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Do Changes in the Executive Board of Nestlé GlobeNewswire
07.05.18 Nestlé enters agreement for the perpetual global license of Starbucks consumer and foodservice products GlobeNewswire
19.04.18 Nestlé reports three-​month sales for 2018 GlobeNewswire
12.04.18 Nestlé Annual General Meeting GlobeNewswire
15.02.18 Nestlé reports full-year results for 2017 GlobeNewswire
18.01.18 Nestlé nominates three new independent directors to Board GlobeNewswire
16.01.18 Nestlé agrees to sell U.S. confectionery business to Ferrero GlobeNewswire
05.12.17 Nestlé extends consumer healthcare portfolio by agreeing to acquire Atrium Innovations GlobeNewswire
15.11.17 Nestlé reorganizes infant nutrition business, announces changes to Executive Board GlobeNewswire
19.10.17 Nestlé reports nine-​month sales for 2017 GlobeNewswire
26.09.17 Nestlé details value creation plans at annual investor seminar GlobeNewswire
14.09.17 Nestlé acquires majority interest in Blue Bottle Coffee GlobeNewswire
27.06.17 Nestlé outlines future value creation model including strategic growth priorities and supporting capital structure GlobeNewswire
15.06.17 Nestlé to explore strategic options for its US confectionery business GlobeNewswire
20.04.17 Nestlé reports three-​month sales for 2017 GlobeNewswire
06.04.17 Nestlé Annual General Meeting GlobeNewswire
16.02.17 Full-Year 2016: 3.2% organic growth, trading operating profit margin up 30 basis points in constant currency GlobeNewswire
11.10.16 Leadership change at Nestlé Skin Health GlobeNewswire
26.09.16 Changes in the Executive Board of Nestlé S.A. GlobeNewswire
01.09.16 Die schrittweise Akquisition von Phagenesis durch Nestlé ... ots
18.08.16 Nestlé S.A. : Half-Year 2016: good growth based on volume, with margin improvement GlobeNewswire
27.06.16 Nestlé S.A. : Nestlé Board of Directors and Executive Board GlobeNewswire
13.06.16 Nestlé Deutschland: Nachhaltigkeitsinitiative erreicht Ziele ots
02.06.16 Official celebration of Nestlé's 150 Years in Switzerland GlobeNewswire
14.04.16 Nestlé three-​month sales: 3.9% organic growth, 3.0% real internal growth, full-year outlook confirmed GlobeNewswire
07.04.16 Nestlé Annual General Meeting: Strong support from Shareholders for Board proposals - Chairman and members of Board of Directors reelected GlobeNewswire
18.02.16 Nestlé S.A. Full-Year 2015: 4.2% organic growth, trading operating profit margin up 10 basis points in constant currencies GlobeNewswire
13.01.16 Digitale Welt verändert Ernährungs- und Einkaufsverhalten / ... ots
07.12.15 Nestlé completes CHF 8 billion share buyback programme GlobeNewswire
16.10.15 Nestlé S.A. : Nestlé nine-​month sales: 4.2% organic growth, 2.0% real internal growth GlobeNewswire
05.10.15 Nestlé in talks with R&R to create ice cream joint venture in selected geographies GlobeNewswire
13.08.15 Half-Year 2015: Organic growth of 4.5%, full-year outlook confirmed GlobeNewswire
23.06.15 Appointment of François-​Xavier Roger as Nestlé Chief Financial Officer GlobeNewswire
23.06.15 Retirement of José Lopez - Appointment of Magdi Batato GlobeNewswire
02.06.15 50.000 junge Europäer innerhalb eines Jahres ausgebildet und ... ots
17.04.15 Retirement of Nandu Nandkishore, Appointment of Wan Ling Martello GlobeNewswire
16.04.15 Online bestellen, offline genießen - Wie is(s)t Deutschland ... ots
15.04.15 Nestlé in exclusive negotiations for the sale of Davigel GlobeNewswire
17.03.15 Nestlé publishes its 2014 Annual Report and Nestlé in society report GlobeNewswire
27.11.14 L'Oréal and Nestlé announce the project to end the activity of their joint venture Innéov GlobeNewswire
14.11.14 Nestlé to explore strategic options for the development of Davigel GlobeNewswire
16.10.14 Nestlé S.A. : Nestlé nine-​month sales: broad-​based organic growth of 4.5% in a volatile environment GlobeNewswire
15.10.14 Nestle weiht großes Milchwirtschaftsinstitut in China ein ots
26.09.14 Decisions of the Nestlé Board of Directors: Creation of a new Executive Board function and redefinition of Zones Europe and AOA GlobeNewswire
18.09.14 Neue Unternehmens-​Allianz schafft 100.000 Job-​Perspektiven ... ots
07.08.14 Nestlé S.A. : First Half 2014: 4.7% organic growth in a volatile trading environment, CHF 8 billion share buy-back programme GlobeNewswire
10.07.14 Nestlé acquires rights to aesthetic dermatology products in the US and Canada GlobeNewswire
08.07.14 Nestlé acquisition of L'Oréal's 50% stake in Galderma completed GlobeNewswire
04.07.14 Flexible, fast and functional: Nestlé to adopt modular factories GlobeNewswire
23.06.14 Nestlé takes first step towards made-​to-measure vitamins GlobeNewswire