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Lachlan Star Ltd. mit hohem Erweiterungspotenzial

24.02.11 16:34
- Interview mit Mick McMullen

Lachlan Star Limited ist einer der Senkrechtstarter im Gold- und Kupferbergbau. Das Unternehmen besitzt eine sehr ergiebige Gold- und Kupfermine in Chile samt einer Verarbeitungsanlage mit ausreichend Produktionskapazität. Das Ziel des Unternehmens ist es, bereits in 2011 eine Produktionsrate von bis zu 50.000 Unzen Gold plus Silber und Kupfer zu erreichen. Wir sprachen mit Chairman Mick McMullen über die Aussichten dieses Großprojekts.
Nur meine Meinung, keine Kauf-/ Verkaufsempfehlung !
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Lachlan Star ein australisches Unternehmen ....

24.02.11 17:25
Hier mehr Informationen auf der homepage  von Lachlan Star......

Es ist ein australisches Unternehmen mit einem Projekt in Chile.
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Kurze Neuigkeit v 08.03.2011

09.03.11 14:27
Lachlan Star Ltd. mit hohem Erweiterungspotenzial bernhard2901

Utah macht Gold zum offiziellen Zahlungsmittel!

24.03.11 18:24
Sorge um den Dollar

Utah macht Gold zum offiziellen Zahlungsmittel

Angesichts der ausufernden Staatsschulden misstrauen konservative US-Amerikaner ihrer Währung: Sie fürchten Inflation. In mehreren Bundesstaaten nutzen sie ihre Macht, um gegen die verhasste Zentralregierung in Washington und die Notenbank Fed vorzugehen.
Lachlan Star Ltd. mit hohem Erweiterungspotenzial bernhard2901

Gold could hit $2 000 if US recovery fails-analyst

15.04.11 14:28
JOHANNESBURG ( − The gold price could breach the $2 000/oz mark by 2012/13, if hopes for a US economic recovery are not realised, said mining analyst Rene Hochreiter at a gold conference in Johannesburg.

Hochreiter believed that even though the mantra of a US recovery this year had been sung by a number of economists, such a recovery would probably not be realised until about 2014/15.

He said that the US still had too much debt, as much of the rest of the developed world, which could, contrary to popular expectations, even lead to a double-dip recession.

Gold rose to record highs during the 1929 to early 1940s Great Depression and immediately subtracted after the depression ended. “Even though we have now technically ‘exited’ the recession, we have still not seen gold prices going lower, which could indicate a double-dip recession,” said Hochreiter.

Gold was trading at $1 462,33/oz on Thursday and Hochreiter said that the yellow metal could go as high as $1 800/oz this year, but expected that it would probably trade at around current levels of $1 400/oz to $1 500/oz for the remainder of 2011.

The latest gold survey by metals consultancy GFMS forecast an average price of $1 455/oz for this year, with a low of $1 319/oz and a high of $1 620/oz.

Last month gold rose by 1,5% and the combination of escalating geopolitical uncertainty and sovereign risk concerns boosted bullion prices further in April.

In addition, robust demand for gold from the ‘new world’s’ strongest growing economies India and China, is currently also buttressing high prices. “There are more dollar-millionaires in India than there are in the US, and the country has a population of almost a billion people, which bodes well for future prices,” said Hochreiter.

A group of ten analysts surveyed by financial advisory company Allan Hochreiter predicted an average gold price of $1 379/oz for 2011, declining to $1 071/oz by 2014.

However, Hochreiter expected that prices would only start coming down between 2015 and 2020, but would still be way above historical levels.

By 2020, world gold demand was expected to be 6 800 t, while gold production would be around 6 000 t. Last year, output rose to a record 2 652 t.
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Quarterly Activities Report

19.04.11 03:08
Lachlan Star Ltd. mit hohem Erweiterungspotenzial bernhard2901

cash flows report

19.04.11 15:30

1.552.000A$ Quartalsgewinn
5.350.000A$ Cashbestand
Lachlan Star Ltd. mit hohem Erweiterungspotenzial Mehr Wissen
Mehr Wissen:

Das war's denn wohl bei Lachlan

18.06.11 10:30
Deutsche Börse AG / Börse Frankfurt veröffentlichte am 15.06.11:

Folgende Geschaefte werden ...
Name: Lachlan Star Ltd., von Amts wegen aufgehoben:

Preis (EUR) Volumen (ST) Datum Uhrzeit
0,45 4.445 15.06.2011 08.07.3613
0,289 10.000                15.06.2011 08.29.0672 “

und die Deutsche Börse führt dann noch weitere Geschäfte in Lachlan auf, die aufgehoben wurden.

