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12:28  29-FEB-2000
FACTBOX-Key data on C&W HKT<0008.HK>/PCCW<1186.HK>

   HONG KONG, Feb 29 (Reuters) - Internet upstart Pacific
 Century CyberWorks Ltd (PCCW) emerged the victor in a hard-fought
 battle to acquire Hong Kong's largest telecommunications company,
 Cable & Wireless HKT <0008.HK>.
     HKT, the Hong Kong unit of London-listed Cable & Wireless Plc
 , had also been the subject of a merger offer from
 79.7-percent government-owned Singapore Telecommunications
 . SingTel gave up the pursuit on Tuesday.
     A merger of PCCW and HKT would bring together one of the
 territory's oldest and largest utility companies and one of its
 youngest and most dynamic Internet investment firms.  The merged
 company would have a market capitalisation of US$70 billion.
     Key data on C&W HKT and PCCW (Feb 28 share price for HKT, Feb
 25 share price for PCCW).
                                 C&W HKT         PCCW*
     Share price                HK$25.95        HK$22.15
     Number of employees        13,600          440
     Shares in issue            12.119 bln      10.18 bln

     Market capitalisation      HK$314.49 bln   HK$225.49 bln
                                (US$40.32 bln)  (US$28.91 bln)
     Total assets               HK$53.97 bln**  HK$348.8 mln**
     (as at last reporting date)
     Financial year end         March 31        December 31
     Revenue                    HK$32.41 bln    HK$283.6 mln
     Net profit/(loss)          HK$11.51 bln    (HK$62 mln)
     Price/earnings             26.4 times        n.a.
     Price/book                  8.27 times     1,984 times
     Cable & Wireless Plc       54 pct        --  
     China Telecom <0941.HK>          10 pct        --  
     Pacific Century Reg Dev***        --           53.5 pct
     Pacific Century Group Hldgs                    2.8
     Pacific Century Diversified                    5.6
     Intel Pacific Inc                      8.0
     CMGI Inc                               3.3
     Hikari Tsushin Inc <9435.T>                    2.5
     CHIEF EXECUTIVES           Linus Cheung    Richard Li
     * PCCW market cap and shares in issue figures reflect a
     placement of 335 million shares at HK$23.50 each on
     February 15-16.
     ** C&W HKT's total assets were listed at its last balance
     sheet date of March 31 1999 and PCCW's as at end-December
     *** Parent company shareholding as at September 1999. Pacific
     Century Regional Developments is about 78 percent owned by
     Pacific Century Group Holdings Ltd, a company 100 percent
     held by PCCW chairman Richard Li.
  ((Hong Kong Newsroom +852 2843-6441, Fax +852 2845-0636

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