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24.02.08 20:30
China Oilfield Services Limited (COSL) is an oilfield services provider in the offshore China market. COSL's services cover each phase of offshore oil and gas exploration, development and production. Its four business segments are drilling services, well services, marine support and transportation services, and geophysical services. As of December 31, 2006, COSL owned 15 drilling rigs, including 11 jack ups and three semi-submersibles, and rented one jack up. In addition, COSL owns and operates a fleet of marine support vessels offshore China, including 69 vessels, five oil tankers and one chemical tanker. COSL owns seven seismic vessels, four geotech survey vessels and an array of facilities and equipment for logging, drilling fluids, directional drilling, cementing, well completion and work-over services.

COSL upgraded to 'buy' on strong capex spending - Citigroup


BEIJING (XFN-ASIA) - Citigroup has upgraded the Hong Kong-listed China Oilfield Services to ""buy"" from ""hold"" after its affiliate, the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), announced a record high capital expenditure budget for 2008.

CNOOC's capex in exploration and production is projected to rise 43.7 pct year on year to 5.235 bln usd, and while some will be used in overseas projects, domestic E&P growth will increase rig fleet utilization and day rates, Citigroup said.

Citigroup has also revised COSL's 2007 earnings projections by 8.1 pct as a result of strong cost controls and improvements to day rates and utilization. Day rates are still 45 pct lower than the international level and the gap should close.

Citigroup has reduced the target price for COSL shares to 16.9 hkd, down from 18.90 hkd, and has also revised its risk rating to ""high"" because of recent share price volatility.
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COSL beobachten

Operational Data for the Full Year of 200

24.02.08 20:36
China Oilfield Services Limited (“COSL” or the “Company”; HKSE stock code: 2883; SSE stock code: 601808) announced today its unaudited operational statistics for the full year ended 31 December 2007.

In addition, in accordance with the Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises issued by the Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China in 2006, the Company estimated that its unaudited revenue and unaudited net profit for the financial year 2007 will increase by about 40% and 95% respectively from the previous year.

For the year ended 31 December 2007, the total number of operating days for drilling rigs was 5,308 days, representing an increase of 539 days, or 11.3%, over that of the corresponding period in the previous year. Number of operating days for jack-up rigs increased by 389 days or 10.1% over the corresponding period in the previous year; while that of semi-submersibles increased by 150 days or 16.1% when compared with the last corresponding period. The above changes were mainly attributable to commencement of operations of the jack-up drilling rig “COSL 941”, with 186 working days in 2007, while maintenance of jack-up rigs reduced by 203 days and that of semi-submersible rigs by 150 days. The average utilization rate in terms of available days remained at 100%, while in terms of calendar days, average utilization rate rose 7 percentage points to 97.0%, hitting a new record.

Different segments of the Company’s well services delivered the following output during the period: 865 jobs of logging, 290 wells of drilling fluids, and 1,527 jobs of well completion. Apart from the 0.3% decline in the drilling fluid segment, logging and well completion respectively saw output increases of 3.3% and 22.7%, thanks to development of new domestic markets and projects.

The marine support and transportation services business of the Company operated for a total of 24,229 days during the period, 561 days or 2.4% more than that of the last corresponding period. This is mainly attributable to the respective increases of 618, 32 and 30 working days for AHTS vessels, PSV vessels and Utility vessels and a decline of 119 days for Standby vessels.  The average utilization rate in terms of available days rose 0.5 percentage points to 99.6%; while the rate in terms of calendar days eased 0.2 percentage points to 94.9%. The five support vessels operated under lease terms through the joint venture Eastern Marine Services Limited operated an aggregate of 642 days during the period.

In respect of the Company’s geophysical services, battered by industry transformation of some vessels into 3D seismic data collection activities, the Company achieved collection of 37,810 km of 2D seismic data, representing a decline of 17.2% over the last corresponding period. Propelled by vibrant demand and with the facilities operated at high efficiency, the volume of 3D seismic data collection rose 32.1% to 9,694 sq km while that of 3D seismic data processing grew 35.8% to 5,686 sq km.

