable CCD based multi-chip image sensor solutions currently available on the market. CMOS CameraChips require fewer supporting components than comparable CCD offerings. This allows manufacturers to reduce the overall size and complexity of their camera design and speed the camera manufacturers` time-to-market.

OmniVision is demonstrating the OV3610 in their booth at the PMA 2003 Camera Show in Las Vegas March 2-5.

To schedule a meeting or demonstration at the Show, please contact:

Steve Rowley
Phone: (408) 733-3030 x104
Or see us at booth R33-35

For More Information

Ähm .. OVTI akt. auf 52w od. 2,5 y high first-henri

Vorboerslich erneut leicht grün !

14.03.03 15:24

Consolidated Real-time Market Quote*

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Sehr starke Shares

15.03.03 01:05
in die mich nicht mehr reintraue und mal auf Einstiegskurse warte, eine kleine Auswahl zur Wochendlektüre.
Lieber wie bei TALK auf den richtigen Punkt zum Einstieg warten. Vielleicht kann man diesen Thread dann noch mal rauskramen, wenn die Gelgenheit günstig ist.


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Crown-Castle an der NYSE:

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Align Technology, die Zahnspangenaktie:

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Ähm .. OVTI akt. auf 52w od. 2,5 y high Eskimato

first-henri, Du gehst ja rein.

15.03.03 01:08
EXLT ist Dir natürlich nicht entgangen, bleibst Deiner Highbuyer-Strategie treu, Respekt.

Gruss E.
Ähm .. OVTI akt. auf 52w od. 2,5 y high first-henri

Wer nicht wagt, der nicht gewinnt, kennst

15.03.03 01:26
das ja, hoffe ich behalte letztlich Recht, was nix kost', das iss nix ;-)
Lieber hätt' ich die natürlich unten abgefischt, naja, wenn der SL fällt hab' ich ja noch ne Chance.

Greetz f-h
Ähm .. OVTI akt. auf 52w od. 2,5 y high Steffen68ffm


hmm sollte man jetzt einsteigen ??? Eigentlich ein supergeschäftsmodell, andererseits strafen die Amis zurückgenommene Erwartungen eigentlich noch härter ab

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