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PCCW + ORACLE!! Trader


[March 22, 2000--HONG KONG] Pacific Convergence Corporation (PCC), a subsidiary
 of Pacific Century Cyberworks (PCCW) has chosen to implement Oracle Financials and
 Logistics to support its expansion efforts in Asia.

 PCC says that they will take advantage of the convergence of telecommunications,
 computing and broadcast technologies and operate a regional service that provides
 integrated on-line content via a broadband platform.

 "PCC has an aggressive business plan to provide leading broadband Internet services
 in Asia - covering more than 130 million households," said PCC chief executive officer
 Hubert Ng. "With that kind of potential reach, we need a reliable financial technology
 solution with the scalability to support this rapid level of expansion."

 Implementation of the Oracle system - a series of modular-based applications -- is
 underway and set to be completed in three months time. Oracle says their suite of
 modules is designed to support PCC's immediate and long-term business needs.

 "PCC is a leading example of how companies in Asia are fast embracing the global shift
 to an Internet economy and building their enterprise systems accordingly," explained PW
 Pong, regional managing director of Oracle Greater China. "Oracle is committed to
 supplying the most reliable and scalable Internet-based solutions to support the
 exponential growth of Internet-based businesses like PCC."

 As well as the financial software, PCC has purchased Oracle's Discoverer ad-hoc query
 and analysis tool, and will also participate in Oracle's education program. The latter is
 aimed at enabling the company to answer the continuous, Web-based training needs of

 PCC says they plan to be the world's leading provider of broadband Internet services, to
 be initially launched in Asia and serving 130 million cabled households.

 PCC's NOW (Network of the World) will offer the world's first fully converged service with
 interactive digital video viewing and Web access beginning with the first phase in 2000,
 says the firm.  

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