Puts auf US Staatsanleihen

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Puts auf US Staatsanleihen la fria
la fria:

Puts auf US Staatsanleihen

26.11.08 18:24
Ich suche verzweifelt nach Puts auf US Staatsanleihen. Zu Tode gesucht - es kann ja nicht sein, dass es sie nicht gibt!
Hat jemand einen Tipp?
La Fria
Puts auf US Staatsanleihen NavigatorC

ist meist und T-BOND oder treasury zu finden

aber achtung auch hier der große us manipulations und betrugszirkus

CNBC’s Rick Santelli said our government was buying Treasuries and that was the reason for the yield drop. Now why would they be buying Treasuries today with rates so low to begin with? Surely they were also in there selling gold to dampen excitement in our sector, which was beginning to develop noticeably. How can it be that the Muppets and dingbats in the mainstream gold world can readily accept the US buying Treasuries, but are horrified at the mention they would be selling gold to affect sentiment? More bizarre to be sure.

Back to CNBC again. One of The Muppets stated that the US was buying Treasuries in order to make an attempt to effect lower mortgage rates. Can’t have a gold up day with that operation going on.


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