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Hexagon Comp wird H2 verteilen !

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Hexagon Comp wird H2 verteilen ! ATEX

Neuer Auftrag über 14,8 Mill USD

09.11.22 10:04
Hexagon Comp wird H2 verteilen ! cordie

ja, sch... und ab nach unten

09.11.22 14:18
alles wie gehabt
Hexagon Comp wird H2 verteilen ! ATEX

H2 im Einsatz

21.11.22 15:48
Hexagon Comp wird H2 verteilen ! ATEX

Großauftrag für REV LNG über 16,2 MD

06.12.22 12:06
Hexagon Comp wird H2 verteilen ! JAM_JOYCE

Hexagon Digital Wave s Ultrasonic Examination Mach

04.01.23 13:55
ine to be used to verify Type 1 cylinder production at CP Industries

2 January 2023: Hexagon Digital Wave will deliver a UE7 Ultrasonic Examination (UE) machine to CP Industries. UE machines have traditionally been used to perform periodic requalification of metallic pressure vessels, as prescribed by the US Department of Transportation, Transport Canada, and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). CP Industries will utilize its UE7 to verify the integrity of their manufacturing process for Type 1 steel cylinders, commonly used in steel tube trailers. The UE7 is the largest machine in Hexagon Digital Wave’s UE portfolio, capable of testing cylinders up to 40 feet in length. This represents a new market segment for Hexagon Digital Wave’s UE technology.

Driving Energy Transformation
“We are excited to help CP Industries in their continued commitment to provide top of the line Type 1 steel cylinders to the market,” says Melissa Holler, President of Hexagon Digital Wave. “This machine represents another avenue for Hexagon Digital Wave to help deliver safety to the compressed gas industry.”

“The investment we made in the UE7 machine will be a game changer for us. The new set up will allow us to be much more efficient in key aspects of our inspection and testing processes. CP Industries is always looking to improve efficiencies and the team at Hexagon Digital Wave brought us a solution that will make us a better supplier immediately,” says Tom Kairys, VP of Sales and Marketing from CP Industries.

About the market
Ultrasonic Examination (UE) uses advanced electronics and sensors that assess the structural integrity of high-pressure metallic cylinders for overall safety. Hexagon Digital Wave has been the market leader for nearly two decades in UE solutions for the periodic testing of high-pressure seamless metallic cylinders. UE allows customers to test their cylinders without venting the gaseous contents. This has a number of positive impacts to both the environment and the customer.

As of December 2022, 165 Hexagon Digital Wave UE machines were in use throughout the globe for inspection of high-pressure metallic vessels. This is in accordance with DOT Special Permits 14206 and 14149 and Equivalency Certificate SU-10112.

The UE7 machine, completed at year- end 2022, will be shipped to CP Industries in January 2023.
Hexagon Comp wird H2 verteilen ! ATEX

Grüner H2 entwickelt sich in D

18.01.23 11:09
Hexagon Comp wird H2 verteilen ! JAM_JOYCE

Mir geht es bei der Hexagon gar nicht

23.01.23 17:16
so sehr um H2. Massentauglicher finde ich die CNG, LNG Sache und dem RNG
Hexagon Comp wird H2 verteilen ! JAM_JOYCE

Hexagon Agility receives new order from CORE Autom

23.01.23 23:10
ated Fueling Solutions for Mobile Pipeline® TITAN modules to displace diesel with natural gas

23 January 2023: Hexagon Agility, a business of Hexagon Composites, has received a new order from Permian Global, Inc. d/b/a CORE Automated Fueling Solutions and CORE Natural Gas (CORE), to deliver industry leading Mobile Pipeline® TITAN modules to accelerate the adoption of natural gas in the energy sector. CORE is a leading provider of compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling solutions in West Texas.

This order has an estimated value of USD 4.7 million (approx. NOK 46 million).

Decarbonizing energy production with natural gas

“CORE is working diligently to meet escalating customer demand for reliable, safe, and low carbon energy. Our ongoing partnership with Hexagon has helped us build one of the largest fleets in West Texas that can deliver CNG to our customers in the region. The TITAN trailers have proven very reliable and are the backbone of our fleet. These additional units will increase our network capacity and ensure that our customers continue to receive exceptional service from CORE,” said Brent Bruner, Senior Vice President of Natural Gas and Manufacturing, CORE.

Now with over 10 years of continuous innovation, TITAN products lead the industry with more units in global service than any other brand and offer the highest gas capacity available under 80,000 gross vehicle weight. TITAN modules employ the largest composite cylinder in the world, greatly reducing plumbing complexity and maximizing uptime reliability.

“The energy sector is critical to jobs, the economy, and the environment. It’s exciting to see the industry investing in decarbonizing solutions and they couldn’t do it without companies like CORE, that deliver safe and reliable fueling solutions.” said Miguel Raimao, Vice President of Mobile Pipeline, Hexagon Agility. “We’re proud to be selected as a strategic supplier as CORE continues its mission to provide cost effective and clean natural gas to its customers.”
Hexagon Comp wird H2 verteilen ! ATEX

Nächster Auftrag von Renewgas Transportation

So kanns ruhig weitergehen bei der Anwendung von umweltgerechten Gasanwendungen!

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