$$$$$$$$$$$HARTCOURT + YAHOO!!!!!! NEWS!!!!!

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$$$$$$$$$$$HARTCOURT + YAHOO!!!!!! NEWS!!!!! Trader

$$$$$$$$$$$HARTCOURT + YAHOO!!!!!! NEWS!!!!!

15.06.00 15:21
!!!!NEWS!!!!YAHOOOO!!!!!!LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 15, 2000--

Sinobull.com To Co-Brand Content with Yahoo! China Finance

The Hartcourt Companies Inc. (OTC:HRCT; Frankfurt: HCT),
www.hartcourt.com, today confirmed that its subsidiary, SinoBull
Group, has signed a profit sharing content license and usage agreement
with Yahoo! Holdings Ltd., the Hong Kong subsidiary of Yahoo! Inc.
The agreement calls for Yahoo! China to host a number of
co-branded pages containing proprietary financial content provided by
SinoBull, including: cn.biz.yahoo.com/fnews/sinobull/,
cn.biz.yahoo.com/fnews/individual/sinobull/, and
Under the terms of the agreement, SinoBull Group has licensed to
Yahoo! Holdings global non-exclusive rights to deliver proprietary
SinoBull content over the Internet or any wireless or electronic
format delivering Yahoo! media. Yahoo! can modify, copy, publish,
show, or transmit the licensed content, including but not limited to
Chinese formats.
SinoBull has also licensed to Yahoo! Holdings the global
non-exclusive right for Yahoo! users to download and print the
licensed content for personal usage.
The agreement defines a fee-based and advertising profit sharing
arrangement between Yahoo! Holdings and SinoBull from those content
pages containing the SinoBull trademark or logo.
Dr. Alan Phan, Chairman & CEO of Hartcourt commented, "We are
certainly pleased to be chosen as a financial content service provider
for Yahoo! China. It proves that our Sinobull.com is not just a
leading online financial portal. Based on our subsidiaries' past
successful track records, SinoBull Group is offering the most advanced
IT solutions and content to financial industries and other major media
partners in China."

$$$$$$$$$$$HARTCOURT + YAHOO!!!!!! NEWS!!!!! DGromm

*FREU* :-)) thanks Trader - kommt immer besser in Schwung o.T.


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