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Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE phoenix.tim

How China Will Speed Up Solar Exports

04.08.10 11:05


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Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE phoenix.tim

$156 million Projekt in Thailand

05.08.10 07:48

Oil refiner Bangchak has joined with China's Suntech Power (STP.N) to build its first solar power plant at an investment cost of about 5 billion baht ($156 million) in the central province of Ayutthaya.

The 38 MW power plant is expected to start operations in October 2011, it said.


Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE phoenix.tim

Suntech to Energize Southeast Asia's Largest Solar

05.08.10 07:53


BANGKOK and WUXI, China, Aug. 5 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd. (NYSE:STP - News), the world's leading producer of crystalline silicon solar panels, has been selected to supply 34.5MW of solar panels for the first phase of the largest solar power plant in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Owned and operated by Bangchak Petroleum Public Co., Ltd., and integrated by Solartron Public Co., Ltd., the planned 44MW (38MW AC output capacity) solar power plant will be located just outside of Bangkok and generate decades of renewable energy for the booming metropolis and surrounding areas.

The landmark project was announced today at a ground-breaking ceremony presided over by Dr. Wunrattana Chanukul, the Thailand Minister of Energy. Upon completion in late 2011, the solar power plant will represent a major milestone in Thailand's ambitious goal to source 20% of its energy consumption from renewable sources by 2022.

''Renewable energy technologies are an integral component of Bangchak's long-term development strategy,'' said Dr. Anusorn Sangnimnuan, CEO of Bangchak Petroleum Public Co., Ltd., at the launch event. ''We look forward to building our partnership with Suntech to develop more utility-scale solar projects in Southeast Asia.''

''For this historic project, we needed reliable solar modules with strong, dependable power performance,'' said Mrs. Patama Wongtoythong, CEO of Solartron, a leading solar solutions provider in the region. ''We were impressed by Suntech's industry-leading power output warranty, backed by a global track record of high-performing installations.''

In a November 2009 report, the Asian Development Bank projected that energy demand in Asia and the Pacific will grow by an estimated 2.4 percent annually for the next twenty years, a cumulative 80% increase between 2005 and 2030. Suntech believes that solar technology will account for a rapidly growing share of Asia's electricity generation capacity, as economies throughout the region embrace affordable alternatives to carbon-based energy production. According to Solarbuzz research, Asia's solar market grew to nearly 900MW in 2009 - despite the global recession - up from about 630MW in 2008.

''Strong economic growth witnessed in markets like China and Thailand would not be possible without reliable access to electricity,'' said Dr. Zhengrong Shi, Suntech's founder, chairman and CEO. ''The reality is that fossil fuels alone are unable to provide long-term energy security to meet the soaring demands of Asia's rising populations. Now is the time to rediscover nature's cleanest and most abundant energy resource.''

About Solartron Public Company Limited

Solartron Public Company Limited was founded in 1986. Solartron has been providing Thailand and neighboring countries with alternative clean energy sources of photovoltaic energy for more than 24 years. At present, Solartron offers turnkey service including design, engineering, installation, commissioning, monitoring, maintenance and after-sale services. Solartron has so far provided more than 250,000 solar application systems in the Southeast Asia region. Solartron is now constructing an upstream solar cell factory with a capacity of 30MW per year, in order to support the rapid growth of demand for solar power in Thailand and in the global market.

For more information about our company and products please visit:

About Bangchak Petroleum Public Co., Ltd.

Bangchak Petroleum Public Company Limited is a Thai oil company, running the business of refining crude oil from the Middle East, the Far East as well as from domestic sources. The company also sells its finished oil products through a network of over 1,100 service stations throughout the country. In addition, Bangchak has extended its direct sales channel to large and medium- scale oil consumers, including industrial plants, airlines, automobile companies, ocean liners, and construction businesses, etc. The company is always aware of the importance of the renewable energy, especially solar power, which contributes to the country's energy security, and supports government policy to promote renewable energy.

For more information about company and products visit:

About Suntech

Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd. (NYSE:STP - News) produces industry-leading solar products for residential, commercial, industrial, and utility applications. With regional headquarters in China, Switzerland, and the United States, and gigawatt-scale manufacturing worldwide, Suntech has delivered more than 10,000,000 photovoltaic panels to thousands of customers in more than eighty countries. Suntech's pioneering R&D creates customer-centric innovations that are driving solar to grid parity against fossil fuels. Our mission is to provide everyone with reliable access to nature's cleanest and most abundant energy source.

