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Erntedank bei Bush bilanz

Erntedank bei Bush

25.11.04 11:26

Der Präsident isst die Resten

WASHINGTON – Heute feiert Amerika «Thanksgiving» und isst einen Truthahn. Und der erste Mann des Landes? Der gibt sich bescheiden und isst noch einmal das, was es schon gestern zum Znacht gab.  

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Zugegeben – auch gestern hat es sich US-Präsident George W. Bush gut gehen lassen. Kein Wunder, der Mann hatte einen echten König zu Besuch: Juan Carlos von Spanien und Frau Sofia waren auf der Ranch der Familie in Crawford, Texas.

Da kann sich der Präsident natürlich nicht lumpen lassen. Er tischte ein Freiland-Truthahn auf, gefüllt mit Maisbrot-Füllung. Dazu liess er die traditionelle Püree aus süssen Kartoffeln herumreichen.

Ob Juan Carlos und Sofia Truthahn nicht gern haben oder die Portionen zu gross bemessen waren, wissen wir leider nicht. Auf jeden Fall ging nicht alles weg. So wird George W. Bush heute nochmals in den sauren Apfel beissen und die Resten von gestern aufessen.

Letztes Jahr hatte der Präsident an «Thanksgiving» überraschend seine Truppen im Irak besucht und einen Truthahn mitgebracht. Resten gab es allerdings keine – wie es sich im nachhinein herausstellte, handelte es sich beim Truthahn um eine Attrappe. 25.11.2004
Erntedank bei Bush Apfelbaumpflanzer

Selbst die Schweizer Medien

25.11.04 11:37
fallen auf "urban legends" herein.

Der Truthan war tatsächlich nur zur Dekoration, aber dennoch echt.

Witzig, dass darum so ein Theater gemacht wird...

"Marc, "I am a plastic turkey? Perkel, Well I don't know just how dangerous you are, but you sure are wrong. Far as I know, no journslists who were actually there reported any plastic turkey. Some jerk columnist in the U.S. decided it was and said so. Then that was passed around as an 'urban myth' and took on a life of its own. The catering contract staff at Baghdad Airport said it was a real turkey, glazed to glisten, surrounded by fruit and the like. A center piece, common in military (and other) food sevice establishments at holiday. Sure, Many food establishments buy clever food copies. Wouldn't care if this had been that! (But the staff later ATE this one.)
But it wasn't fake! Nonetheless, dozens of reporters/columnists/hacks have repeated this HOAX. Now if you're forebrain impaired I have a beginner's brain surgery kit that I could send to you."



Erntedank bei Bush Happy End
Happy End:

Ob echt oder aus Plastik

25.11.04 11:48
Tatsache ist doch scheinbar, dass er nur aus Dekorations- und Propagandazwecken in die Kameras gezeigt wurde...
Erntedank bei Bush chrismitz

Ob echt oder aus Plastik

25.11.04 11:54
Der gute Wille zählt!

Hasu fein gemacht Georgi!

Erntedank bei Bush Apfelbaumpflanzer


25.11.04 11:55
Warst du schon mal bei einem Bankett?

Oder hast zu schon mal eine Fernsehshow gesehen?



Erntedank bei Bush Rigomax

Hat er den Truthahn nicht vor ein

25.11.04 12:05
paar Jahren mal publikumswirksam "begnadigt"? Oder war das Clinton? Ich kann mich da so dunkel dran erinnern.
Erntedank bei Bush Dr.UdoBroemme

Der Truthahnskandal!

25.11.04 12:14

White House Thanksgiving Turkey Detained Without Counsel


WASHINGTON, DC—Cousin Wattle, the official National Thanksgiving Turkey who was to have been pardoned by President Bush in an annual White House ceremony that dates back to the Truman administration, is currently being held without formal charges or access to legal counsel, White House press secretary Scott McClellan confirmed Tuesday.

Erntedank bei Bush 1720914
Above: Secret Service agents subdue Wattle.

McClellan said that Wattle, a 41-pound White Holland tom, is in custody after having been judged a "potential security risk" to the president Monday.

"Cousin Wattle's conduct prior to the pardoning ceremony prompted Justice Department officials to authorize the bird's detention as an enemy combatant," McClellan said. "He exhibited hostile, potentially seditious behavior that could endanger the safety of the president or other government officials."

Officials report that Wattle became agitated shortly after he was led into the White House Rose Garden, where he broke loose from his handlers and began strutting about the grounds. Witnesses allege that Wattle, without warning or provocation, began to flap his flightless wings wildly and rush nearby White House staffers, ignoring orders to halt. Wattle also allegedly pecked Council of Economic Advisors Chairman Greg Mankiw on the left hand.

The president, who was being debriefed on the ceremony by aides in the East Room when the incident began, was whisked by Secret Service agents to the safety of an underground bunker a half-mile below the White House.

After several minutes of chasing by various security officers, handlers, and gleeful schoolchildren, Wattle was subdued. The shackled and hooded bird was then escorted to an unmarked Secret Service vehicle and driven from the White House.

Fanny Clune, a spokeswoman from the farm where Wattle was bred, could not account for the turkey's violent outburst. She explained that the National Turkey Federation is careful to screen national Thanksgiving turkey candidates, adding that the 1-year-old gobbler was hand-fed from birth, and had never expressed any violent sentiments against the American government.

"I have no idea why Cousin Wattle snapped like that," Clune said. "He's accustomed to human contact. We know of no loyalty Wattle may have to any turkey nationalist movement. His closest contacts are a 9-year-old member of the farm family that raised him and a duck named Flap."

