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> Media Contacts:
> Gentry Lange
> (425) 653-5505, x219
> Interactive Objects, Inc.
> gentryl@iobjects.com
> Interactive Objects Portable Digital Stereo Reference Platform Offers
> Microsoft Windows Media Support
> Bellevue, WA - January 18th, 2000 - Interactive Objects, Inc.,
> (OTC.BB:OBJX), leaders in software development for information appliances,
> today announced Portable Stereo Reference Platform support for the
> (Nasdaq: MSFT) Windows Media Format for digital music. Iobjects' Reference
> Platform is the first turnkey solution for manufacturers interested in
> producing portable stereos capable of playing music downloaded from the
> Internet. Supporting the Windows Media Format takes this Reference
> a step further by providing portable stereos the ability to store twice the
> amount of CD quality music as is possible with other types of digital
> files, or "codecs", like MP3. Additionally, by adding Windows Media
> integrated digital rights management technology, Iobjects' Platform now
> offers access to secure digital music-the preferred medium for top music
> labels interested in distributing music over the Internet.
> A Next Generation Digital Audio Reference Platform
> Iobjects' Reference Platform is a unifying collection of all the hardware
> and firmware necessary for enabling digital audio on a wide variety of
> hardware devices. Manufacturers using this Platform can build portable
> stereos with USB connectivity, support for removable Flash memory, IBM's
> microdrive, Microsoft's high-quality Windows Media Technologies, and MP3.

> This broad range of functionality makes Iobjects' Platform an extremely
> flexible reference tool for companies looking to produce next generation
> digital audio devices.
> One of the most exciting aspects of this Platform lies in its ability to
> adapt to changes over time. Designed to be "future-proof", Iobjects'
> Reference Platform has an open architecture that is able to adapt to the
> constantly changing world of computer technology. This design gives
> manufacturers utilizing Iobjects' Reference Platform the ability to
> specific functionality without redesigning the core technology.
> Windows Media Format, the Logical Choice
> "Providing the most advanced technology in digital audio has been the
> keystone of Iobjects' development efforts for this Reference Platform,"
> Mark Phillips, Chief Technology Officer of Iobjects. "Windows Media
> the recording industry with a format that respects their rights and yet
> still provides consumers the high fidelity sound quality they've come to
> expect. In terms of functionality, industry support, and file-size,
> Windows Media on our Platform was only logical."
> "We are pleased that Interactive Objects is supporting Windows Media and
> enabling a whole new generation of portable digital audio devices," said
> Kevin Unangst, lead product manager, Streaming Media Division, Microsoft
> Corp. "Iobjects' robust firmware and underlying hardware design combined
> with Windows Media digital rights management technology will help consumers
> to get the mainstream music content they want with the CD-quality sound they demand."
> Conclusion
> Interactive Objects has recently announced several other key technology
> partnerships for this Platform. Please visit Iobjects web site at
> <www.iobjects.com>, to find out why Iobjects' Portable Digital Stereo
> Reference Platform promises to take the Internet Audio Industry by storm.
> About Interactive Objects, Inc.
> Interactive Objects was founded in 1995 by former Microsoft employees to
> develop object software for commercial Internet and intranet applications.
> Today, Interactive Objects continues to evolve and expand its offerings by
> leveraging revenue generating intellectual property and technical talent.
> Interactive Objects is headquartered at 12600 SE 38th, Suite 150,Bellevue,> WA 98006, USA.

Interactive Objects is listed on the OTC.BB under the
> "OBJX" and on the "Third Segment" of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under
> symbol "IOX" and German securities code WKN: 913011. The Company can be
> reached on the web at <www.iobjects.com>
> Steven G. Wollach
> President & CEO
> Interactive Objects, Inc
> stevew@iobjects.com
> 425-653-5505

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