Broadvision, die wieder keiner von euch hat, und keiner von euch kennt!

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Broadvision, die wieder keiner von euch hat, und keiner von euch kennt! kaeseotto

Broadvision, die wieder keiner von euch hat, und keiner von euch ke.

04.09.99 06:50
BroadVision-Based HP Shopping
Village Web Site Named In PC Computing's I-Biz 100

HP Shopping Village Named The Number 1 Web Site for Retail Revenue

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Aug. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- BroadVision®, Inc. (Nasdaq: BVSN - news)
today announced that one of its customers' Web sites, Hewlett- Packard Shopping Village
(, was named one of the top e-commerce players in PC Computing's first
annual ranking of the Internet Business 100 (I-Biz 100) in the July 1999 issue. The
BroadVision-powered HP Shopping Village site was named the number 1 site in terms of retail
revenue. HP Shopping Village is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard Company and HP's
direct-to-consumer electronic commerce store. This award-winning e-commerce site sells a complete
selection of HP consumer products including personal computers, printers, scanners, supplies and
accessories, as well as a host of HP refurbished products. BroadVision is the leading supplier of
one-to-one e-business applications for relationship management across the extended enterprise.

   The four categories in which HP Shopping Village was named to the Top 10
for the PC Computing I-Biz 100 were as follows:
   --  Retail Revenue -- ranked # 1
   --  PC Product Sales -- ranked # 3
   --  Overall Revenue -- ranked # 7
   --  Brand Recognition -- ranked # 8

HP Shopping Village combines personalization and convenience to win high customer satisfaction.
HP Shopping Village, powered by BroadVision One-To-One Enterprise(TM), offers a personalized
and convenient shopping environment to home and office customers. It offers the convenience of
instant approval of credit card and monthly financing payment options, overnight delivery, and
integrated order status and shipment tracking. Convenience is taken to a new level as the HP
Shopping Village uses BroadVision technology to allow its customers to personalize their own
printing supplies store. When customers return to ``My Printing Supplies Store'' they are presented
with printing supplies which match the home or office printers they use, as well as applicable printing
tips and projects. Frequent supplies purchasers now have the convenience of quickly and simply
ordering just the right products for their needs.

HP Shopping Village has integrated its BroadVision application with payment and tax applications, a
finance application, its call center, and FedEx fulfillment systems. By integrating with FedEx systems,
HP Shopping Village enables next-day deliveries to most of the United States, as well as the ability to
track shipment status online. The convenience of HP Shopping Village has earned kudos from its
customers; 97 percent say they would recommend the Web site to a friend.

HP Shopping Village also takes advantage of BroadVision capabilities to keep pace with a very
dynamic business. The BroadVision One-To-One Command Center is a patented tool that HP
Shopping Village uses to help run its personalized site. It is an easy-to-use point and click interface,
and HP Shopping Village uses this tool to manage many aspects of the site, including adding and
rotating products, offering coupons and incentives, and updating promotional content.

``We use BroadVision One-To-One Enterprise as the core technology for HP Shopping Village
because of its ability to dynamically automate virtually every aspect of our online customer
relationships in a very rapidly changing business. Just as important, it offers a very proven and
scaleable solution for high-traffic, personalized Web sites,'' said Mike Bridge, chief technology officer
for HP Shopping Village. ``Our selection of BroadVision enabled us to create and run the kind of
innovative Web site the editors of PC Computing honored in their 1999 I-Biz 100 rankings.''

Additionally, the BroadVision technology offers functionality necessary to implement a
customer-centric, high transaction site that includes online payment processing, acceptance,
fulfillment, order status, shipping, tax, inventory management, browsing and searching, shopping lists,
marketing and incentives.

BroadVision supports e-commerce for Hewlett-Packard Company across the globe. HP Shopping
Village's parent, Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE: HWP - news), uses the suite of BroadVision's
multi-language, multi-currency electronic commerce software as the foundation for many of its
worldwide electronic commerce initiatives. HP has more than 11 BroadVision-based e-business
initiatives implemented or underway, with BroadVision applications currently deployed in every
region of the world.

