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1 Euro in bälde? LENOVO Börsenbabsi

1 Euro in bälde? LENOVO

25.01.08 01:59

Ansage: 1 Euro bis Juli 2008
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1 Euro in bälde? LENOVO danjelshake


25.01.08 02:00
-50% bis märz 08!
mfg ds

Ich kann nix dafür, ich bin so!

1 Euro in bälde? LENOVO 3927867
1 Euro in bälde? LENOVO Börsenbabsi

Rutsch ?

25.01.08 02:10
. also 0,20 Euro bis Ende März ?
1 Euro in bälde? LENOVO Thomastradamus

Ist das ein Handelsplatz?

02.12.08 21:50
In Bälde handelt mein Broker jedenfalls nicht.

Gruppenlos glücklich.
Hier könnte Ihre Werbung stehen!*

*) außer Tiernahrung
1 Euro in bälde? LENOVO taos

Lenovo predicts PC industry consolidation

09.12.08 10:37
SHANGHAI, Dec 9 (Reuters) - Lenovo Group, the world's No. 4 personal computer maker, expects further consolidation in the PC industry as the global economy slows, its chief executive said on Tuesday.  

      "There is no doubt in this economic situation that you will see consolidation of the PC industry," William Amelio told a news conference, adding that the Chinese PC market had slowed "significantly".

      Asked about possible job cuts and restructuring of Lenovo in response tothe economic slump, Amelio said: "All ideas are on the table," but he did not elaborate.

      However, Lenovo chairman Yang Yuanqin said the company would continue investing in key growth areas such as emerging markets and its consumer business.

      Yang said he remained optimistic that China's economy would continue growing by about 8 or 9 percent annually in the next few years.

      Lenovo aims to grow faster than the industry average in coming years, he said without giving specific figures.

(Reporting by Fang Yan and Jacqueline Wong; Editing by Andrew Torchia) Keywords: LENOVO/CONSOLIDATION
(yan.fang@thomsonreuters.com; Reuters Messaging: yan.fang.reuters.com@reuters
.net; +86 21 6104 1793)

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