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12.03.01 21:13
das Papier wurde heute (oder ab heute) nicht (mehr )gehandelt, wer kann mir zu diesem Wert was sagen

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Star Telecommunication

 here is what is up with STRX
 by: RealSBLocal (31/M/Santa Barbara, CA)
                                                                              03/12/01 02:14 pm EST
                                                                                Msg: 24296 of 24430
 First off they have not moved out of SB yet, however they were looking to do so shortly. Space is cheaper in Santa Monica.

 I don't think that will happen now as on Friday the entire excutive staff resigned, CEO,CFO, and President. I heard the
 Vaughn left as well but this is only a rumour.

 I am suprised that there has not been an annoucment yet.....  

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