McClellan said Cousin Wattle continues to resist confinement and refuses to cooperate with his interrogators.

"We are doing everything we can to ensure that Cousin Wattle is given fair treatment," McClellan said. "Unfortunately, it has proven difficult to find appropriate translators."

So far, animal-rights attorneys have been denied access to the offshore prison farm where Wattle is being held until a formal arraignment can be arranged.

"This is an outrage," lawyer Jeffrey Alexander said. "Cousin Wattle has not been allowed to see relatives or lawyers, nor has he been formally charged with a crime. The pervasive anti-turkey sentiment in this country is the only reason this shocking deprivation of basic freedoms is allowed to continue. If a Labrador retriever were being treated this way, the outcry would be deafening."

Representatives from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals visited Cousin Wattle early Tuesday and roundly criticized the conditions of the turkey's confinement.

"Cousin Wattle is being detained alone in a cold, dirt-floor pen with nothing to eat but raw corn," ASPCA officer Peter Woljak said. "He was leaning against the chain-link wall of the pen, literally sitting in his own feces. He appeared despondent, and his face and neck bore evidence that he had been bound and gagged."

McClellan dismissed ASPCA complaints, saying that Wattle had been gagged and blindfolded only because he had resisted confinement, and that the state of his pen was fully compliant with standards set by the National 4-H Convention of 1982.

Erntedank bei Bush 1720914
Above: A soldier escorts Wattle through the prison yard.

"The real horror Wattle faces isn't inadequate prison conditions anyway," Woljak said. "It's the threat of infinite confinement, without trial or access to legal representation. The government has all but said it intends to hold the turkey until he talks."

Public reaction to the bird's detention has been mixed.

"There's no proof that Cousin Wattle intended to attack the president," an Ohio-based caller to The Randi Rhodes Show said. "He's a free-range domestic bird, not some wild turkey. Something like this makes you stop and wonder what other appalling things are going on. There sure doesn't seem to be a whole lot of pigeon activity on the White House lawn, if you follow me."

A caller on The Michael Savage Show was less forgiving.

"I remember a time when the National Thanksgiving Turkey would never even think of disrespecting the commander-in-chief," a man identifying himself as "Larry from North Carolina" said. "Those mealy-mouthed liberals who complain about Cousin Wattle's treatment should be happy he wasn't shot on sight. They claim he's all by himself feeling lonely in that pen of his. Well, I know my family would be happy to keep Cousin Wattle company this Thanksgiving. We'd serve him on a silver platter!"

Refusing to offer an opinion on the confined turkey's innocence or guilt, National Turkey Federation spokesperson Gina Webster made a plea for Americans to "find common ground during the holiday."

"While we may disagree about the handling of Cousin Wattle's case, most of us can at least agree on one thing," Webster said. "Turkey is incredibly delicious!"

While Wattle remains in custody awaiting a presidential pardon that may never come, the bird's ceremonial duties will be undertaken by his designated alternate, Miss Prissy, a turkey hen whose political beliefs are unknown at this time.

Erntedank bei Bush 1720914
Truth is stranger than fiction, because fiction has to make sense
Erntedank bei Bush Apfelbaumpflanzer


25.11.04 12:19
War das nicht Schröders Weihnachtsgangs?



Erntedank bei Bush Dr.UdoBroemme

Die Nachrichtenlage ist etwas unübersichtlich

25.11.04 12:22
Thursday , November 25, 2004

Departure From Thanksgiving Tradition

President George W. Bush broke with White House tradition today, killing the ceremonial White House turkey and pardoning House Majority Leader Tom DeLay instead.

The reporters and busloads of school children who had gathered on the White House lawn to see the president pardon this year’s turkey, named Biscuits, were surprised to hear Mr. Bush adopt a hard-line stance toward the bird.

“I have political capital, and I intend to spend it -- first by killing, and then by eating, this delectable turkey,” Mr. Bush announced to the stunned onlookers, who watched as Biscuits was dragged away by two burly secret service agents.

Mr. Bush then said that he would use his traditional Thanksgiving pardon to free Mr. DeLay from any charges of campaign finance wrongdoing, and then paraded the Texas congressman across the lawn to complete the festive holiday ceremony.

Jenny Colver, 11, of Silver Spring, Maryland, expressed a view shared by many who witnessed the history-making event: “He pardoned the wrong turkey.”

As news of the Thanksgiving-themed reprieve spread, some in Washington argued that the president’s pardoning of the House Majority Leader was unnecessary, since House Republicans already passed a law last week declaring Mr. DeLay an endangered species.

But White House spokesman Scott McClellan defended the president’s action as in keeping with the holiday spirit: “This holiday is all about giving thanks, and right now Tom DeLay is extremely thankful that Republicans are calling the shots.”

Elsewhere, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge announced his resignation today but said he had “no specific information” about when or where his resignation would take place.

Erntedank bei Bush 1720924
Truth is stranger than fiction, because fiction has to make sense
Erntedank bei Bush Rigomax

Not all fiction makes sense. o. T.

25.11.04 12:37
Erntedank bei Bush Rheumax

Esst mehr Brezeln! o. T.

25.11.04 13:11
Erntedank bei Bush bilanz


25.11.04 13:37

Bretzel sind schon gut, aber dann stelle noch ein gutes Bier dazu!

Ansonsten ist die Angelegenheit sehr trocken.
Erntedank bei Bush Rigomax

Bilanz: Stimmt. Ich hoffe, Rheumax hat's auch

gelesen :).
Und mit genug Bier bleiben die "pretzel" dann auch nicht im Hals stecken ...

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