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Lynas Corp.: Auf Chinas Einkaufszettel! Übernahme

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Fischgrät : Guten morgen @ all
23.09.09 08:47

guten morgen brunetta. Du bist ja immer schnell mit deinen Infos. Wollen wir mal hoffen, dass gute Nachrichten kommen.




Bennoman : das heisst...
23.09.09 09:31
die Aktie wird bis Freitag nicht mehr gehandelt ??
brunneta : @Bennoman: Richtig, die Frage ist nur WARUM?
23.09.09 09:37
Kommt nachher Nachricht dass die Chinesen gekauft haben?
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PS. brunneta

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ARTNER514 : aus einen anderen bord
23.09.09 10:05
Nichts genaues weiß man nicht, allerdings deutet, auch auf Grund der hohen Handelsumsätze, IHMO alles darauf hin das es sich nur um positive Ereignisse handeln kann.

Hier ein Kommentar aus dem australischem Forum HC zum Trading Halt:

Now comes the waiting and the speculation. There has been some leaking of the information if you go by the SP increase over the past few days.
Nothing to report from my barbecue mole.
If the SP increase is any hint then the hint is that it is good news. Good news for me means a better deal and no holding by the chinese for more than 20%. It may also mean a better offer coming from another party and an SPP for existing shareholders that maintained the faith and the rage.
I live in hope.

Schau auch in den parallel Thread: LYNAS - auf dem Weg zu einem Rohstoffproduzent von Hightech-Rohstoffen…

Grüsse JoJo
ARTNER514 : ...
23.09.09 10:06
brunneta : 23.09.2009 10:03
23.09.09 10:17


Uonlive Corp. DK5 US91530X1054 BAW/UFN
Lynas Corp. LYI AU000000LYC6 BAW/UFN
China Everbright INTL LTD CNE HK0257001336 BAW/UFN
Sabre Resources LTD SAL AU000000SBR7 BAW/UFN
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PS. brunneta

WKN: A0MU2JISIN: SG1V08936188
ARTNER514 : aus einen anderen bord
23.09.09 13:46
Zur Erinnerung Seite 2 übersetzt:|de&u……
SCENARIOS-Will Australia let China control Lynas' rare earths?
Tue Sep 8, 2009 2:31am EDT

Swan could approve the deal on condition that CNMC gets less than a 50 percent stake, as he did last year on a deal involving Chinese metals trader Sinosteel when it sought full control of iron ore prospector Murchison Metals (MMX.AX).

He limited Sinosteel's stake in Murchison to 49.9 percent after Sinosteel took over Murchison's rival, Midwest Corp, to ensure the Chinese firm would not dominate Western Australia's new iron ore mining region. Forcing CNMC to limit its equity stake in Lynas to 49.9 percent would not hurt Lynas much as it would only cut CNMC's cash injection by about 3 percent.


This is unlikely because Swan has not blocked similar deals.

The key factor that could make him stand in the way of this one is that China produces 97 percent of the world's supply of rare earths, increasingly coveted by manufacturers around the world to meet demand for environmentally friendly products.

Another factor that could sway Swan is growing political opposition to Chinese investment in Australian resource companies, with conservative lawmakers and the Greens expressing concerns about China buying into local miners.

Treasury officials have said a key test for foreign investment proposals in the mining industry was to make sure revenue streams to Australia were safeguarded.

Swan risks undermining Australia's reputation as a country that generally welcomes foreign investment, and further upsetting China, if the deal is rejected.

However a rejection by Swan is unlikely to dent relations with China as much as the failed Chinalco deal. Global miner Rio Tinto (RIO.AX) (RIO.L) in June dumped plans for a $19.5 billion tie-up with Chinalco in the face of a shareholder revolt. CNMC does not have Chinalco's stature and public profile.

China itself does not allow foreign investment in its own rare earths deposits and restricts exports in order to prevent the strategic metals from being sold abroad too cheaply.

If the deal is rejected, Lynas will have to go back to the drawing board to line up funding for its Mount Weld project. (Additional reporting by James Grubel in CANBERRA and Lucy Hornby in BEIJING; Editing by Michael Perry)
minhkim : in USA ist aktuell auf 0,90$ gehandelt
23.09.09 16:01
warum?? kann jeman erklären?
ARTNER514 : aus einen anderen bord
23.09.09 17:48
Der Handel über OTC Bulletin Board ist mit dem deutschen Telefonhandel vergleichbar.
siehe auch:
Freiverkehrsmarkt der USA für Aktien und Anleihen im Interbankenhandel (auch OTC-Markt genannt), der außerhalb der Verantwortung der Börse stattfindet, aber dennoch den geltenden gesetzlichen Bestimmungen für den Wertpapierhandel unterliegt.

Darum ist es IHMO durchaus positiv zu bewerten wenn dort weiter mit steigenden Kursen gehandelt wird.
AU000000LYC6 Nasdaq Other OTC 0,89 23.09.2009/16:17 0,10 12,66%…

Grüsse JoJo
Bennoman : Das ist ja mal ne riesen Verarsche !!
23.09.09 18:19
Kein Handel heisst KEIN Handel. Die Banken machen wieder das Geschäft. Die dummen Bürger werden ausgeschlossen...

