neue grosse Offensive im Irak

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neue grosse Offensive im Irak Kicky

neue grosse Offensive im Irak

15.08.07 00:53
BAGHDAD - US forces launched a big offensive in Iraq’s Diyala province on Tuesday as part of a major new countrywide push against Sunni and Shia militants announced this week.

The military said 16,000 US and Iraqi troops were involved in Operation Lightning Hammer against Sunni Arab Al Qaeda militants in Diyala province, the fertile crescent of the Diyala River, which flows from the north into the Tigris near Baghdad.

US and Iraqi soldiers initiated the operation with a late-night air assault, they said. The operation’s focus is to target militants who fled an earlier crackdown in the provincial capital Baquba into the river valley north of the city.

“Al Qaeda cells were disrupted and forced into hiding ... in June and July,” Major-General Benjamin Mixon, commander of US troops north of Baghdad, said in a statement. “Our main goal with Lightning Hammer is to eliminate the terrorist organisations ... and show them that they truly have no safe haven — especially in Diyala.”

The operation was described as part of a larger countrywide Operation Phantom Strike, which US forces announced on Monday.

They have so far given few details of Phantom Strike. But US military offensives over recent months have been under way in the Tigris and Diyala valleys north of Baghdad and in the Euphrates valley south of the capital.

The United States has sent an additional 30,000 troops to Iraq this year and moved them from large bases into small bases in neighbourhoods in an effort to reduce sectarian violence in the capital and the surrounding provinces.

US forces say they have had success, especially against Sunni Arab militants who were their main enemies for the first three years after the fall of President Saddam Hussein in 2003.

But they have faced increasing violence from Shia militia, who they say have ties to Iraq’s Shia Muslim neighbour Iran.§ion=focusoniraq
neue grosse Offensive im Irak Kicky

auf deutsch

15.08.07 00:58
Bagdad. DPA/baz. Irakische und US-Truppen haben als Teil einer neuen Grossoffensive im Irak einen massiven Vorstoss in der Provinz Dijala unternommen. Dort sind seit der Nacht auf Dienstag 16'000 Soldaten beider Nationen gegen die El Kaida im Einsatz.

Begonnen habe die «Operation Lightning Hammer» mit Luftangriffen, teilte das US-Militär mit. Der Vorstoss ziele auf Extremisten, die nach früheren Gefechten aus der Provinzhauptstadt Bakuba geflüchtet und untergetaucht seien.

Am Montag hatten die Alliierten den Beginn der Offensive «Phantom Strike» bekanntgegeben. Bislang sind kaum Einzelheiten dazu bekannt geworden.

Indes sind die US-Streitkräfte in den vergangenen Monaten verstärkt in den Tälern des Tigris von Dijala nördlich von Bagdad und in der Gegend um den Euphrat südlich der Hauptstadt im Einsatz, um flüchtige Aufständische zu jagen.
neue grosse Offensive im Irak Rheumax

"Untergetauchte Extremisten"

15.08.07 08:30
bekämpft man mit Luftangriffen..
neue grosse Offensive im Irak Kicky

Einzelheiten kaum bekannt

15.08.07 12:10
Bei der "Operation Phantom Strike" gehe es um einen "mächtigen Schlag“ mit mehreren zeitgleichen Einsätzen im ganzen Land. Begonnen habe die Operation nach Militärangaben mit Luftangriffen.

Einzelheiten über die Operation sind nur sehr wenige bekannt. Angeblich sind 16.000 irakische und US-Soldaten an den Kämpfen in der Provinz Dijala, insbesondere in der Provinzhauptstadt Bakuba, beteiligt. Hier sollen viele Extremisten untergetaucht sein.
schreibt heute die Süddeutsche
neue grosse Offensive im Irak vega2000


15.08.07 12:15
gegen Selbstmordattentäter?
Ich sag euch was: Der Ami weiß nicht mehr weiter, deshalb bombardiert er alles was einen Turban trägt.