For more information about our people and products visit:

Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE phoenix.tim

Suntech's teure Abkehr von Thin Film

10.08.10 03:57

Suntech Power Holdings (STP) said revenue for the second quarter would come to $620 million to $630 million, higher than the $588 million pulled in in the first quarter and slightly higher than analysts' expectations. Gross revenue will come in at 17.5 percent to 18.5 percent.

The big news, however, is that Suntech expects a loss of $147 million to $179 million. The loss comes due to charges paid to wind down two side experiments: amorphous silicon panels and investment in wafer maker Shunda. Closing down the amorphous project will result in $50 million to $55 million in charges while Suntech will pay $106 million to $126 million to Shunda.

Suntech has experimented with thin film for a while -- and the results haven't been pretty. A big part of the reason has been the decline in crystalline silicon solar panels. Why make less efficient thin films when crystalline panels sell for $1.85 a watt?

Suntech has had three thin film experiments underway. It bought an Applied Materials (AMAT) SunFab system for making amorphous silicon panels. SunFab, however, resulted in high priced amorphous panels that weren't as efficient or cheap as panels made by competing equipment. Several Applied customers had already been experiencing problems when Applied decided to exit thin film itself.

Late last year, Suntech also quietly bought a controlling interest in CSG Solar, which makes crystalline silicon-on-glass modules. In March, Suntech chief marketing officer Steve Chan told us that CSG was being retooled.

"[CSG] had made product and shipped it commercially, but it is no longer produced because the ASPs [average selling prices] have fallen so low," he said. "They are retooling the product to make it more cost-effective."

CSG had raised $35 million from VCs in 2009 before solar prices plummeted.

In March, Chan told us Suntech had an unnamed thin film project that was incubated in-house. Whether this announcement impacts all three thin film experiments or just the SunFab amorphous effort is unclear, but there is a good chance that all three don't have long to live.

Branching out doesn't seem to be a company forte at the moment. Gemini Solar, a Suntech joint venture that develops solar power plants, landed a comparatively small 30-megawatt plant announced a little over a year ago, but has largely been inactive since. Gemini has undergone several changes since then too, according to sources, and not for the better. It's hard to say what the scope or target date of that project is. By contrast, First Solar (FSLR) and SunPower (SPWRA) have racked up multi-megawatt deals in North America and Europe.


Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE phoenix.tim

Auf mittelfristige Sicht sehr interessant: Suntech

17.08.10 09:02

So, if we could find an undervalued solar company that is set to report earnings early next week, I think it would be of interest to us.

Therefore, we should take a look at Suntech Power Holdings (STP). While I would love the Stone Temple Pilots to be what we were investing in, solar may be even more exciting. Suntech is reporting earnings on Wednesday morning, and it may be the most undervalued solar company currently with a P/E at 15.5 while industry is near 17. The company has dropped almost 20% in the past month, and it has tons of upside moving into earnings.

First off, the company is poised to make great growth year-over-year with an EPS 33% higher at 0.09 vs. 0.06 from one year ago. Additionally, the company is set to improve revenue from $315 million to near $600 million. The company, itself, has already stated it will be this figure and bring in $620 - $630 million. Such an improvement in revenue surely should mean Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE 8480015more in way of EPS. The company has announced some one-time charges, but we are not looking at this as an Overnight Trade and thinking it will move before earnings.

With the information out there, I think a run up into earnings is definitely a possibility. A company improving revenue by nearly 100%, and nearly all of its peers reporting EPS that are well above estimates. Combine that with a company that has been sold off heavily and started today touching its lower bollinger and you have quite a possibility. The company released last week some information about losses and charges that hurt the stock this week, but I am guessing that the company will make a strong recovery out of that news. Additionally, the market loves to rally on Mondays. It may be a great chance to make a quick turnaround on STP. The stock fell over 10% on the news, and if it makes up 1/2 of that, I would be ecstatic.

Technically, as I mentioned, the stock is sitting on its lower bollinger band. Further, the company is extremely oversold and undervalued. It really does not have a lot of potential to decline much more. So, we are safe there. At worst, I would expect us to get really nothing out of it….break even or a small loss. At worst that is. At best, this one could take a run to finish the day and continue that into Monday and Tuesday. We will need a little help from the market, but after this week, a day or two of buying may be in order.

Entry: We are looking to get involved at 8.85 - 8.95.

Exit: We are looking to exit on a 4-6% gain.

Stop Loss: 5% on bottom.

Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE Kurvenkratzer45


18.08.10 19:41
der aktionär ist für mich wie die börsen bildzeitung. steht ne menge drin. aber ob man dem glauben schenken soll bleibt jedem selber überlassen.wer zum kauf rät sucht wohl eher händeringend nach einem käufer um seine verluste zu mildern
Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE koala


19.08.10 14:08
Suntech hat ihre eigenen Operatins nicht im Griff, liefern wann und was sie wollen in undefinierter Qualität. Die Gigawattplanung für 2011 ist kein bischen untermauert und man redet im eigenen Vertrieb bereits über eine kommende Übernahme.
Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE phoenix.tim

upgrades für Suntech

19.10.10 18:05

Obwohl suntech mal wieder keinen boden zufinden scheint, ist das bild der analysten positiv. es gab mehrere upgrades, eins davon von der dt. bank. siehe hier:

Raymond James solar analyst Pavel Molchanov this morning cut his ratings on both Energy Conversion Devices (ENER) and First Solar (FSLR), while upgrading Suntech (STP). Meanwhile, Deutsche Bank analyst Eric Cheng also upgraded STP, while Brigantine Advisors analyst Ramesh Misra picked up coverage of FSLR, STP and SunPower (SPWRA).

“If you owned the best-performing U.S.-traded solar stock year-to-date Renesola (SOL), you’d be up 181%,” Molchanov notes in a research report. “If you had the worst-performingone … well, there are many candidates to choose from, and we try to be diplomatic, so let’s just point out that it would be a loss in excess of 40%. Quite simply, solar has been a stockpicker’s space in 2010, and we believe this will hold true in 2011 as well.”


STP: Raymond James analyst Molchanov raised his rating on Suntech to Market Perform from Underperform. “While we continue to be concerned about the company’s margin structure and balance sheet, the risk/reward has improved sufficiently for us to take a more neutral stance,” he writes.
STP 2: Deutsche Bank’s Cheng raised his rating to Buy from Hold, asserting that “the stock now offers an attractive risk-adjusted reward return after a year of share under-performance and expect the company to secure new wafer capacity in the near term.”

STP 3: Brigantine’s Misra is less bullish, launching with a Hold rating. “Suntech is the largest manufacturer of silicon based solar cells and modules,” he writes. “The company has increased production very rapidly over the last few years. However, to support this growth the company entered into multiple supply agreements for polysilicon wafers, and invested in some of these suppliers at a time when polysilicon was hitting all-time highs. We believe this could be a negative factor for Suntech for some time.”


Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE phoenix.tim

Kooperation mit Calisolar, neues Werk in Kanada

21.10.10 08:10
* Suntech to purchase plant's silicon
* Sees edge in Ontario technologies, expertise (Adds details on finances, existing plant, solar industry)

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 20 (Reuters) - China's Suntech Power Holdings Co Ltd (STP.N) and privately held Calisolar have agreed to develop a solar silicon manufacturing plant in Ontario, Canada.

The new facility will more than double Calisolar's planned capacity of 1,300 metric tons of solar silicon annually, a spokesman for the solar manufacturer in Sunnyvale, California said.

Suntech, a Wuxi, China-based solar manufacturer, will help finance development of the plant. Spokesmen for the two companies declined to disclose financial details until the deal is finalized, which they expect by year's end.

The new plant will go into operation by the end of 2011, the companies said. It will build on an existing Calisolar plant in Ontario scheduled to go into operation early in 2011.

Ontario's solar power industry has been booming, largely because last year the province implemented a subsidy known as a feed-in tariff. The program, common in Europe, pays solar-system owners directly for the electricity they generate.

Participating in the program requires using made-in-Canada components such as solar silicon.

"We have a tremendous demand because of this (requirement)," said Calisolar spokesman Bret Adams. "People are asking for the product, which is why this deal makes so much sense." (Reporting by Sarah McBride; editing by Gunna Dickson).

Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE phoenix.tim

Weitere Details zur Kooperation mit Calisolar

21.10.10 08:11
findet ihr hier:
Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE Dahinterschauer

Was man für das Q3 erwarten kann

03.11.10 17:47
Wenn am 17. 11. die Ergebnisse für Q3 verkündet werden, sollte man nicht zu viel erwarten. Expansion heißt die vom Staat angeordnete Devise, nicht Ertrag für die Aktionäre. So wie es beim Mobilfunk lief, als der erste Priorität von der Regierung genossen hat,  sind es jetzt die Alternativen Energien und die Elektrofahrzeuge. China Mobile wurde seinerzeit gezwungen, auch den ertragsschwachen ländlichen Raum mit G3 zu erschließen. Um die Leitung auf Vordermann zu bringen, wurden einfach die Chefposten von China Mobile und dessen Konkurrenten getauscht. In China haben die Firmen, insbesondere wenn sie durch Billigkredite stark unterstützt werden , immer noch dem Land zu dienen und nicht den Aktionären!
Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE phoenix.tim

Suntech und Infigen:Ausschreibung iHv $792 million

08.11.10 11:29

Australien legt ein Solarförderprogramm mit einem Budget von $1.5 Mrd auf.

