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Termine morgen Pichel

Termine morgen

04.06.02 14:40
SAP holds SAPPHIRE Analyst- and Investors Meeting in Orlando, Florida 5th – 7th

SAPPHIRE '02 Orlando is the world's most comprehensive e-business technology forum. Within three days there will be more than 200 presentations, demos, and group discussions with SAP e-business experts, partners, and customers.


Beiersdorf ex Dividend 1,30 €
Gerry Weber Annual General Meeting 10.00 a.m.
Kolbenschmidt   Annual General Meeting
Phoenix Annual General Meeting
Zapf   ex Dividend 0,65 €

Nemax/Smax/Other :

ADS System Annual General Meeting
bäurer   Annual General Meeting
D.Logistics          §Annual General Meeting
eBay   Annual General Meeting
euromicron Annual General Meeting
Group Technologies Annual General Meeting
jobpilot Annual General Meeting
Leifheit Annual General Meeting
     SoftM§ Annual General Meeting
Vivacon   Annual General Meeting

Lion Bioscience   Full-year 2001/02 , Conference Call at
                              §11.00 a.m. Analysts , 12.00 p.m. Media

Special Events :

 Deutsche Bank 10th Annual Media Conference 3rd – 5th , New York
with: Viacom´s COO, AOL´s CFO, ABC Entertainment´s President, Corncast Corp.´s  President, Cox Communication´s CEO

 Deutsche Bank Annual Insurance Conference 4th – 5th , New York
with: Prudential, Nationwide Financial Service, Metlife, XL Capital

 UBS 15th Annual Global Specialty Pharmaceuticals Conference 5th – 6th
          §with: Sepracor, Cephalon, Andrx

 US Reports ISM Non-Manufacturing Index 16.00 p.m., 56,0 forecast after 55,3

Gruß Pichel
Termine morgen Pichel


Gruß Pichel

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