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Sicherer Hafen: Internetwerte!!!?

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Sicherer Hafen: Internetwerte!!!? Frodo

Sicherer Hafen: Internetwerte!!!?

Liebe Leute,

als Inhaber eines Portefeuilles dessen Anteil an Internetwerten von April bis August dieses Jahres nicht gerade Freude gemacht hat, befriedigt es doch, auf die letzte Woche zu blicken, gerade in Anbetracht des Blutbads am Neuen Markt. Ich persoenlich bin davon ueberzeugt, dass wir im Laufe des Jahres zumindest in ausgewaehlten Werten nahe an die alten Highs laufen koennten. Folgender Artikel soll zur Orientierung dienen.



Are Net stocks a safe haven?
             AOL gets access relief, Ariba hits new high

              By Bambi Francisco, CBS
             Last Update: 8:51 PM ET Sep 24, 1999
                                                 Internet Daily
                                                Net Headlines

             NEW YORK (CBS.MW) -- As the overall market
             struggled, Internet stocks, led by America Online, ended
             the day and the week with solid gains Friday, leading at
             least some investors to view the resiliency as evidence
             the cyber sector may be rising above the market's


             "The Internet is the safest place to have
             your money during times of
             uncertainty," said Roy Howard, an
             analyst at hedge fund Circle T

             "This is the growth area," said Leonard
             Gross, at hedge fund The Garnett
             Group. "Everything else is falling but
             the Net stocks are still success
             stories." Gross pointed to the Standard
             & Poor's 500 and the Dow Jones
             Industrial Average, which are both
             down about 4 percent since the start of
             August, while the Goldman Sachs
             Internet Index has held up.  

             On Friday, the18-stock Goldman Sachs
             Internet Index rose 3.6 percent,
             finishing the week up 4 percent to
             431.43. The Amex Internet Index
             added 2.7 percent to 314.26. Merrill
             Lynch's  Internet Holdrs, a basket of
             the 20 largest Internet stocks by market
             capitalization, rose 5 percent to 106
             3/4. The security, which began trading Thursday, is
             traded on the American Stock Exchange under the
             ticker: (HHH: news, msgs).  

             "If you can get past the valuation hump," it's a good time
             to buy, said Circle T's Howard. "We're entering a
             seasonally strong quarter and an earthquake in Taiwan
             doesn't affect their business."

             "It just makes Taiwan a more frequently searched word
             on Yahoo," he added.

             Meanwhile, valuation concerns still rocked the Nasdaq
             Composite, which slipped 0.3 percent, after losing 3.8
             percent Thursday due to Microsoft (MSFT: news, msgs)
             President Steve Ballmer's overvaluation remark See
             Market Snapshot.

             Access relief

             America Online (AOL: news, msgs) ran up 10 1/16, or
             12 percent, to 97 9/16 on relief that the leading Internet
             access provider won't be pressured to drop its access

             On Thursday, Microsoft said it would raise the price of
             its MSN online service $2 a month to $21.95 per month.
             The move suggested that it would be too costly and
             difficult for players to get into the access business by
             giving it way. It also suggested that consumers are
             willing to pay for premium services, such as AOL's.

             Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and PaineWebber
             rejoiced that finally, at least one problem weighing on
             AOL's stock, was no longer a concern.  

             Beaten down enough

             Internet service providers, among the worst performers
             this year, regained momentum after an early attempt on
             Thursday, touched off by the merger between EarthLink
             (ELNK: news, msgs) and MindSpring (MSPG: news,
             msgs), fizzled by the close.

             "They were washed out now, standing at about 50
             percent off their highs," said Fred Moran, an Internet
             analyst at Jefferies & Co., who recently initiated
             coverage on five ISPs with a "buy" rating. "It's a good
             time to pick these stocks up."

             Moran believes the ISPs will report
             faster-than-expected subscriber growth in the third
             quarter. "They'll show that players like Microsoft
             (MSFT: news, msgs), NetZero, Dell (DELL: news,
             msgs) and Gateway (GTW: news, msgs), with their
             price-discounting activities did not have any negative
             impact on the growth of the independent players."

             Moran expects AOL to pick up 1.2 million subscribers
             in the quarter. EarthLink will likely gain 230,000 and
             MindSpring is projected to add 55,000.  

             Shares of EarthLink rose 12 percent to 47 9/16 and
             MindSpring shot up 9 percent to 30 1/16.  

             The main events

             Goldman Sachs set the price of $16 a share on the latest
             Net newbie, NetZero (NZRO: news, msgs) and watched
             investors drive the stock up to 29 5/16 on its inaugural

             CNet (CNET: news, msgs) added 3 1/16, or 6 percent,
             to 51 7/16 after rocketing 13 percent Thursday. Larry
             Marcus, an Internet analyst at Deutsche Banc. Alex
             Brown, upped his rating to a "strong buy" from a
             "market perform." Marcus said CNet has the "best
             commerce model on the Web."

             Yahoo (YHOO: news, msgs) jumped 9 9/16, or 6
             percent, to 183 5/16. Analysts expect the Net leader to
             beat quarterly estimates when it reports in two weeks.
             Earlier this week, the latest Media Metrix report
             showed that Yahoo exceeded the industry average in
             traffic growth to its site last month.

    (PCLN: news, msgs) announced its plans
             to extend its name your price concept to the grocery
             business and a Jupiter Communications shopping report
             projected $1 billion of holiday travel-related services
             will be purchased online. Shares of Priceline gained 1/2
             to 65 9/16. For the week, Priceline ran up 13 percent.

             EBay (EBAY: news, msgs) shot up 7 13/16, or 6
             percent, to 146 1/6, still 7 percent below the level it
             traded before news of the Fair Market, Microsoft, Dell
             Computer (DELL: news, msgs), Lycos (LCOS: news,
             msgs), and ExciteAtHome (ATHM: news, msgs)
             alliance to compete with the online auctioneer.

             Amazing Ariba

             It appears more corporations are automating their
             procurement process. Thanks to Ariba (ARBA: news,

             Ariba (ARBA: news, msgs) bolted 25 23/32, or 17
             percent, to an all-time high of 177. Helping to fuel the
             surge, Credit Suisse First Boston started coverage on
             the software wonder with a "buy" rating. The CSFB Net
             team expects Ariba to announce new customers and
             distribution partners next week when Ariba holds its
             business-to-business conference in Burlingame, Calif.

             Other analysts agree. "I think you'll here a lot of buzz
             about the company picking up new customers," said Ian
             Morton, an analyst at Hambrecht & Quist who launched
             coverage on Ariba back in August with a "buy" rating.

             As of August, Ariba had 60 suppliers in its network, 20
             of which had signed on in just one month, Morton

             While Ariba currently generates revenue by charging its
             clients a fee, Morton expects the next wave of
             opportunity for Ariba will be to charge its

             Friday's nearly $1 billion gain in stock value ballooned
             Ariba's market cap to $6.5 billion, even though many
             analysts still expect the company to generate about $50
             million this calendar year and lose $42 million. Ariba
             went public at $23 on June 22.  

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