Suntech hat hier im Rahmen der Ausschreibung mit Partnerunternehmen Infigen Projekte vorgeschlagen, die wiederum einen Wert von $792 Mio. haben. Entschieden wird voraussichtlich Anfang 2011. Suntech hat also doch noch paar Sachen in petto.


Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE carlos888

Ausgebombte Suntech: Jetzt einsteigen?

12.11.10 13:11
Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE phoenix.tim


12.11.10 15:13
Tjo, wie Herr Deml gesagt hat, Suntech ist einer der größten Solarmodulen und -zellen. Gleichzeitig grad günstig zu haben, wenn du dir den Kursverlauf anschaust. Natürlich auch nicht ohne Grund, man musste Wertberichtigungen machen, hatte Devisenverluste (als der Euro schwach war) und musste sich aus unrentablen Entwicklungen zurückziehen. Langfristig aber ein in meinen Augen vielversprechender Kandidat, der der dt. Solarwirtschaft paroli bieten wird beim Drücken der Modulpreise auf die Hälfte des heutigen Standes bis zum Jahr 2020, was ja erklärtes Ziel des Verbandes ist.

Alles nachzulesen unter:
Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE phoenix.tim

Third Quarter 2010 Results

17.11.10 13:00
- Total net revenues were $743.7 million in the third quarter of 2010, representing growth of 19.0% sequentially and 57.2% year-over-year.
- Total PV shipments increased 25.3% sequentially and 107.1% year-over-year.
- Gross profit margin for the core wafer to module business was 18.2% in the third quarter of 2010.
- Consolidated gross profit margin was 16.4% in the third quarter of 2010.
- GAAP net income attributable to holders of ordinary shares was $33.1 million, or $0.18 per diluted American Depository Share (ADS). Each ADS represents one ordinary share.
Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE phoenix.tim

Business Outlook

17.11.10 13:01
In the fourth quarter of 2010, Suntech expects at least 10 percent sequential growth in shipments.  Suntech targets to ship more than 1.5GW of solar products in 2010, representing year-over-year growth of at least 113%.

Consolidated gross margin in the fourth quarter of 2010 is expected to be approximately 17%, which is based on an assumed exchange rate of 1.35USD to the Euro.

GSF is in the process of constructing a further 140MW of projects, of which at least 80MW are expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2010. As a result Suntech expects that the fair value of those projects will increase significantly and Suntech will recognize a related gain in earnings of affiliates in the fourth quarter of 2010. As each of the economics and timing of completion of these projects is different it is difficult to provide an accurate estimation of the gain at this time.

Full year 2010 capital expenditures are expected to be approximately $350 million. Suntech targets to achieve 1.8GW of installed cell and module production capacity by the end of 2010.
Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE carlos888

Alfred Maydorn setzt auf Suntech

17.02.11 15:00
Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE Kluchi

STP ist kaum zu bremsen.

17.01.12 20:28
Deshalb muss der Call CK4P83 zu 0,97 rein.

Guts Nächtle
Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE Kluchi

STP ist kaum zu bremsen.

18.01.12 20:41
Immerhin läuft es hier richtig gut, die Aktie legt wieder 16% zu heute.
Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE Kluchi

Läuft wie am Schnürchen.

19.01.12 16:17
STP über 4 Dollar.
Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE money crash
money crash:


19.01.12 19:32

Börse trägt das Risiko immer mit sich, die Gewinne hat sie nur manchmal dabei.
Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE money crash
money crash:


03.02.12 18:20

Börse trägt das Risiko immer mit sich, die Gewinne hat sie nur manchmal dabei.
Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE rusi1

inovativ sein = geld verdienen?

24.02.12 22:22
Suntech Power (WKN: A0HL4L / STP) / NYSE M.Minninger

Suntech stellt neuen Weltrekord auf

12.03.12 16:21
Suntech stellt neuen Weltrekord auf
13:25 12.03.12

Der chinesische Solarhersteller Suntech Power Holdings (Suntech Power Holdings Aktie) hat im Bereich Effizienz einen neuen Weltrekord aufgestellt. Mit einer Leistungseffizienz von 20,3 Prozent toppt die Pluto Cell Technology des Herstellers derzeit alle Rekorde. Diese Solarzellen entwickelte das Unternehmen gemeinsam mit der Universität von New South Wales in Australien. "Mit dieser neuen Technologie für Solarzellen setzen wir einen weiteren Meilenstein in der Entwicklung einer Solarkraft, die es mit fossilen Energieträgern aufnehmen kann", so Dr. Stuart Wenham, Suntech's Chief Technology Officer.

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