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neue grosse Offensive im Irak" style="max-width:560px" >
neue grosse Offensive im Irak Kicky

Meldung der Multinational Force aus Irak

16.08.07 17:38
...Taking advantage of concentrated forces in Diyala province, Lightning Hammer’s
goal is to target al-Qaeda elements that fled from Baqouba into the outlying regions
north of Diyala’s capital city.In addition to the thousands of Soldiers and their ISF counterparts participating in Lightning Hammer, attack helicopters, close-air support, Bradley Fighting Vehicles and tanks compliment the combined effort.
In addition to 3-1 Cavalry Division, elements of the 3rd Brigade, 25th Infantry
Division; 3rd Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division; 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division; 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division and 25th Combat Aviation Brigade are also conducting operations in support of Lightning Hammer.
Elements of the 4th and 5th Iraqi Army Divisions, along with Iraqi Police units from Diyala province are teamed with Coalition Forces in a majority of Lightning Hammer
operations.“The Iraqi Army and Coalition Forces are committed to the people of Diyala, they are committed to fighting for the Iraqi people’s security,” Mixon said..
Three Task Force Lightning Soldiers died as a result of injuries
sustained from an explosion near their vehicle while conducting operations in Ninewah
Province, Monday.

All content on is public domain and may be used freely  LOL
neue grosse Offensive im Irak Kicky

Angry mourners marched through the slum

16.08.07 17:49
US FORCES launched a big offensive in Iraq with an overnight airborne assault targeting al-Qaeda guerrillas, part of a major new countrywide push.The Americans also raided Baghdad's Shi'ite slum of Sadr City targeting militants they said are linked to Iran.US and Iraqi soldiers started the operation with a late-night air assault. Its focus was militants who fled an earlier crackdown in the provincial capital Baquba.

Relatives said a five-year-old girl was among four killed in the raid.Imam Ali Hospital in Sadr City said it had received three bodies, including a five-year-old girl and her father, shot dead during the US raid in the Shi'ite stronghold. Angry mourners marched through the slum with flag-draped coffins.
A suicide truck bomb killed 10 people and destroyed an important bridge linking Baghdad to the north, and 15 corpses identified as Sunni Arabs were found dumped by a highway.                                                                              Diyala province is a sectarian patchwork and has seen some of Iraq's worst violence. Police in the Diyala town of Khalis said they found 15 corpses identified as Sunni Arabs, executed by gun shots and dumped on the highway linking Baghdad and Kirkuk.
A bridge over a branch of the Tigris River collapsed when a truck bomb exploded at the middle, sending three cars into the water, police said.Ten people were killed and six,21985,22247661-663,00.html
neue grosse Offensive im Irak Kicky

toller Einsatz mit 3 toten AlQuaidas

More than 300 artillery munitions, rockets and bombs were dropped throughout the night and into morning, blocking al-Qaeda movements and suppressing suspected al-Qaeda targets.  This barrage set the stage for subsequent nighttime helo-borne and ground assaults into the Diyala River Valley by 5th Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment, and 6-9 Armored Reconnaissance Squadron, respectively.These forces combined with other units already conducting operation Lightning Hammer elsewhere in Diyala and Salah ad Din provinces, totaling approximately 10,000 Coalition Forces and 6,000 Iraqi Security Forces.

The 5-73 Soldiers defeated several ineffective small arms attacks, killing three al-Qaeda gunmen, detaining eight, and uncovering a weapons cache, numerous IEDs and a booby-trapped house. ....In a supporting offensive north of Baqouba, the 5th Iraqi Army Division and 5-20th Infantry Regiment discovered an AQI hideout, complete with bedrolls, believed to house 25 fighters, along with a substantial weapons cache of IED making material, mortars and rocket propelled grenades.  The cache was destroyed in place
FOTO:Firing teams "Gunny" and "Storm" from the 2nd Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division fire a M109A6 Paladin, a Self-Propelled Howitzer, into the Diyala River Valley in support of Operation Lightning Hammer, which was just underway when the rounds were launched late into the night, Aug. 13. (U.S. Army photo
neue grosse Offensive im Irak 114888
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