Charles Stanley


Name Prozent
LMS Capital Plc 10,50%
BlackRock North American Income Trust plc 10,40%
Invesco Bond Income Plus Limited 10,10%
Aberdeen Standard Equity Income Trust Plc 10,00%
Martin Currie Asia Unconstrained Trust plc 9,29%
International Biotechnology Trust plc 8,94%
Invesco Income Growth Trust Plc 8,70%
Pacific Assets Trust Plc 5,90%
Schroder Asian Total Return Investment Company Plc 5,85%
BlackRock Energy and Resources Income Trust plc 5,80%
EP Global Opportunities Trust Plc 5,70%
JPMorgan Mid Capital Investment Trust Plc 5,60%
Invesco Perpetual UK Smaller Companies Investment Trust Plc 5,57%
Fidelity Asian Values Plc 5,51%
Murray International Trust PLC 5,40%
Ruffer Investment Company Ltd. 5,26%
Polar Capital Global Healthcare Trust plc 5,04%
CQS Natural Resources Growth and Income Plc 5,00%
Kier Group plc 5,00%
Montanaro UK Smaller Companies Investment Trust PLC 5,00%
Schroder Income Growth Fund plc 4,98%
Schroder UK Mid Cap Fund Plc 4,96%
AVI Global Trust Plc 4,72%
Biotech Growth Trust Plc 4,50%
Worldwide Healthcare Trust plc 4,50%
Perpetual Income and Growth Investment Trust plc 4,30%
Aberdeen Asian Income Fund Limited 4,10%
North American Income Trust Plc 4,00%
Hill & Smith Holdings PLC 3,93%
Aberdeen Standard Asia Focus PLC 3,90%
Keystone Investment Trust Plc 3,60%
Keystone Positive Change Investment Trust plc 3,60%
Greencoat UK Wind plc 3,15%
Finsbury Growth & Income Trust Plc 3,10%
Aberdeen Diversified Income and Growth Trust plc 3,00%
Allianz Technology Trust Plc 3,00%
TR Property Investment Trust plc 3,00%
Fidelity Japan Trust Plc 2,60%
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