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Techniclone - News

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Techniclone - News

Dr. Philip Thorpe Gives Presentation On Techniclone's
Vascular Targeting Agents At Keystone Conference

TUSTIN, Calif., Mar 22, 2000 (BW HealthWire) -- Techniclone Corporation
(NASDAQ: TCLN ) today announced that Dr. Philip Thorpe Professor of
Pharmacology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School at Dallas and inventor of the Vascular Targeting Agent ("VTA") technology, presented an update on new developments in his laboratory with this technology at the Keystone Conference held in Salt Lake City recently. Techniclone holds the exclusive worldwide license for this technology from the Board of Regents of the University of Texas system.

Dr. Thorpe's presentation entitled "Targeting Coaguligands to Tumor Vasculature" examined the use of several agents designed to treat solid tumors by binding to the tumor blood vessels and subsequently causing a blood clot to form killing the tumors.
These so-called "coaguligand" VTA molecules have shown efficacy in several
mouse tumor models and are part of the technology that will be examined by the recently announced joint venture with Oxigene Corporation.
Specifically, Dr. Thorpe presented anti-tumor experiments performed using

coaguligands made by linking antibodies targeted to tumor vasculature markers such as Vascular Cell Adhesion Molecule-1 (VCAM-1) to a truncated version of the human coagulation protein, tissue factor. Once the coaguligand has localized to the tumor blood vessels, a blood clot is formed which results in occlusion of the blood vessel and starvation of the tumor cells. An important finding of the studies was that in order for the coaguligand VTA to be able to induce the formation of blood clots, a        second marker known as phosphatidylserine (PS) must also be expressed on the cells that line the tumor blood vessels.

" Our experiments have shown that there is the potential for an added margin of safety using these agents therapeutically. It appears that not only is it necessary to have a tumor specific target on the blood vessel but also PS must be present in order for the coagulation process to occur," stated Dr. Phil Thorpe. "This should accelerate the clinical testing of these new drugs," he further stated.

The VTA technology was developed to be used as a front-line therapy or in
conjunction with other cancer therapeutic agents for the treatment of solid tumors. Preclinical studies, such as those presented at the Keystone meeting, have shown in animal models that treatment with a VTA therapeutic agent can result in significant anti-tumor effects and, in some cases, in complete remission of the treated tumor. The VTA technology targets tumor vasculature to kill the tumor by depriving it of oxygen and essential nutrients. VTA act on the mature blood transporting vessels of the tumor. In contrast, antiangiogenisis agents prevent new tumor blood vessels from growing. These agents in theory could be used together to treat cancer.     Techniclone holds over 50 patents either allowed, issued or pending in this area and plans to continue to look for licensing partners for areas in which the Company or the Joint Venture with Oxigene chooses not to focus.

John Bonfiglio, Ph.D., President of Techniclone, stated, "We are very excited about the results presented at the Keystone Conference. We feel that understanding the underlying mechanisms and processes involved in VTA function will allow us to more rapidly develop effective and safe VTAs for use in the clinic. This understanding could also lead to wider applications of the VTA technology within the field of cancer and also in other areas."

TECHNICLONE Corporation is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the
development, commercialization and licensing of unique technologies for the
treatment of cancer, primarily based on its "collateral targeting technologies." These technologies therapeutically target cell structures and cell types, rather than surface cancer cells, as a means to attack solid tumors, without causing damage to surrounding healthy tissue. The Company has three collateral technologies:
Cotara(TM), Vasopermeation Enhancement Agents (VEA), and Vascular
Targeting Agents (VTA). The Company also has a direct tumor targeting agent
called Oncolym(R) for the treatment of advanced non-Hodgkin's B-cell Lymphoma.
Oncolym(R) has been licensed to Schering AG, Germany, which is now responsible for all existing and future Oncolym(R) clinical trial programs as well as marketing.

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