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Bougainville Coppe. 0,25 € -2,72% Perf. seit Threadbeginn:   -57,48%
Tom0001 :

# 11123

02.03.12 14:34
wo bzw. wie findet man den Beitrag in
havanna :

Rechts oben bei -search-

02.03.12 14:49
bougainville eingeben.
Dann kommt eine Auswahl, hier klickst du auf -Bougainville ADR- und dann kannst du
die Beiträge lesen!
Tom0001 :

Warum machste das bei ADRs?

02.03.12 14:56
Die gibts doch nicht mehr...
havanna :

Hast du Recht,

02.03.12 15:11
hab mich davon irritieren lassen, dass bei der zweiten Alternative nur Bougain Cop gestanden ist, dachte, dass das ein anderes Unternehmen ist...
Werd das heut Abend gleich noch berichtigen!
Tom0001 :

gibts da auch eine Diskussion dazu?

02.03.12 15:29
Tom0001 :

aah -jetzt hab ich geschnallt - merci!

02.03.12 16:25
BOCandorra :

Ab sofort : Schwarze Liste...

02.03.12 16:52
...Weiße Liste auf !!!
Alle aktuellen News zu Bougainville Copper auf der ESBC Homepage!
nekro :

There Once Was An Island Film Trailer

02.03.12 17:03
nekro :


03.03.12 08:49
Habt ihr den Chart auch längerfristig bzw. von den USA bzw. von USA (ADRs) bzw D ?
Tom0001 :


03.03.12 13:16
tolle Sache - auch sehr gut geeignet als Entscheidungshilfe zum Wechsel, wenns mit der eigenen Bank nicht klappt:o)
BOCandorra :

Solche Listen...

03.03.12 14:14

...lieber Tom0001 sind nur dann eine tolle Sache, wenn möglichst viele Investoren ihre Erfahrungen einbringen. Deshalb meine Bitte an alle, die dazu beitragen können, die beiden Listen zu komplettieren, meldet Euch unter  ! Teilt bitte mit, welche Banken oder Broker problemlos Eure hohen Orders einstellen und welche sich weigern, Euren Wünschen zu entsprechen! Danke!

Alle aktuellen News zu Bougainville Copper auf der ESBC Homepage!
xxxraphaelx. :

seit 1.1.06

04.03.12 01:00
wurden in FFM ~56 MIO Böcke gehandelt. Der Umsatz lag bei knapp 40 MIo EUR.

Der Durchschnittspreis also demnach bei 0,70 ct.

An 813 Tagen lag der Schlusskurs über Eröffnung, nur an 211 Tagen umgekehrt.
In den letzten 300 Handelstagen war die Quote 182 / 11

Was das heißt, keine Ahnung... ?!

seit 1.1.10
29.128.954,00§- 25.141.698,16 - 0,863117095

seit 1.1.11
13.634.010,00§- 12.883.071,10 - 0,944921641

seit 1.1.12
(7.400.000)     (4.700.000) 2012 hochgerechnet

es fliesst also in diesem Jahr so wenig geld wie noch nie in die böcke... und trotzdem steigt der Kurs. ist doch ein gutes Zeichen, oder?
nekro :

Hon Mr Barnes...............

04.03.12 10:50
.................. , in 1970 happily stating that ‘a few more of these mines and New Guinea will be self-sufficient’.

And where were these other mines? The 1980’s airborne surveys of Bougainville show, according to the late rebel leader, Francis Ona, that all these potential new mines were in Bougainville.( die 7 weiteren BCL Lizenzen ;-))))))))))))
p2205 :

Travel Blog

04.03.12 20:14
Sturmlord :


04.03.12 21:44
Der Satz ist doch schick:

"Although it was a copper mine it’s said the silver and gold production alone covered the mine operating costs, the copper was pure profit."
sumoey :

aber nicht neu ;-))

04.03.12 22:02
nekro :

Govt plans to stop cash payments

05.03.12 05:03
Damit könnte die Korruption u. Landeignerabzocke etwas reduziert werden.

The National, Monday 05th March 2012

THE government plans to stop cash payments for landowner benefits accruing from resource developments.
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill also said if any payments were to be made, they must be done in each licenced area – and not in Port Moresby.
These will be among stringent guidelines contained in a major policy on the issue to be announced this week following final consultations between O’Neill and landowners tomorrow.
O’Neill said the policy would streamline, simplify and specify payment procedures for all benefits accruing under resource development agreements and in particular the LNG project’s umbrella benefits sharing agreement (UBSA) and the licence-based bene­fits sharing agreements  (LBBSA).
“We are going to simplify it and do it in accordance with the law,” he said.
“There will be absolutely no cash handouts.
“We will agree to a way forward and that should resolve many of the landow­ner issues.
“After cabinet has made a decision on Wednesday on the proposed structure and a way of dealing with the issue, any disruption of government assets or go­vernment services (by landowners) will become a law and order issue.
“Both the landowners and the government must respect any agreement that they signed.
“Any issue of landowner benefits must be in accor­dance with the law and the agreement.”
The policy will also cover the role and functions of the expenditure implementation committee which oversees much of the payment pro­cess.
nekro :

# 11141

05.03.12 05:25
Diese Aussage ist auch heute noch aktuell.




