Anything Technologies Media Biotech Subsidiary, Shield Global, Becomes Distributor of Pure Shield Inc.'s "Anti-Microbial" Products to Protect Against Harmful Viruses, Bacteria, Molds and Fungi

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PLACERVILLE, CA, Dec. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ - Anything Technologies Media Inc.'s (OTC: EXMT) Board of Directors announced today that the company has become a distributor of Pure Shield Inc.'s Anti-Microbial Surface Products. After careful review of the many product sets that exist within the anti-microbial sector, Shield Global has decided to join the ranks of Pure Shield, and become a distributor of their products. Shield Global will be white labeling products in the first quarter of 2018. Shield Global will also start selling their products immediately upon the signing of this distributor agreement.

Pure Shield is a leader in the anti-microbial fight against Viruses, Bacteria, Molds and Fungi. They are an outstanding company with a great product line and customer service to their customers, which includes restoration, construction and remediation. Shield Global is currently marketing and selling their services to correction facilities, hospitality industry, medical marijuana, municipalities, and other sectors, which require eradication of harmful agents in their environment to protect people. 

Shield Global,, is a Biotech Company, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of ATM. Shield Global specializes in surface protestant, anti-microbial products that fight against harmful viruses, bacteria, molds and fungi. With the outbreak of many new viruses and bacteria, ATM believes that Shield Global has a special niche in the market place and has tremendous potential. The company's main product is a surface protestant that eliminates harmful germs, viruses, and odor causing bacteria, mold and fungi. 

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Anything Technologies Media Inc.,, is a multi-media application, production and marketing company. ATM is the parent company of subsidiary Corporations, and is focused on partnerships and acquisitions in new technologies and manufacturing sectors. The company owns shares in iMD Companies Inc. (ICBU) Each subsidiary has their own management team with backgrounds in finance, manufacturing, marketing and distribution. ATM's goal is to combine the expertise of our team members to create a cohesive force, which will carry the company forward in the marketplace to a preeminent position through acquisitions.

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