Vivendi Commits to Protecting and Authenticating Content Produced by Its Businesses

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Regulatory News:

Vivendi (Paris:VIV) today announced that it has taken several initiatives to protect and promote the creations of its various businesses. The objective is to ensure greater transparency and authenticity of the content produced in the digital ecosystem and to certify that it has been produced in whole or in part by a human being or by artificial intelligence.

This approach comes at a time when Web 3.0, this new generation of a decentralized, more independent Internet, based in particular on blockchain technology, is enjoying renewed interest. The challenge for Vivendi is to use the ongoing developments of Web 3.0 to defend the legitimate interests of all its rights holders in matters of intellectual property.

Fabien Aufrechter, Vice President Web 3.0, said: "Generative artificial intelligence is a driver of transformation and acceleration for the creative industries. But without a tool for authenticating digital content, the risks generated by this technology cannot be overlooked. This is why we are committed to a project to protect all the content we produce, with the aim of encouraging all digital content creators to follow us."

Vivendi has joined the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) and Havas has become a member of the Content Authenticity Initiative. These two international groups count among their founding members Adobe, Google, Intel, Microsoft, OpenAI and the BBC. Their objective is to propose open-source technical solutions to combat disinformation, online fraud and content piracy by certifying, in a non-falsifiable way, via the blockchain, the origin and the path of digital content.

Vivendi has also become a member of the League for the Security of Web 3.0 and will chair its commission on the protection of intellectual property. This association is a network of around one hundred European private and public players concerned about the security issues related to blockchain technologies.

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Several other initiatives are being taken in parallel by Vivendi’s various businesses to deploy the potential of blockchain technologies. Prisma Media’s Capital magazine has become the first global media outlet to deploy a solution for accessing some of its content in token-gated mode, a new form of monetization via cryptographic tokens that promotes ethical CRM by being more transparent and secure. For its 75th anniversary, the magazine Paris Match presented a collection of 75 NFTs (non-fungible tokens) of iconic photos from its archives on the online art gallery

About Vivendi

Since 2014, Vivendi has been building a world-class content, media and communications group. Canal+ Group is a major player in the creation and distribution of cinema and audiovisual content on all continents. With Lagardère, Vivendi is the world’s third-largest book publisher for the general public and educational markets, and a leading global player in travel retail. Havas is one of the largest global communications groups with a presence in more than 100 countries. Vivendi is also active in the magazine business (Prisma Media), and in video games (Gameloft). It also owns a global digital content distribution platform (Dailymotion) and a subsidiary dedicated to providing very high-speed Internet access in Africa (GVA). Vivendi’s various activities work closely together as an integrated group committed to transforming its businesses to meet the expectations of the public and anticipate constant changes. As a committed group, Vivendi contributes to building more open, inclusive, and responsible societies by supporting diverse and inventive creative works, promoting broader access to culture, education, and its industries, and increasing awareness of 21st century challenges and opportunities.

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