Upon the approval of the Board of Directors, the budget for capital expenditure of the Company in 2008 will be RMB5 billion. This budget will be mainly used in construction and purchase of one twelve-streamer seismic vessel, one deep-water engineering surveying ship, two 350-feet drilling rigs, two Liftboats, four 200-feet drilling rigs, three land drilling rigs, 18 standby vessels, 3+1 barges (Indonesia), two deep-water AHTS vessels, LWD and VSP logging equipment, coiled tubing and fracturing equipment for oilfield production optimization. In addition, the Company will start construction of 16 offshore engineering supporting vessels and procurement of undersea cable equipment.

Mr. Yuan Guangyu, CEO and President of the Company, said: “The world saw an increasing trend in consumption of oil and natural gas in 2007. Driven by increasing demand, oil and gas exploration activities continue to be vibrant, supporting ongoing development of the oilfield services industry. Propelled by the ongoing strong development of the four core businesses, the Company had been able to leverage its competitive edges and take advantage of all available opportunities, achieving fruitful results in 2007.”

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24.02.08 20:37
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homepage viel Glück

24.02.08 20:39
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China Oilfield +++

28.03.08 16:45
China Oilfield 2007 Final Dividend CNY0.12 Vs CNY0.06

China Oilfield 2007 Revenue CNY9.01 Bln Vs CNY6.36 Bln

China Oilfield Year-Earlier Net Profit CNY1.13 Bln

China Oilfield Services 2007 Net Profit CNY2.24 Bln
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Sie bewegt sich doch noch nach Norden

03.12.08 10:20
Frage: Geht es mit China Aktien Wieder nach oben?
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Satte 28,91 %

03.12.08 18:33
Kurs bei 0,486 Euro  das sind  28,91%
Es geht wieder nach oben .
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09.12.08 19:54
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Kurs auf 0,60 Euro

10.12.08 21:29
China Oilfield am   03,12,08      0,486 Euro
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C Oilfield = 5,67 h$ = +4,8%

15.12.08 07:00
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Kurs auf 0,63 Euro

22.12.08 17:21
Kurs in Frankfurt bei 0,63 Euro .

Die Stückzahl läßt noch zu wünschen übrig . Nur 8 200 St.
Bei mehr beachtung , wird der Kurs , meiner Meinung , nach weiter auf den  1,00 Euro zugehen.

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32,22 %

02.01.09 17:04
China Oilfield hat im letzten Monat eine Performance von 32,22 % erreicht .  
  Zwischen 0,377 Euro und 0,633 Euro ,bei einem durchschnittlichen Volumen von 7 500 St.

Jetziger Stand 0,62 Euro. bei 2 000 St.

Wenn die Marke von 0,64 Euro  dauerhaft überschritten wird ,wird auch das Volumen wiederkommen , das die Aktie in die nähe von 1.00 Euro führen wird .

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3 Schritte vor 2 zurück

11.01.09 15:22
China Oilfield  konnte die 0,62 Euro der letzten Woche nicht halten ,
am Freitag mit 0,559 Euro beendet .

Wie es der Chart zeigt geht es zur Zeit 3 Schritte vor und 2 zurück .
Bei größerem Handelsvolumen wird China Oilfield ,meiner Meinung nach ,
auch die 0,65 Euro- 0,75 Euro sehen .
Viele Anleger warten nur ab wohin die Fahrt geht.
Wielange kann mann für solche Kurse wie heute noch einsteigen ?

Eine Gute Woche für alle Chinainvestierte und die es werden wolle .

Keine Kaufempfehlung ,nur meine Meinung  .
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Die letzte Woche 4 Schritte zurück ,Diese Woche...

18.01.09 19:41
China Aktien hatten keine gute Woche .
So auch China Oilfield .
Sie steht jetzt bei 0,54 Euro.

Das gibt uns natürlich wieder gute Einstiegskurse.

Auf eine gute Woche.
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Gute Entwicklung

China Oilfield am 19.11.2008 bei 0,312 Euro.

am 08.02.2009 bei 0,653Euro.  
                                                                                                                                                                                        Eine gute Entwicklung für alle Neueinsteiger der letzten Wochen .

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Auf eine GUTE WOCHE.

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