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Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 nekro

Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948

29.09.07 00:25
Obwohl für mich Bougainville Copper Aktien 852652 (US BOCOF.PK)u. ADRs 867948 (US BOCOY.PK) den gleichen Wert besitzen (beide repräsentieren 1 Bougainville Copper) gibt es bei der Kursstellung in D gravierende Unterschiede.

Schlusskurs heute in Fra

Aktie 852652 0,609 VOL 110 000 St
ADRs  867948 0,50  VOL 376 772 St

Obwohl beide Gattungen auch in USA gehandelt werden,kann man nur die ADRs ohne Lagerstellenwechsel gewinnbringend nach USA crossen.

So wurden heute in USA 353 K ADRs zwischen 0,75 u.0,80 USD oder 0,5395 u.0,5642 € gehandelt,was lockere 10% über D Kurs ist.Ein Grossteil davon dürfte von den ESBC stammen dem hiesigen Markt wieder entzogen sein.

Eine heutige Kauforder in AU von 300K a 0,95 AUD 0,5911 €  wurde nur zu 2/3 bedient.

Jetzt fehlen nur noch die  erwarteten  weiteren positiven Meldungen aus Bougainville u. die Chartausbrüche über 1 AUD,0,80 USD,0,60 € u.0,50€ (ADR).An allen Marken wurde schon erfolgreich gekratzt.Der nächste Schritt sollte eine Stabilisierung darüber sein

Ob jetzt Aktie oder ADR am besten performt bis Jahresende,lassen wir uns überraschen ;-)))))))))
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Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 havanna


22.03.18 20:20
Sehe ich schon lange keines mehr...
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......Ann: Annual Report 2017 ......

28.03.18 08:48

Notice to ASX          28 March 2018

2017 Annual Report
Attached is the 2017 Annual Report which contains the full financial statements for 2017. Also attached is the annual appendix 4G statement - Key to Disclosures Corporate Governance Council Principles and Recommendations.

The Annual General meeting of Bougainville Copper Limited will be held at the Grand Papua Hotel in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea on the Thursday 24th May, 2018 at 11.00 am.

By Order of the Board

Mark Hitchcock Company Secretary

.................SAFETY Bougainville Copper believes that a safe and healthy workforce is essential to the Company’s success and sustainability and is committed to achieving zero harm. It is paramount that work is only undertaken when it is deemed safe to do so. The Company for example adheres to a stringent travel approval process. COMMUNITIES Intensifying community engagement in Bougainville during 2017 was a priority for the Company. Bougainville Copper appointed a Bougainville Manager to oversee a local project team which has actively engaged with a range of stakeholders, including landowners in the project area. In June of 2017, the Company opened an office in Buka and in the first half of 2018 plans to also open an office in Panguna. In November 2017, Bougainville Copper also initiated a Village Liaison Officer (VLO) program which initially saw nine VLOs engaged to work in villages across the Panguna project area. The initiative is proving effective in the exchange of accurate information between Panguna communities and the Company and is set to continue. Strong community engagement in project areas remains essential given the Company has been subjected to a misinformation and destabilisation campaign by other parties with competing interests in Panguna mineral rights. Bougainville Copper also plans to continue its support for worthwhile community initiatives in Central Bougainville in areas such as sports, culture, education and health. During 2017, the Company also made excellent progress in settling 1990/91 statutory compensation payments to landowners, with just 79 of 2,123 payments now outstanding.  BOUGAINVILLE.................

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.....communities confront Filipino miner....

29.03.18 09:18
Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 24183589
There are reports from central Bougainville of a confrontation earlier this week between landowners and a Philippines mining company.

Bougainvillean communities confront Filipino miner

Diese Entwicklung verwundert nicht. Wie soll das auch gehen? Panguna unter Führung von BCL ablehnen und jeder will jetzt selber seinen eigenen Tagebau aufmachen?? Das gewonnene Erz mit Hubschraubern zur Weiterverarbeitung ausfliegen damit das Land des Nachbarclans nicht betreten werden muß.Fragen über Fragen. Kopfschüttel.. ;-))

Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 sonne798

Wie geht's jetzt weiter ...