Ziemlich ekelig !
Fischgrät : So ein Quatsch
23.09.09 19:08
Bennomann in Australien ist es üblich, dass bei ungewöhlichen Kurs und Umsatzsteigerungen Aktien vom Handel ausgesetzt werden. Die Börsenaufsicht überprüft, was los ist, ob eventuell Kursmanipulationen vorliegen, oder eben was die Ursachen sind. Sowas sinnvolles hat es in den USA und auch in Deutschland mal gegeben. In den USA können aber die Kurse intraday inzwichen Kapriolen schlagen und kein Mensch kümmert sich darum. Was die SEC noch wert ist, hat man doch am Fall Madock, heisst der so, gesehen. Ich meine diesen Betrüger mit seinem Scheeballsystem.
Fischgrät : minhkim
23.09.09 20:14
in den USA ist kein Handel.Du siehst wahrscheinlich den Kurs in Australien zu 0,90 oder sag mir die Seite wo du den Handel in den USA siehst. In den USA gibt snur ADR die bei ca 44 $ stehen. Aber auch da ist kein Handel.
brunneta : Investor Presentation September 2009
24.09.09 07:45
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PS. brunneta
Interessante Werte!
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Bennoman : Nasdaq OTC
24.09.09 07:48
ist also Australien, okay :)
Fischgrät : Bennomann
24.09.09 08:24
hab ich nicht gefunden, vielleicht gibst du mir mal den link, das wäre nett.
Fischgrät : OTC
24.09.09 08:37
ist im übrigen aber auch kein Börsenhandel, sondern Interbankenhandel im sogenannten Freiverkehr.
minhkim : Fischgrät OTC
24.09.09 08:59
ich habe im OTC gesehen.
ARTNER514 : @minhkim
24.09.09 09:01
nicht böse sein
aber lass die nächste flasche zu!
brunneta : Lynas Corporation CNMC Transaction Update
24.09.09 10:06
Corporate Office Level 7 56 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000 AUSTRALIA Telephone: Facsimile: Website: ACN: +61 2 8259 7100 +61 2 8259 7199 009 066 648 24 September 2009 CNMC TRANSACTION UPDATE Lynas Corporation Limited (ASX: LYC) provides the following update concerning the proposed equity investment by China Nonferrous Metal Mining (Group) Co., Ltd (“CNMC”) that was announced on 1 May 2009 (the “CNMC Transaction”). As a result of additional undertakings recently sought by the Australian Foreign Investment Review Board (“FIRB”), CNMC has terminated the CNMC Transaction. The additional undertakings recently sought by the FIRB included reducing the proposed percentage ownership to be held by CNMC to below 50% and reducing the number of Board director positions to be held by CNMC to less than half of the Board.

These were in addition to already agreed undertakings between Lynas and CNMC aimed at ensuring independent Director control of all marketing of rare earths products. As at 23 September 2009, Lynas had approximately A$7.5 million cash at bank. Lynas is well advanced in finalizing interim funding to ensure that the company continues to have adequate working capital.

Further details will be provided as soon as the interim funding is finalized. About Lynas Corporation Lynas owns the richest deposit of Rare Earths, also known as Lanthanides, in the world at Mount Weld, near Laverton in Western Australia. This deposit underpins Lynas’ strategy to create a reliable, fully integrated source of Rare Earths supply from the mine through to customers in the global Rare Earths industry.

Lynas suspended work on the Lynas Rare Earths project in February 2009. Lynas has received all environmental approvals to build a Concentration Plant at Mount Weld and an Advanced Materials Plant to process the Mount Weld concentrate through to final Rare Earths oxides in the Gebeng Industrial Estate, Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia. The company plans to become the benchmark for security of supply and a world leader in quality and environmental responsibility to an international customer base.

‘Rare Earths’ is the term given to fifteen metallic elements known as the lanthanide series, plus yttrium. They play a key role in green environmental products, from energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) to hybrid cars, automotive catalytic converters and wind turbine generators. They are also essential in the development and manufacturing of many modern technological products, from hard disc drives to flat panel displays, iPods and magnetic resonance
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PS. brunneta
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brunneta : prozentuale Beteiligung von CNMC 50% zu #44
24.09.09 10:11
Jetzt geht hier das rennen Richtung Norden los…. 3. 2. 1   1€ ist meins.

$ 7,5 Millionen Bankguthaben
Die Kaution untermauert Lynas-Strategie ", um ein zuverlässiges, voll integrierten Quelle von Seltenen Erden Versorgung aus der Mine bis zum Kunden zu schaffen in der globalen Seltene Erden-Industrie
Keine Kauf Empfehlung!!  
PS. brunneta
Interessante Werte!
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Vermeer : Rückzug der Chinesischen Investoren !!
24.09.09 10:12
(der gewöhnlich gut unterrichtete WO-Thread hat es natürlich eher gewusst...)
* * *

"Die Menschen sind komische Leute."
Vermeer : ah, wieder alle auf einmal :-)
24.09.09 10:12
* * *

"Die Menschen sind komische Leute."
brunneta : Übernahmeangebot für australische Bergmann Lynas
24.09.09 10:33
SYDNEY, Sept 24 (Reuters) - China Nonferrous Metal Mining (Group) Co. Ltd has terminated a deal to take a majority stake in Australian rare earths miner Lynas Corp, citing stiff conditions imposed by Australia's Foreign Investment Review Board, Lynas said in statement on Thursday.

((; +61-2 9373-1814; Reuters Messaging: Keywords: LYNAS/

(If you have a query or comment on this story, send an e-mail to


Copyright Thomson Reuters 2009. All rights reserved.

The copying, republication or redistribution of Reuters News Content, including by framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Thomson Reuters.
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PS. brunneta
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brunneta : Platz 3 bei Aktienstatistik!!
24.09.09 10:45
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PS. brunneta
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brunneta : China Non-Ferrous Pulls Lynas
24.09.09 10:51
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PS. brunneta
Interessante Werte!
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