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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?

Red Hat wird weiter hoch gehen!!!! o.T.

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Red Hat wird weiter hoch gehen!!!! o.T. Tamer

Red Hat wird weiter hoch gehen!!!! o.T.

21.06.00 17:00
Red Hat wird weiter hoch gehen!!!! o.T. Guru Brauni
Guru Brauni:

WARUM Tamer? Nur technische Reaktion oder gibts was fundam.

21.06.00 17:01
Red Hat wird weiter hoch gehen!!!! o.T. Tamer

DELL Computer vertreibt Linux mit Red Hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21.06.00 17:07
Dell, Red Hat To Push Linux System
By CONNIE MABIN, Associated Press Writer

AUSTIN (AP) - Linux software seller Red Hat Inc. (NasdaqNM:RHAT - news) and Dell Computer Corp. (NasdaqNM:DELL - news) said Tuesday they would expand their efforts to market Linux, an alternative operating system to Microsoft Corp.'s (NasdaqNM:MSFT - news) Windows that can be downloaded for free over the Internet.

Under the agreement, Red Hat will be Dell's preferred Linux service provider.

The agreement calls for the creation of a One Source Alliance to offer support services for Linux users who purchased the software from Red Hat and to develop Linux-related products for Dell.

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Linux is available for free download on the Internet, but customers who purchase the software from Red Hat or other companies receive technical manuals and support services.

Linux-based systems are responsible for about 10 percent of Dell's total server sales - a small percentage of Dell's $27 billion in revenue. Dell has doubled its orders of Linux systems since August.

Tuesday's announcement expands an April deal in which Dell said it would install Linux on a line of high-end computer servers for which Red Hat would provide technical support.

The Round Rock, Texas-based computer maker also offers Red Hat Linux for certain desktop PCs and workstations.

Linux is one of three strategic operating systems Dell factory installs and supports. The others are Microsoft Windows and Novell NetWare.

Gateway, IBM, Compaq and Hewlett-Packard all have agreed to similar arrangements with Red Hat to help support their use of Linux.

At the end of regular trading Tuesday, Red Hat shares were up $4.813, or 19 percent, to $30.188 on the Nasdaq Stock Market. Nasdaq-traded shares of Dell slipped $1, or 2 percent, to $48.563 on Tuesday.


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Dell Computer Corp:

Red Hat Inc.:

Red Hat wird weiter hoch gehen!!!! o.T. Tamer

Nachricht von heute !!!!!!!!!!

21.06.00 17:09
Dell and Red Hat will expand their direct engineering relationship to address the immediate high-volume business opportunity in the Internet infrastructure buildout. Red Hat and Dell also will focus on future core operating system developments in the areas of reliability and availability, including clustering, to support the maturation of Linux. A key aspect of their development activities is next-generation open source systems based on Intel's IA-64 platform.

An example of early development efforts between the two companies is the Red Hat Linux stack in Dell's new PowerApp.web(TM) appliance servers, announced in April of this year. Engineers from Red Hat and Dell worked together to create an optimized version of Red Hat Linux for the new appliance web servers. Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc. is one of the first companies to deploy PowerApp.web appliance servers, at approximately 1,400 dealerships in the United States.

Both Dell and Red Hat have also committed to running each other's systems internally, thereby benefiting from the One Source Alliance in a work environment on a daily basis. Red Hat will use Dell PowerEdge(TM) servers and Dell Precision(TM) workstations as its primary development and certification platforms and Dell uses Red Hat Linux in certain areas of its IT manufacturing operation
Red Hat wird weiter hoch gehen!!!! o.T. Guru Brauni

Klingt nicht uninteressant. Danke Tamer!

Bin zwar im Moment voll investiert, werde aber trotzdem in den nächsten Tagen ein Äuglein drauf werfen...

Viele Grüße
Guru Brauni

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