04.04.18 19:07

Vielen Dank für Feedbacks, Nekro wie ist deine Meinung? Wird es BCL gelingen Momis u.
den Miriori Clan zu überzeugen?
Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 LOFP

Wahlen oder Abstimmung

06.04.18 12:53
Sollte nicht im April über irgendetwas abgestimmt oder gewählt werden?
Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 havanna


06.04.18 13:32
Das ist korrekt.
Die Entscheidung wurde aber um 3 Monate verschoben.
Das hab ich bei Hotcopper im RTG Forum gelesen...
Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 sonne798

SEG Newsletter

10.04.18 15:28
Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 sonne798

Landowners müssen sich jetzt einigen ...

11.04.18 18:37
interessanter Artikel, no toleration for foreign guests like RTG!!!
Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 Koud.he

Bougainville Govt says no to Panguna indefinitely

14.04.18 19:19
Bougainville Govt says no to Panguna indefinitely

13 APRIL 2018
Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Panguna landowners are holding the region to ransom says Momis

Radio New Zealand | 13 April 2018

The government in the autonomous Papua New Guinea region of Bougainville says it will not allow exploration or mining activities at the Panguna mine site until landowners unite.

Two companies have been battling to re-open the mine, a move the government had been touting as vital to developing Bougainville’s economy.

But at the end of last year President John Momis announced a moratorium on mining at Panguna and in a new statement he says it is ‘absolutely clear the landowners and the people of Panguna are divided over their preferred developer.

He said after debate in the ABG House of Representatives it was very clear this decision could not be avoided and has been made in the best interests of the landowners and the people of Bougainville as the region prepares for its referendum next year.

Mr Momis says landowner leadership at Panguna remains unresolved creating factional groups with opposing views and positions on how the mine should be developed.

He says as long as the landowners remain divided the moratorium will remain in place.

Mr Momis says the ABG had invested a lot of effort trying to unite the landowners but while most Bougainvilleans are in favor of reopening the mine, the Panguna landowners are holding the region to ransom.
Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 Koud.he

president J.M. elaborates on No to mining

17.04.18 11:12
Bougainville president elaborates on ‘No’ to mining
17 APRIL 2018 OM 00:43
Papua New Guinea Mine Watch  /  ramunickel

Radio New Zealand | 17 April 2018

The President of the autonomous Papua New Guinea region of Bougainville has elaborated on why his government is saying no to mining at Panguna for the foreseable future.

Panguna was the site of the Bougainville Copper Ltd mine which was at the crux of the ten year long civil war.

In recent years there has been a push to have it re-opened to help drive the Bougainville economy forward.

Two companies, Bougainville Copper Ltd and RTG have been battling for the rights to mine Panguna but last week the government announced an indefinite moratorium on mining there.

Don Wiseman asked Bougainville President John Momis why they had taken such action.

JOHN MOMIS: Because landowners themselves are split. One faction supporting another company in developing the mine and another faction supports another company. So we don’t want to cause a split amongst the landowners because we have a referendum coming. We want to make sure we unite our people.

DON WISEMAN: Yes, although the landowners you say are supporting another company – that’s the Osikaiang group and they are right at the site of the current mine so as far, I think, as they are concerned, they are the landowners at that point, therefore they are ones that make that decision.

JM: Not really. Titleholders have rejected their claim. They have said they are not the legitimate titleholders, this Osikaiang group. Titleholders, according to law, are people who are supporting another company. So there is a definite divide and until the people are united we will not proceed with any mining.

DW: So in the meantime, in terms of trying to orchestrate some sort of unity, is the ABG going to do anything? Are you going to undertake anything, or leave it up to the landowner groups themselves?

JM: No, no we have taken steps to unite them. For us you know determining Bougainville’s future is more paramount right now. It is the priority we are focussing our attention to, to make sure that the people of Bougainville are united, so we don’t want any other issues to undermine this unity.

DW: Essentially it is off the radar until after the referendum?

