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Omron ADR News

15.10.17 OMRON präsentiert neue Version seines ständig weiterentwickelten Tischtennisroboters „FORPHEUS" - jetzt mit enorm verbesserter Spielfähigkeit. Als weltweit erster Roboter kann FORPHEUS einen Ball hoch PR Newswire
11.10.17 OMRON Unveils Ever-​evolving FORPHEUS Table Tennis Robot That Lifts Its Game in Big Way: World's First Robot to Toss and Serve Ball PR Newswire
26.09.17 OMRON to Introduce NJ/NY-series NC Integrated Controller PR Newswire
30.03.17 OMRON to Introduce 36 Models in 4 Categories to World, Third Wave of FA Devices Built on Common Design Platform PR Newswire
29.03.17 OMRON to Introduce E5CD/E5ED Temperature Controllers Which Automatically Adjust Temperature like Skilled Workers Using AI for Production Sites, First Time in Industry (*) PR Newswire
01.02.17 OMRON Launches Promotional Website for AI-​equipped Mobile Robot LD Series PR Newswire
30.06.16 OMRON Introduces Its First IO-​Link-Compliant FA Devices: Integration of FA and ICT to Make Production Equipment Smarter PR Newswire
09.06.16 OMRON entwickelt ersten Bordsensor der Welt, der mit hochmoderner KI in Echtzeit-​Erkennung das Befinden eines Fahrers erfassen kann PR Newswire
08.06.16 OMRON Develops World's First Onboard Sensor Featuring Cutting-​Edge AI, Enabling Real-Time Detection of Driver's Condition PR Newswire
30.05.16 OMRON Introduces Sensors Enabling Stable Detection of Color Marks on Food Packages, Better Productivity in Packaging Process PR Newswire
18.05.16 OMRON Introducing "Q-upAuto" Next-​generation Quality Control System PR Newswire
29.03.16 OMRON Introduces Displacement Sensor for Micron-​Level Moving Measurement; Highly Accurate and Trimming Over 50% of Measuring Time (*1) PR Newswire
15.03.16 OMRON to Introduce 952 Models, in 20 Categories, of FA Devices to World, All Devices Built on Common Design Platform for Control Panel Innovation PR Newswire
19.11.15 OMRON Releases New Models to Join Machine Automation Controller NJ101-series. PR Newswire
30.07.15 OMRON to Acquire U.S.-based Motion Control Company PR Newswire
27.06.14 OMRON to Release Newest Addition of Communications Type Amplifier Unit to Contact-​Type Smart Sensors PR Newswire
29.05.14 OMRON Unveils New Medium-​term Plan for FY2014 to FY2016 PR Newswire
31.03.14 OMRON Releases New Temperature Controller PR Newswire
28.10.13 OMRON to Release Hex-​Shaped Fiber Unit Build-In Lens Series (*1), Realizes Easy Installation and Stable Detection PR Newswire
11.10.13 OMRON veranstaltet OMRON TOTAL FAIR 2013 in Peking PR Newswire
09.10.13 OMRON Holds OMRON TOTAL FAIR 2013 in Beijing PR Newswire
09.10.13 OMRON Holds OMRON TOTAL FAIR 2013 in Beijing PR Newswire
27.08.13 OMRON Releases Head Unit for UV Curing System, Improves Illumination by 140% (*1) over Conventional OMRON Product -- Industry's Top Class (*2) PR Newswire




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