Bei einem Goldpreis zum FR Schlusskurs von 1708.8 USD/oz

Steigt der Goldpreis um 17,46 USD/oz so werden damit die gesamten Produktionskosten gedeckt,Kupfer,Silber (u. Moly) = Reiner Gewinn ;-))))))
nekro :

PM: Polls in June

05.03.12 05:32
The National, Monday 05th March 2012

PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill and his People’s National Congress want the national election held as scheduled in June.
The party also resolved at its Goroka convention last Friday that it would increase support for its five-pillar policies – free education, free basic medical services, improving infrastructure, maintaining law and order, and growing the economy.
O’Neill said the party did not want the election deferred.
“Given the current political squabbling going on, it is good that the people decide who should lead the country.”
His deputy Belden Namah said last week the go­vernment needed time to implement all its policies before an election could be called. This can only be possible if the election is deferred.
The party resolved that free education would be continued with a commitment that tuition-free education would include Grade 12 and later to also cover tertiary education.
O’Neill said the economy would be strong enough by then to sustain the massive undertakings.
The free education budget takes up nearly 30% of the entire national budget and this would remain constant in 2014.
But the actual amount would double to corres­pond with growth in the economy and this would double again by 2016, he said.
On health, a PNC go­vernment would allocate more money to health infrastructure, equipment
and improvement of wor­king conditions for wor­kers.
By 2016, investment in this sector alone should top K2 billion, O’Neill said.
The health sector allocation is now K1.4 billion.

On law and order, a PNC government would invest in all three services – police, army and correctional services – in the areas of infrastructure, equipment, training and recruitment.
The fight against corruption would continue and increase by strengthening of existing efforts including Task Force Sweep.
The legislation on an independent commission against corruption, which has been tabled, would be made into law, O’Neill said.
Similarly, the PNC sup­ports investments in the government’s major transport assets of national significance.
It supports a new authority that will manage and develop these assets which are currently poorly managed by departments and agencies.
Such a body would be empowered to seek concessional and commercial loans to develop these assets to international standards.
On the party’s fifth pillar of growing the economy, O’Neill said it was the engine room for development and growth.
Provision of a stable fiscal and monetary regime will give investors the confidence that PNG is a destination of choice for investment.
“We need to provide a stable legislative and tax regime,” he said.
During a vist to Chimbu over the weekend to launch district improvement programmes there, O’Neill told a crowd that special agencies from the United Nations (UN) and Australia would be engaged to help complete electoral rolls.
“The United Nations and Australia will come in to help us in the elections. We will not defer the election.
“The government will ensure common rolls and security concerns are addressed with the help of these special agencies from UN and Australia,” the prime minister said.
O’Neill said the people were now suffering because of dete­riorating basic ser­vices and infrastructure due to poor leadership in the past.
More than  K70 billion had been budgeted by the government in the past nine years, but there is no evidence of that in rural areas.

nekro :


05.03.12 06:23
Damit würde schon eine der zentralen Forderungen der Panguna Lo´s erfüllt.Ein weiterer kleiner Schritt auf dem Weg zur Wiedereröffnung.

This is the third tenet of the landowners proposal [Daily Newsletter}

Landowners to receive royalties computed as 5% of sales. Royalties to be paid direct
to landowners, each holding a unique ID.

Once implemented, it will work as a good social security system for all landowners. They do not need to move from their homes. The money will go direct to their bank accounts. No cash, no risk of pilferage.
antares0650 :


05.03.12 06:51
habe 4.999 Stk zu 0,97 AUD erhalten.
Man kann sie genau sehen....
Werde sie mal einstellen zum Verkauf.. nach Lieferung
antares0650 :


05.03.12 10:29
schon wer anderer auch in Sysdney gekauft?
xxxraphaelx. :

ist ein bisschen teuer im vergleich zu D gewesen..

05.03.12 10:32
nekro :

@ antares

05.03.12 10:42
Über Saxobank,Andrewwest ING u.DAB schon mehrmals

Bei der DAB würde ich allerdings keinem raten sich ins BID zu stellen.Wenn man da Pech hat u. ein Computerprogramm verkauft dir xxx Teilausführungen dann kann das richtig teuer werden.Die Gebühren pro Teilausführung können den Wert der Shares dann locker um xxx% übersteigen.

Die Stücke werden in der Regel am Vormittag eingebucht,manchmal erst am Nachmittag,bis jetzt bei mir aber immer im Laufe des Tages.

Eine Lagerstellenumbuchung AU/D dauert i.d.R. 1 Tag, wenn man Druck macht geht es auch schon binnen 1 ST ;-)))

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