JM: That’s probably it. I can’t see how the landowners can unite before the referendum. If they do then that will be good and we will look at other possibilities.

DW: The ABG of course is in an invidious position because you are a significant owner of Bougainville Copper Ltd, which is this other company you talk of. If the landowners agreed and they wanted to go with RTG, the second of those companies, would you, the ABG, accept that?

JM: We have some problems with RTG right now. In fact they are causing a lot of confusion and division in the community and we are not prepared to go ahead while this situation prevails.

DW: One of the reasons for this focus on Panguna had been to get the economy cranking ahead of the referendum, if that was possible. So if the effort is now going in a different direction is there going to be this focus that’s been talked about up to now but I am not sure how much has been done, in terms of agriculture and tourism and fishing.

JM: We cannot sacrifice unity for the sake of even generating revenue at this point in time. We have the referendum coming and it’s going to be very high on our priority list, so we have made it very clear to the landowners that unless they are totally united and they are prepared to subject themselves to the rule of law and so on and so forth, the ABG will leave the reserve [moratorium] in place.

DW: But in terms of these other industries is any effort going into those?

JM: We are looking at timber development and other industries, yes.
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......ramumine wordpress.....

18.04.18 08:32
Akoitai 'is regarded as a cheerleader for Rio Tinto and Bougainville Copper Limited, having worked for the company for eight years. He also fought against the Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA) during the region’s 10-year civil war'. O’Neill government suffers first election court rebuff ...
Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 Donn

Wer kauft

19.04.18 12:51
... denn in Frankfurt immer wieder 10.000er Stücke?? Immerhin über 80.000 Stück in den letzten drei Tagen, obwohl in Australien keine auffälligen Kursbewegungen stattgefunden haben.
Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 LOFP

@ Donn

19.04.18 14:16
Derjenige, der beim nächsten Anstieg auf 0,50€ ordentlich Gewinn machen wird.
Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 willi-marl

och, son tausi, den man eh über hat

22.04.18 23:51
in den wert werfen..... wissend, dass es im schlimmsten falle unendlich
dauern kann..... aber man auch die zeit hat..... wird es sich besser verzinsen als konten
mit minuszinsen zb.
oder welche mit nullzins.... aber nur ne vermutung. kann auch noch anders ausgehen.
die jungs da unten denken irgendwie völlig anders.......
Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 Traderevil

......ASX Announcment.......

23.04.18 10:19
23 April 2018 04:53pm (AEST)

BOC: Status of Exploration Licence EL1
Bougainville Copper Limited released an announcement at 04:52pm on 23 April 2018.
Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 sonne798

Press Release aus Panguna bei HC

23.04.18 18:29


PANGUNA (18/04/2018): THERE is strong opposition from the titleholders of the Special Mining Lease area of the Panguna mine to bring in the largely unknown Australian mining junior RTG Ltd.
The titleholders say that Philip Miriori is not recognised by them as the duly elected chairman of the SML Osikaiyang Association and has no mandate to speak on behalf of the Panguna titleholders.
Paramount Chief of Guava Village, Thomas Oni, has called his younger brothers Philip Miriori and Lawrence Daveona to stop talking to RTG as they do not have his mandate nor the mandate of all the titleholders to enter into any deals with any foreign company.
“I am the titleholder of the mine pit area and I do not want my small brothers inviting RTG to Bougainville as the titleholders support the development plans put forward by BCL for the new Panguna Project,” Mr Oni said.
“I want my small brothers to immediately stop talking to RTG and also stop entering into new deals with RTG as we do not support anything that they are doing. Everything they are doing is in isolation and we do not know what they are doing. We know what BCL is doing as their officers are always on the ground and in contact with the titleholders.”
He said BCL has the full support of the titleholders as the company is now majority owned by Bougainvilleans through the Autonomous Bougainville Government and is a local company as opposed to a foreign entity.
Mr Oni said a talked about 25 per cent interest in Central Mekamui Exploration Ltd did not belong to the titleholders, the ABG or general Bougainvilleans.

