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18.04.12 13:03

Börsengelistetes MEMS-Sensoren Unternehmen.




Momentan 6,5 Mio Euro wert.


                                           MEMSCAP, the high added value MEMS leader, provides innovative products  and solutions based on Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems* as well as MEMS  contract manufacturing services.

The company is committed to  enable its customers active in high-growth markets to incorporate  strategic MEMS technology into their systems as a means of addressing  critical technical, reliability and cost challenges.

MEMSCAP  mainly addresses 4 market segments: aerospace/defense, optical  communications, medical and biomedical, and the IT/consumer market.

The  company is constantly growing its Intellectual Property portfolio  –considered one of the largest in the world – to support its customers’  needs in components, modules and manufacturing techniques.

In  March 2001, MEMSCAP became the first publicly listed pure play MEMS  company in the world. Its shares are trading in NYSE-Euronext (Ticker  symbol MEMS).

*MEMS, or micro-systems, are microscopic  mechanical systems that combine some mechanical, optical,  electromagnetic, thermic and fluidic elements with electronics on  semi-conductor substrate electronics. They act as sensors able to  identify physical parameters in their environment (pressure,  acceleration, etc.) and/or actuators able to act on this environment.

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