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20.12.18 Ad hoc: Fyber N.V.: Exchange rate for intended debt-​to-equity swap DGAP
19.12.18 Ad hoc: Fyber N.V.: Approval of convertible bond restructuring by bondholder meeting DGAP
07.12.18 Ad hoc: Fyber N.V.: Planned convertible bond restructuring and new financing DGAP
06.11.18 Ad hoc: Fyber N.V.: Proposal for convertible bond restructuring DGAP
06.11.18 Ad hoc: Fyber N.V.: Preliminary nine months financials, adjustment of 2018 forecast & 2019 forecast DGAP
06.09.18 Ad hoc: Fyber N.V.: considers exchange offer to holders of convertible bond DGAP
23.07.18 Ad hoc: Fyber N.V.: Fyber announces initial preliminary financials for the second quarter 2018 and revises full-year 2018 guidance DGAP
13.06.17 Ad hoc: RNTS Media N.V.: DIRECTORATE CHANGE - Proposal for Restructuring of the Management Board DGAP
08.02.17 Ad hoc: RNTS Media N.V.: Postponement of Annual Report 2016 Publication DGAP
30.12.16 Ad hoc: RNTS Media N.V.: Fyber Co-​Founder Janis Zech will resign from RNTS Management Board DGAP
31.10.16 Ad hoc: RNTS Media N.V.: Further Increase of Revenue Guidance for 2016 and Q4 EBITDA Expected to be Positive DGAP
29.07.16 Ad hoc: RNTS Media N.V.: Upgrades Revenue Guidance for 2016, Reflecting Dynamic Growth of the Real-Time Bidding Business DGAP
19.07.16 Ad hoc: RNTS Media N.V.: Successful Closing of Inneractive Acquisition, Partial EUR 35 million Settlement of Remaining Convertible Bond Tap Issue (Update of Ad-hoc Announcements of 3 March 2016 and 31 DGAP
31.05.16 Ad hoc: RNTS Media N.V.: RNTS Media N.V. Experiences Funding Difficulties Closing of Inneractive Acquisition Requires Funding Within the Next Days (Update of Ad-hoc Announcement of March 3, 2016) DGAP
03.03.16 Ad hoc: RNTS Media N.V. to acquire Inneractive Ltd. DGAP
23.12.15 Ad hoc: RNTS Media N.V. acquires Heyzap Inc. to strengthen its position in mobile advertising mediation DGAP
14.08.15 Ad hoc: RNTS Media N.V.: Change in shareholdings of Sapinda Asia Ltd. and participation of Sapinda Asia Ltd. in the Convertible Bond DGAP