“This shareholding belongs only to Philip Miriori and that is not fair to the titleholders, ABG and the rest of Bougainville, as he would benefit from it, not us,” he said.
“BCL on the other hand is majority owned by the ABG with the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Peter O’Neill in his wisdom deciding to transfer 17.4% of the PNG shares from Rio Tinto to the landowners and other Bougainvilleans. This makes BCL a majority Bougainvillean company and it makes perfect sense for us to be supporting the company we own.
“The actions of my small brothers should be a matter of concern to everyone including the titleholders of Panguna. BCL is slowly fulfilling its outstanding commitment to the Panguna Landowners and they have been spending money in the communities supporting health and education and other important events, which is something that we welcome.”
Mr Oni said other than supporting individuals like Mr Miriori and his friends, he was not aware of RTG spending any money in support of the broader community.
“I also recall the recent comments of President Momis in a Radio NZ interview, where he said RTG was causing a lot of confusion and division in the community. This is something we should not tolerate considering this company does not have the support of the customary titleholders,” he said.

Approved for immediate Release.
Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 sonne798

@ Donn

23.04.18 19:11
Meldung 21731 erklärt hiermit den Käufer. Meiner Meinung ist dies nur der Anfang - es führt kein Weg an BOC vorbei. Auch der Press Release stimmt mich positiv - es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit.
Die Landowners wissen ganz genau, dass sie mit BOC Geld verdienen können etc.
Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 Traderevil

....der Weg ist BCL. Ganz sicher......

23.04.18 19:38

......1. Wahl. :-)
Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 Ice-Nine coming
Ice-Nine comi.:

Im Mai geht es dann vor Gericht weiter ...

24.04.18 04:37
Sally Pokiton | Loop PNG | April 23, 2018 A decision for the non-renewal of exploration licence to Bougainville Copper Limited will be reviewed by the National Court in May. The decision made on 16 January 2018 by the Autonomous Bougainville Government has been stayed by the court since April 10, pen ...
Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 Traderevil

...exploration licence to Bougainville Copper ....

24.04.18 08:51

......da darf man gespannt sein wie die gerichtlich rechtliche  Entscheidung ausfällt.

Regionalpolitische Erwägungen dürften hierbei ja keine Rolle mehr spielen und davon ausgehend  steht für mich das Ergebniss zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt schon fest. :-)
Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 Winbou


24.04.18 09:51
kannst du bezgl. Beitrag #21731 zugehörigen Link veröffentlichen?
Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 sonne798


24.04.18 09:55
habe diesen Artikel in Facebook Bougainville Forum von Erik Tapakau gefunden
Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 nekro

Panguna Moratorium to Continue

24.04.18 14:46
Panguna Moratorium to Continue
New Dawn News

The Autonomous Bougainville Government has reinforced its decision to continue with the moratorium over Panguna Mine after seeking advice from the Bougainville Mining Advisory Council.
ABG Vice President and Minister for Mineral and Energy Resources Raymond Masono said the decision stems from the advice of the BMAC and recent deliberation by Bougainville House of Representatives.
Upon these advices the Bougainville Executive Council under the Bougainville Mining Act 2015 Section 66(subsection 1) has designated the area, approximately 37.8 square kilometres to be reserved from any mining activity.
The area covers the Mine Pit, Dapera, Moroni, Pirurari and borders Guava Village which literally means the areas where the Panguna Mine operations were once situated.
As the ABG tightens its reins over Panguna the continued squabbling between BCL and RTG has intensified as the two companies try to entice the ABG and landowner groups to supporting their right to mine Panguna.
Under the ABG’s Mining Act the landowners have the final say as to who will be allowed back to Panguna but the division them amongst has irked the ABG.
Sources close to the ABG have disclosed that the moratorium will remain in place until the landowners can unite and agree on the developer they prefer back in Panguna.
The first declaration of the moratorium was initiative by the BMAC late last year after negotiations with both companies broke down.

Mein  MULTIBAGGER Favorit BOC ;-)))))
Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 wf_nirvana

Link zum Geschäftsbericht

25.04.18 09:19

Letter to Shareholders ist interessant  
Trading Bougainville Copper (ADRs) 867948 Koud.he


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