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Tirex Ami Buch RT

19.08.13 17:19
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Pott 200 PROZENT

22.08.13 12:19
Tirex Enters Into License Agreement With Green Recycling Solutions International15:15 25.04.13

PR Newswire

NORWALK, Conn., April. 25, 2013

NORWALK, Conn., April. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Tirex Corporation (OTCPK: TXMC) – owner of a U.S. patented tire recycling (TCS) technology – entered into a License Agreement with Green Recycling Solutions International LLC (GRSI) of Fort Lee, New Jersey, to market, sell and own/operate TCS facilities.

"The agreement licenses GRSI to sell and own/operate TCS facilities in its licensed territory including, but not limited to, North American states and provinces, the Caribbean,  Africa, Central and South America," according to Tirex President, John L. Threshie Jr.  "GRSI and Tirex, both collectively and separately, have been marketing and planning to sell and own/operate TCS facilities in any and all suitable markets worldwide," Threshie added.

"On all TCS Systems sold, Tirex charges an annual license fee and a manufacturing commission.  We project TCS facilities to have an approximate 25% Internal Rate of Return and 100% Return on Investment under four years for a $7 million turnkey TCS facility, prior to the consideration of any tipping fees or other forms of scrap tire recycling subsidies, although there can be no assurance that such results will be accurate for any single installation," Threshie said.

GRSI's CEO, Julio Llaguno, stated: "We committed our new company to go to market with Tirex's TCS technology because we believe it is the best new technology available to make a major impact in the scrap tire industry."  According to Llaguno, GRSI has identified several markets suitable for the TCS technology and they are ready to start setting up the first TCS facility in a market soon to be announced.

"This agreement is the first necessary step towards the commercialization of our technology.  As part of the compensation for its license and its stated intent to purchase a TCS System once Tirex returns to a current-reporting status with the SEC, GRSI will finance the audit of our financials and its procedures, which should move us to a better position in the OTC marketplace," Threshie added.

For the GRSI financing of the legal and audit costs to restore Tirex as a current-reporting SEC company, Tirex, upon the completion of certain financial milestones paid for by GRSI through the Escrow Agent, will progressively issue GRSI 288,936,341 restricted common shares also through the Escrow Agent.  All share issuances are subject to a 9.99% Equity Blocker provision.  The Tirex Board is preparing an application to increase the amount of the authorized common shares to accommodate this transaction.

Louis V. Muro, inventor of the TCS technology and Tirex founder, offers: "After years of developmentwe are excited to associate with a partner worthy and capable of financing not just the first TCS commercial system, but others, as well."


Tirex's TCS (Tirex Cryo System) process freezes scrap tire pieces with cold air, as opposed to expensive liquid nitrogen, and then "breaks" the rubber into upmarket "cryogenic" crumb rubber through its patented "fracturing mill."  This process also separates the marketable strands of steel and fiber from the crumb rubber with a "green," environmentally-friendly, economically-attractive tire recycling system.  For more information, go to www.tirex-tcs.com.


Green Recycling Solutions International LLC is a private company incorporated in Delaware with its head office in Fort Lee, New Jersey.  Its mission is to integrate the scrap tire industry with the TCS technology by selling and owning/operating TCS facilities in its licensed territory as well as other worldwide markets.  For more information, go to www.grsillc.com.


(The statements which are not historical facts contained in this news release are forward-looking statements that involve certain risks and uncertainties including, but not limited to, risks associated with the uncertainty of future financial results, additional financing requirements, development of new products, government approval processes, the impact of competitive products or pricing, technological changes, the effect of economic conditions and other uncertainties detailed in the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.)


The Tirex Corporation
Greg McAndrews & Associates


(203) 522-3247
(310) 804-7037


SOURCE The Tirex Corporation

Quelle: PR Newswire

TIREX Satz 06-09

09.09.13 10:44
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Tirex's TCS (Tirex Cryo System)

16.09.13 13:20
process freezes scrap tire pieces with cold air, as opposed to expensive liquid nitrogen, and then "breaks" the rubber into upmarket "cryogenic" crumb rubber through its patented "fracturing mill."  This process also separates the marketable strands of steel and fiber from the crumb rubber with a "green," environmentally-friendly, economically-attractive tire recycling system.  For more information, go to www.tirex-tcs.com.

buran und MfG


Green Recycling enters agreement

16.09.13 13:24
to market Tirex recycling technology

NORWALK, Conn.—Green Recycling Solutions International soon will market, sell, own and operate the Tirex Cryo System, Tirex Corp.'s pat-ented tire recycling technology.

The companies entered a license agreement in April that gives GRSI the right to set up facilities in North and South America, the Caribbean and Africa in addition to the right of first refusal to any territory not outlined in the pact.

Tirex's TC1 machine recycles about 270 tires an hour and roughly 2 million a year.

