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Wanderport's Eco-Friendly Microwave Water Heating Technology Poised To Become "The New Industry Efficiency Standard In Electric On-Demand Water Heating For The 21st Century" - Robert Simoneau

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NEW YORK, Sept. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Wanderport Corp. (OTC Markets-PINKSHEETS: "WDRP") On the heels of the company's recent confirmation of a functioning on-demand multi-cavity microwave water heating unit (MCMHU) and before releasing the name of the independent laboratory contracted to supply the unit's efficiency results, Mr. Robert Simoneau, Wanderport's Technical Advisor and Product Licensor, today summarized his thoughts on how to accurately benchmark and contrast Wanderport's proprietary eco-friendly microwave heat-engine technology performance efficiency results versus efficiency claims categorized and classified by others within the water heating industry.

Mr. Simoneau began by saying, "All water heaters consume some form(s) of energy in order to fulfill their stated purpose, which is to heat water. Traditional water heaters utilize energy solely in the form of "direct" consumption. An example of this would be natural gas, propane, electricity, etc., consumed to create heat. In the case of gas powered heaters, a controlled fire is used in proximity to a heat exchanger capable of handling high temperature. In the case of electric water heaters, a resistive element is used in proximity or immersed in the medium. These units have efficiency ratings (EF) that vary from about .67 to .95, where 1 is the theoretical maximum representing 'unity.' In other words, if your unit has an EF of 1 and is a unit utilizing a single 'direct' energy source, then the unit is operating at theoretical maximum efficiency. Other tangible losses, usually relating to usage patterns are more difficult to quantify and we would only require considering them when discussing heaters that require storage capacity. If this is the case, then we must ask why certain water heaters have claims of an efficiency rating (EF) greater than 1 or 'unity.'"

To answer this question, Mr. Simoneau continued by saying, "In addition to these aforementioned technologies, a number of water heaters, which I will refer to as 'bi-energy,' have also been introduced into the marketplace. These models utilize a primary source of energy, such as electricity, and a secondary, such as solar or ambient air heat extraction (heat pump). These models are rated at efficiency rating (EF) levels that surpass 'unity' ranging from approximately EF 1.2 to EF 2.2 inferring that they are inherently more efficient than 'direct consumption' models. In actual fact, the 'extra' EF of .2 to 1.2 is energy that is being consumed from an alternate source and the larger EF number does not relate to any increased efficiency in consumption of the primary power source. In the case of a heat pump, this can be quite important since water heaters are often installed indoors. Understandably, if the heat being extracted from ambient air is being generated by an HVAC system, then the actual 'cost' or burden of this energy is attributed to the HVAC system and not added to the water heaters' consumption, something not readily apparent and not qualified in the stated EF figure. Consumers should determine whether their total cost of energy consumption is important or if they prefer enjoying a reduction in the cost of water heating whilst experiencing an increase in the cost of heating their home and possibly a net increase in the overall cost of energy consumption."

Mr. Simoneau went on to say, "Something that is also common to both solar and heat pump water heaters is the requirement of a storage tank and the often lengthy recovery times, hence proper sizing is paramount. However, allowing for proper sizing is acknowledging that a compromise needs to be made between storage capacity and desired use. In other words, if you design a system to never run out of hot water, then you are, by definition, heating water that remains unused. This loss of energy is also not always considered when examining the efficiency rating (EF) levels or EF claims by their manufacturer. Why is this important? It is imperative that we all recognize that no form of energy is 'free' and that the method of comparing water heaters in order to obtain 'apples to apples' data is desirable but not easily ascertained."

Mr. Simoneau suggested that one of the most important factors to consider when comparing water heaters is the overall efficiency. For example, the ability to convert the energy medium consumed into actual heated water. The minimum efficiency rating as required in order to obtain Energy Star Qualification varies depending upon fuel type, technology and configuration. In the case of gas water heaters, a minimum EF of .67 for storage and a minimum of .82 for tank-less is required (source: For the sake of comparison, an electric storage tank will range from efficiency rating (EF) of .9 to an EF of .95 (source: Clearly these examples as cited have not achieved the theoretical maximum of "unity" and demonstrate the existence of inherent energy losses and inefficiencies.

To sum-up Mr. Simoneau stated, "When initial tests were performed using Wanderport's single cavity microwave water heater (a first generation functioning test unit), we calculated an efficiency comparing favourably to the high-end of the most efficient electric storage models. The SCMHU was designed for characterization and this data led us to develop the multi-cavity microwave water heating unit (Wanderport's second generation functioning unit). Conversely, the results from the MCMHU are expected to be at the very highest level of efficiency of any direct consumption or tank-less technology available, while permitting increased flow rates and delta T's (temperature change) suitable to be employed outside the laboratory environment in a variety of applications. For this, slow yet steady progress from theory and ideas to tangible and practical has been made and we have every reason to be excited about this accomplishment. I join Wanderport's management and shareholders in anticipation of Wanderport announcing the name of the external laboratory recognized as a leader in HVAC on or before October 18th, 2012. This facility is performing a multitude of efficiency tests on the MCMHU where the results will be made public. The coming weeks will produce what I expect will arouse industry recognition and the eventual acceptance of our microwave heating technology as the new efficiency standard in on-demand electric water heating for the 21st Century."

About Wanderport Corporation:
Wanderport Corporation is a publicly traded company which acquired the global exclusive licensing, distribution and proprietary rights to a unique microwave energy tank-less water heater solution. The company has been dedicated to converting the technology into a marketable eco-friendly, efficient product. Wanderport's objective is to build a sound and profitable company by marketing and distributing the world's first revolutionary alternative to existing less-efficient water heating systems. The proprietary heat engine technology was the proud recipient of the 2005 TIPTA award (TCA; Toronto Construction Association, Innovative Product and Technology Award), awarded by the National Research Council of Canada recognizing excellence in product innovation and technology development.


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