``HP Shopping Village is an excellent success story highlighting the importance of personalized
customer relationship management,' commented Sandra Vaughan, vice president of marketing for
BroadVision, Inc. ''Having Hewlett- Packard, the worldwide leader in consumer IT products, and
HP Shopping Village, a leading e-commerce Web site, select BroadVision is a vote of confidence in
our technology and market leadership. PC Computing's selection of HP Shopping Village for the
I-Biz 100 is the kind of independent recognition we strive for when partnering with our customers.``

About HP Shopping Village

HP Shopping Village ( offers U.S. customers a wide range of HP consumer
products online -- from PCs and handheld products to computer peripherals, digital-imaging
products, printing supplies and computer accessories. HP Shopping Village, headquartered in
Cupertino, Calif., was incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary (HPdirect, Inc.) of
Hewlett-Packard Company to enable it to use a different business model and operate as an Internet
company with a more nimble, aggressive approach.

About HP

Hewlett-Packard Company -- a leading global provider of computing and imaging solutions and
services for business and home -- is focused on capitalizing on the opportunities of the Internet and
the proliferation of electronic services.

HP plans to launch Agilent Technologies as an independent company by mid-calendar 2000. Agilent
consists of HP's test and measurement, semiconductor products, chemical analysis and healthcare
solutions businesses, and has leading positions in multiple market segments.

HP has 123,500 employees worldwide and had total revenue of $47.1 billion in its 1998 fiscal year.
Information about HP, its products and the company's Year 2000 program can be found on the
World Wide Web at

About BroadVision

BroadVision, Inc. (Nasdaq: BVSN - news) is the leading worldwide supplier of e-business
applications for relationship management across the extended enterprise. BroadVision's end-to-end
solutions enable companies to rapidly deploy and cost-effectively operate secure, scalable, intelligent,
and flexible e-business applications for e-commerce, financial services and knowledge management.
The company's entire product line has experienced exceptional growth and increasing acceptance by
Global 2000 businesses as well as pure-play e-startups.

BroadVision has more than 350 customers in the financial services, retail, distribution, high
technology, telecommunications, and travel industries including American Airlines, Credit Suisse,
Development Bank of Singapore, Ernst & Young, Fingerhut, Hewlett-Packard, The Home Depot,
Intuit, Liberty Financial, META Group, Motorola, Nortel Networks,, RS Components,
Telus, Vodafone, and Xerox. BroadVision is headquartered in Redwood City, Calif. and maintains
an extensive network of subsidiaries and licensed resellers in North and South America, Europe, and
Asia. The company can be reached at (650) 261-5100 or at

BroadVision is a registered trademark and BroadVision One-To-One is a trademark of
BroadVision, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Other names herein may be the property
of their respective owners.

SOURCE: BroadVision, Inc.

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Broadvision, die wieder keiner von euch hat, und keiner von euch kennt! mob1

Ich hab' nachgeschaut, ein Glück, sie ist noch da !! o.T.

04.09.99 09:20
Broadvision, die wieder keiner von euch hat, und keiner von euch kennt! kaeseotto

Ja wenigstens einer der noch normal denkt!

04.09.99 12:47
Auch wenn Mob wahrscheinlich nicht der Mob-Schmidt ist, hat er als einer der wenigen hier am Board begriffen, dass die Boerse nicht nur aus dem "Neuen Markt" besteht.

Broadvision, die wieder keiner von euch hat, und keiner von euch kennt! Go2Bed


Aber, aber, kaeseotto! Wer wird denn wieder gleich an die Decke gehen? Wir haben uns doch erst vor kurzem mal über Intershop und Broadvision unterhalten. Uns das sogar hier im Board! Aber was ist an der obigen Meldung jetzt so toll daran? Übliche Propaganda, nichts weiter. Broadvision ist in den USA sicher stark vertreten. Ich habe keine Broadvision, bin aber seit dem ersten Börsentag von Intershop mit von der Partie. Wie gesagt, das KGV liegt bei BVSN weit über dem von Intershop. Da die Amis von e-commerce überzeugt sind, spielt das KGV für sie auch keine so große Rolle. Es wäre also kein Hinderungsgrund, dort jetzt noch einzusteigen. Ich setze aber weiter voll auf Intershop!  

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