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Culturecom --- NEWS ----

10.03.00 13:47
14:38 Culturecom (0343) cash on hand $400-500M, sufficient for recent investment  
(Infocast News) Cheung Wai-tung, Chairman of Culturecom (0343), said that there is no outstanding loan as at the end of the previous month, and the cash on hand of the company amounts to $400 to 500 million which is sufficient for the recent investment.

He added that the company has decided to maintain Chu Bong-foo's leading status in the company,therefore, no stragetic investor is allowed to hold culturecom more than 10%.


14:14 Culturecom (0343) denies share placement  
(Infocast News) Cheung Wai-tung, Chairman of Culturecom (0343), denied that the company has intebned to launch rights issue and share placement, etc..


14:00  10-MAR-2000
Culturecom unveils book device, publishers union

HONG KONG, March 10 (Reuters) - Culturecom Holdings Ltd <0343.HK> on Friday introduced a new handheld device to download electronic Chinese books and said it was organising a union of publishers, software houses and hardware firms to support it. The Hong Kong-listed comic book publisher and software developer said its new eC-book device would sell for less than HK$1,000 and could store up to 20 Chinese-language books. Users can download titles from special Internet websites, along with pictures and audio. Culturecom said it will roll out 10,000 units in the mainland China market launch of the product.

Figures were not immediately available for Taiwan or Hong Kong. The company also introduced the Han-Culture Information Union, which brings together over 200 publishers, software houses and hardware firms from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. It did not identify any members.

Culturecom will provide download services and vertical portals for union members to post and eC-book users to download information.

"Based upon the unique eC-Book tehcnology developed by Culturecom, the Han-Culture Information Union will become the driving force behind Chinese e-publishing," Culturecom said in a statement.

Further details about the eC-Book product and union were expected in a news conference on Friday afternoon.

Culturecom shares finished Friday's morning session off 5.94 percent or HK$0.15 at HK$2.375.

((Hong Kong Newsroom +852 2843-6345, Fax +852 2845-0636

Culturecom --- NEWS ---- rabbit

Re: Culturecom --- NEWS ----

Culturecom Hldgs hat heute sein neuestes Produkt, das
sogenannte eC-Book, vorgestellt.

Dabei handelt es sich um ein
digitales schnurloses Gerät, mit dessen Hilfe über eine spezielle
Website Bücher mit Bildern und Sound heruntergeladen werden können.
Das eC-Book soll bis zu 20 chinesische Bücher speichern
können. Nach Angaben des Softwareherstellers und Comicbuch-Verlegers Culturecom werde
das eC-Book für unter 1000 HK-Dollar angeboten.

Darüber hinaus will
Culturecom ein vertikales Portal für Buchverleger betreiben. Hier sollen
neben Büchern auch Informationen und Dienstleistungen angeboten werden. Im
frühen Handel verlor die Unternehmensaktie fast sechs Prozent.

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