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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?

Mediaplex (MPLX), Kursziel Lehman Broths. 150 $, THIS STOCK WILL FLY !!!!!!

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Mediaplex (MPLX), Kursziel Lehman Broths. 150 $, THIS STOCK WILL FLY !!!!!! kaeseotto

Mediaplex (MPLX), Kursziel Lehman Broths. 150 $, THIS STOCK WI.

02.02.00 07:57
Mediaplex Selected as Exclusive Technology Partner by Tonic 360;
Mediaplex's Pioneering MOJO Technology to Be Deployed for Tonic
360 Clients: Sun Microsystems, Disney and Macy's


SAN FRANCISCO, Jan 18, 2000 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Mediaplex, Inc.
Nasdaq:MPLX), a leading advertising technology company, and Tonic 360,
a leading full-service advertising agency, today announced that Mediaplex
will serve as Tonic 360's exclusive technology partner. Tonic 360 will
initially deploy Mediaplex's pioneering MOJO (mobile Java objects)
technology on behalf of the Agency's leading clients, Sun Microsystems,, and Disney's Go Network.

"We chose Mediaplex primarily because its MOJO technology will arm our
clients with a real competitive edge for their online marketing programs,"
said Kevin Burke, Managing Partner at Tonic 360. "And that, in turn, gives
us a real competitive edge. There's no advertising technology that comes
close to the capabilities of MOJO. The partnership is a perfect fit because
Tonic 360 is committed to truly invigorating our digital brands, hence the
name we chose for our agency. The Mediaplex MOJO technology is a
strong complement to that commitment."

The MOJO technology leverages the vast intelligence entrapped in an
advertiser's enterprise system, such as inventory or customer data, to
direct and optimize an advertiser's online campaign in real time. For
example, MOJO makes real-time decisions to change out a product in
online ads across the entire Web when product inventory hits a level
predetermined by the advertiser, or changes pricing in real-time response to

supply and demand data company-wide, not just limited to online campaign
data. MOJO is the only technology available that can make these real-time
message changes and serve the changed messages automatically to all
sites within the campaign.

"We are very excited to put MOJO to work for Tonic 360's high-profile digital clients," said Tim Favia, Executive V.P. of Sales and Business
Development at Mediaplex. "The ability to leverage an advertiser's
enterprise information to drive more meaningful messaging has been the
missing component in delivering the results that leading advertisers are
increasingly demanding."

About Mediaplex, Inc. Mediaplex, Inc. ( is a leading
advertising technology company. The Company's proprietary MOJO (mobile
Java objects) technology is the only platform to deliver real-time messaging
based on true integration between an advertiser's internal business data,
such as inventory, pricing and customer information, and that advertiser's
online marketing initiatives. In addition, Mediaplex provides comprehensive
online campaign services.

Mediaplex's MOJO technology customers include leading companies
L'Oreal, Mattel, Deutsch Bank, and OfficeMax, as well as leading
advertising agencies McCann-Erickson/A&L, Publicis & Hal Riney, Tonic
360 and Winkler Advertising on behalf of their clients such as Sun
Microsystems and Sprint PCS. Mediaplex is headquartered in San
Francisco, with offices in New York, the Silicon Valley, and Hamburg,
Germany. Mediaplex can be contacted at 877.402.PLEX.

About Tonic 360 Tonic 360 is a full-service agency that provides digital
brands with a 360-degree mix of marketing solutions. Principal clients
include Sun Microsystems,, and Macy's West.
Based in San Francisco, Tonic 360 ( was established in
1999 by two former managing partners of Left Field Advertising, Kevin Burke
and Fred Schwartz.

Copyright (C) 2000 Business Wire. All rights reserved.

                    Distributed via COMTEX.
                    CONTACT:       Mediaplex, Inc.
                                   Gretchen Jones, 415/808-1984
                                   Tonic 360
                                   Judy Jorgensen, 415/695-1847
Mediaplex (MPLX), Kursziel Lehman Broths. 150 $, THIS STOCK WILL FLY !!!!!! kaeseotto

Profil der Gesellschaft


Mediaplex uses its MOJO to help Datek, uBid, and other clients reach their
customers. Mediaplex offers software tools to target online advertising and deliver real-time custom messages. Its MOJO technology can target ads to specific users based on behavior and demographic profiles. It can also access a client's product database to deliver messages tailored to product availability or special pricing.

Mediaplex has partnered with DoubleClick to integrate MOJO with DoubleClick's online tracking and targeting tools. Mediaplex was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of Internet Extra Corporation.

Mediaplex CEO Gregory Raifman and president Jon Edwards together own about 37% of the company.

Top Competitors: 24/7 Media  |  DoubleClick  |  Engage Technologies

                   Chairman and CEO: Gregory R. Raifman
                   President: Jon L. Edwards
                   COO: Walter Haefeker
                   Chief Technology Officer: Ruiqing Barclay Jiang
                   EVP, Sales and Development: Timothy M. Favia
                   Fiscal Year-End: December
                   1998 Sales (mil.): $3.6
                   1-Yr. Sales Growth: 742.3%

                   1998 Net Inc. (mil.): ($2.0)
                   1-Yr. Net Inc. Growth: --
                   1998 Employees: 100
                   1-Yr. Employee Growth: --
                                       Hoover's Company Capsules
                                      Copyright © 2000, Hoover's, Inc.


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