Bald wieder Visumpflicht für USA-Reisen?

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Bald wieder Visumpflicht für USA-Reisen? LarsvomMars

Bald wieder Visumpflicht für USA-Reisen?

Chef der "Homeland Security" kündigt Einreiseverschärfungen für Europäer an.


"We have the visa waiver programme which allows most Europeans who come to be tourists to come without visas. That means the first time we encounter them is when they arrive in the United States, and that creates a very small window of opportunity to check them out," he said.

New travel restrictions were signalled by Chertoff. "What we are trying to do is find a way to better vet people coming in from Europe without impeding the flow of travel or trade which has been a very important part of our economy," he said.

Last May, the New York Times reported that Chertoff wanted to impose restrictions on British citizens of Pakistani origin.

It claimed he had suggested to the British government that British Pakistanis would have to apply for visas before travelling to the US.

At the time, the Foreign Office said it would resist the controversial idea.,,2241491,00.html
Ministerium für außerplanetarische Angelegenheiten/

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