Was man jetzt spekulativ kaufen kann:

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Was man jetzt spekulativ kaufen kann: IZ

Was man jetzt spekulativ kaufen kann:

25.01.00 11:20
Market Report (1/24/00):
The yellow metal was bounced
                    around a bit in overnight trading, with U.S. selling
                    in early London trade cited for a brief dip toward
                    $286 before being lifted again on short covering.
                    Selling pressure re-emerged when the New York markets
                    opened, retesting the early London low. As we fetch
                    this over to the server the spot price is hovering
                    near $286.80. Trading is largely expected to remain
                    rangebound, with all eyes on tomorrow's auction of 25
                    tonnes of the precious metal by the Bank of England on
                    behalf of HM Treasury. This auction is to be conducted
                    as the three before it, with an 11:30 am London Time
                    deadline for bid submissions from eligible bidders --
                    LBMA members, central banks, and other international

                    monetary institutions holding gold accounts at the
                    Bank of England. Until results of the auction are
                    announced by 12:15 pm London Time, market participants
                    are said to be staying on the sidelines, worried about
                    the possibility of a knee-jerk reaction to the
                    outcome. To date, each of the previous auctions have
                    been followed by significant price movements. Few are
                    apparently willing to predict whether this possible
                    break from gold's narrow January trading range will be
                    to the upside or to the downside. However, Standard
                    Bank of London reports that U.S. funds have been gold
                    buyers over the past week, which might point to their
                    expectation of prices breaking higher following the
                    auction. Standard notes, "The outcome is (as ever)
                    difficult to call but with metal prices generally
                    firm, and oil prices at 9-year highs the prospect for
                    a break above $290 looks good."

alles klar?

Was man jetzt spekulativ kaufen kann: Kicky

Käufe zur Zeit noch zögerlich wegen Goldverkauf in London heute ,ein Ex.

25.01.00 11:45
Australien hält einen Anstieg um 5$ danach für wahrscheinlich.Goldnachfrage war positiv wegen Neujahr in China und gesteigerter Nachfrage nach Juwelen in Indien.Längerfristig könntest Du recht haben,ich hab den Goldwarrant von Warburg Dillon Read WKN 710834 mal auf meine Watchlist gelegt und Barrick und Kinross Gold.
Was man jetzt spekulativ kaufen kann: IZ


Tja, Gold ist JETZT schon (ohne USA!!!) auf 290,xx !!
Damit dürfte klar sein, was sich heute abspielen wird!
Übrigens würde ich die BArrick Gold empfehlen,
dieser Wert ist merkwürdigerweise (USA hat noch nicht eröffnet)
immer noch billig zu haben - viel zu billig für 290,xx.
Ich besitze Anglo und Barrick - Beide Werte halte ich für günstig.
Viele scheinen wohl noch nicht zu ahnen, was mit den Minenaktien
passiert, wenn der Goldpreis noch weiter 3$ steigt!

good trades

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