Dies dürfte den zukünftigen Handel in diesem Papier ebenfalls beenden.
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significant gold drill results and mining update

15.07.11 15:09

Goldproduktion zum letzten Quartal um 20% erhöht!
Lachlan Star Ltd. mit hohem Erweiterungspotenzial Cuba Maß
Cuba Maß:

Mal ne Frage

28.07.11 20:45
was ist hier passiert das der Kurs seit Februar so gestiegen ist? Wurde die Mine in einen Mantel eingebracht? Im Februar stand die Aktie nicht wirklich bei 1 cent, oder?
Lachlan Star Ltd. mit hohem Erweiterungspotenzial bernhard2901

Aus dem aktuellen D&D

19.08.11 19:01
What happens next for gold – and why aren’t gold stocks flying?

You’ve heard me say many things about gold, and sometimes it’s best to let someone else do the talking. This is from Doug Casey:

‘'s plain as day that gold is going to go higher. There's simply no other place for people to try to safeguard their wealth as the dollar, euro, and other currencies plummet toward their intrinsic values. What else could people buy as they get more and more afraid of paper currencies losing acceptance?

‘What are corporations going to do with the billions of dollars in their treasuries when their management gets frightened? Where else can they go when they need to get rid of dollars, euro, yen, and Yuan? Central banks, too – what will they do when they need to dump dollars in favour of something that will hold value?

‘This is why I see a bubble in gold still ahead. It has nothing to do with the supply and demand for gold in the jewellery trade, or whatever – it's going to be a result of there being no viable alternatives when the paper-money con game is over. Gold is the ultimate cash, and that's where people will go when there's a global, total, panic to cash.’

When someone asks me why I think gold will go up, so many reasons bubble up I never know where to start. So today I’ll mention the two reasons why it could fall.

The main risk out there now, is that the CME could raise margins again. Last week it hiked them 22%, which in fact had only a temporary effect. This seems like a blatant bit of market rigging. CME’s take on it is that it is done according to volatility levels. In fairness, a whole bunch of securities had their margins raised at the same time.

It’s possible to have a fair idea on how much further they could hike, according to the volatility seen. ETF securities reckon only another 16% rise is in store; which is not that bad. That was before the rally we are seeing at the moment though, so this number might be too low now.

If you overlook the million things that could cause gold to enter a new phase in its chart, the other thing that could see a sell off is that gold is so far above its 120-, 90- and 50-day moving averages now. Technically it has kept pretty close to these levels for most of the last 10 years. A quick pullback is not impossible. So if you do buy gold now, spread it out over weeks and months.
Lachlan Star Ltd. mit hohem Erweiterungspotenzial bernhard2901

Positiver Beitrag im Proactivinvestors

23.08.11 15:02
Lachlan Star broad gold hits continue from CMD mine in Chile
Tuesday, August 23, 2011 by John Phillips

Lachlan Star (ASX: LSA) continues to deliver a positive news flow from the gold producing CMD Gold mine in Chile - with the latest a string of broad gold hits outside of the resource model.

The impact from this is the company now expects a resource upgrade in the December quarter, along with some of the Inferred resources boosted to the higher confidence categories of Measured and Indicated.

The best bit is that the mine is about to become a whole lot more profitable.

Mick McMullen, managing director, told Proactive Investors today, that the economics of the CMD are mainly impacted by production rates given the plant is running at low throughput rates due to lack of ore.

"The plan for the mine is to take it from the 1.5Mtpa it was at in December 2010, to 2.7Mtpa annualised this quarter, then around 3.5mtpa annualised next quarter.

"This will see cash costs fall from around US$1100/oz when we bought it to mid US$700's by the end of the year."

Lachlan Star Ltd. mit hohem Erweiterungspotenzial DasMünz

Fast wie auf ATH

13.04.12 14:15
CMD Gold Mine Resource Update
General Update
CMD Gold Mine Resource Update

Lachlan Star announced an updated and increased mineral resource for the Tres Perlas at its 100% owned CMD Gold Mine in Chile. This latest estimate represents an increase of 153,000oz Au after the collection of an additional one months data post the February estimate and will be the basis for the NI 43101 Technical Report to be filed shortly. The CMD Gold Mine Indicated mineral resource now contains 1.79Moz Au and the Inferred mineral resources contain a further 1.34Moz Au. Global mineral resources are now in excess of 3Moz Au.
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ich bin zufrieden... kann weiter so gehen

28.05.13 21:17
Keine Kauf-Verkaufsempfehlung.   "Das Glück des einen ist das Unglück des anderen"
Lachlan Star Ltd. mit hohem Erweiterungspotenzial brunneta

+1549,00% Bin raus, das warten hat sich gelohnt..

Keine Kauf-Verkaufsempfehlung.   "Das Glück des einen ist das Unglück des anderen"

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