“We hope to make a significant impact on a massive problem,” said Barbara Acuff, GRSI chief financial officer. “If one machine can solve the problem for 2 million tires, imagine what we can do globally with it.”

The next step for Tirex, however, is to get its reporting status current with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. As part of the agreement, GRSI will assume financial obligations for this undertaking and was compensated with approximately 288 million common shares in Tirex's stock.

“It's obviously a necessary first step before we can take the business to the next level,” Tirex President John Threshie said. ”We anticipate in the days to come to announce a new auditor and a deposit that will go to that auditor to begin the final stage of our audit to get current.”

Neither side expects Tirex's standing with the SEC to be an issue. GRSI already has engaged auditors and started compiling returns for Tirex. Acuff anticipates the process will be completed in about six weeks.

“At this point, it's just a matter of formality,” Acuff said. “They haven't filed their reports since 2009. All they need to do is catch up on that, and they're back in good standing again. The bigger deal was it obviously required some significant funds. We're providing those funds and we've engaged the auditors and we're financially responsible for any obligations regarding that.”

Targeting the East Coast

Tirex and GRSI have targets in mind for a first facility but declined to name an exact location. The first TC1 system will be built by Simpro, an Italian company that built the prototype. It will take about 11 months to complete.

GRSI plans to start manufacturing as soon as the compliance situation is complete.

The firm is negotiating with a few markets, but Acuff anticipates the first site will be somewhere on the East Coast. GRSI also has multiple Caribbean targets in mind.
“The disposal of used tires is a big problem throughout the Caribbean and Latin America,” said GRSI CEO Julio Llaguno, who lives in the Dominican Republic. “I want to bring this technology to the Dominican Republic, throughout the Caribbean and as much of Latin America as possible. I think this technology is a great solution to the problem.”

No waste from process

The TCS process freezes scrap tire pieces with cold air instead of liquid nitrogen, then breaks the rubber into a crumb rubber using a patented fracturing mill. The process also separates marketable strands of steel and fiber from the crumb rubber. Tirex claims its technology costs about two-thirds less than using liquid nitrogen and produces no waste because it uses no chemicals.

“Our crumb rubber produces a cleaner, free of steel or fiber, with a unique morphology,” Threshie said. “It creates a type of crumb rubber that is unique for athletic fields. The cryogenic crumb rubber lets the rain drain through the field because it doesn't hold it or make puddles. It also adds a cushion to the field for more buoyancy, less injuries and easier on the knees and ankles.”

The executive said Tirex wants to exploit the cryogenic segment of the market, as well as some of the ambient part of the market “where they will trade up to use cryogenic crumb rubber because now they will be able to afford it. If they use our process, it's more economically viable and even environmentally friendly than the competition.”

Tirex generates revenue from commission on sales, license agreement in each market and commission on manufacturing. The exact share of the royalties from the license agreement with GRSI has yet to be sorted out.

“Ultimately we'd like to share in the partnership and joint venture with manufacturing recycled rubber products,” Threshie said. “That's really where the high margins are downstream.”

Tirex has been trying to get its technology to the market for some time and even had a partnership with Wyoming Corporate Headquarters in January 2012, to build a facility in Tennessee.

According to Threshie, Wyoming never came through with the financing.

Note: The highlights in red are mistakes made by the magazine. We submitted a request that they edit and report it. It’s a TCS-2 as opposed to a ‘TC1’. And, Tirex built the prototype, not Simpro.


16.09.13 13:28
..........NEWSLETTERS TO DATE http://www.tirex-tcs.com./newsletter.htm GrB


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klingel mal durch

17.11.13 21:16
1771 Post Road East
Westport, Connecticut, USA

Tel: (203)-522-3247
Fax: (203) 259-8054
e-mail: info@tirex-tcs.com

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17.11.13 21:17
Shareholder / General Questions and Concerns (FAQs)

All shareholder requests for information and as well as general questions on our technology will be addressed in a ‘frequently asked questions’ newsletter when appropriate. The Company asks that these inquiries be sent either by e-mail or by fax, addressed to Shareholder / General Questions, to the following:

e-mail info@tirex-tcs.com


Go to OTCBB.com or Pinksheets.com and enter "TXMC"

17.11.13 21:19

Tirex’s position on the ‘Pink Sheets’ will continue until our current audits are complete and we will apply to once again be traded on the Bulletin Board.

Tirex’s transfer agent is Continental Stock Transfer and Trust Company,

17 Battery Place
New York, NY 10004
T 212.509.4000
F 212.509.5150
cstmail @continentalstock.com

Tirex Corp. (TXMC) -OTC Markets

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So nennt sich ein Verfahren zur Strukturierung des Fondsvermögens. Die Beurteilung der gesamtwirtschaftlichen Lage ist hier wichtiger als die Bewertung einzelner Anlagetitel. Das Gegenteil davon, nämlich die Einzeltitelanalyse, heißt Bottom-Up.

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