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Axiologix News

15.06.16 Axiologix's Joint Venture SLA Digital Expects Further Revenue Growth Following Launch Of Its Carrier Billing Capability On Google Play PR Newswire
11.05.16 Axiologix, Inc. Enters Multi-​Billion 'Direct Operator Billing' Mobile Payments Market Through Joint Venture With Market Leading SLA Mobile PR Newswire
02.07.14 AXIOLOGIX, INC. to enter the high-​margin money remittance business ahead of schedule through agreement to acquire International Money Management, Inc. PR Newswire
17.06.14 Axiologix Set to Report Full Year Revenues of $6.1 Million for Fiscal Year Ending May 31, 2014 - Up 720% From the Previous Year PR Newswire
27.05.14 AXIOLOGIX, INC. retains leading New York law firm Sichenzia Ross Friedman Ference LLP as SEC counsel and to prepare the Form-10 filing that will allow Axiologix to achieve fully reporting status with PR Newswire
30.04.14 Update: AXIOLOGIX INC. Hires Belmont Acquisitions to Provide Corporate Advisory Services and Appoints Mark Gilbert to Manage its Investor Relations PR Newswire
30.04.14 AXIOLOGIX INC. Hires Belmont Acquisitions to Provide Corporate Advisory Services and Appoints Mark Gilbert to Manage its Investor Relations PR Newswire
17.04.14 Axiologix Signs Agreement to Acquire Controlling Interest in iTeknik Holding Corporation; Will Double Annual Revenues to Over $22 Million Upon Completion PR Newswire
28.02.14 MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon, 2/28 PR Newswire
25.02.14 Axiologix Issues Guidance For Second Financial Quarter; Revenues For Q2 Above $400K Over Double The Previous Year PR Newswire
13.12.13 MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon, 12/13 PR Newswire
06.12.13 MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon, 12/6 PR Newswire
05.12.13 Axiologix, Inc. Annual Revenues To Exceed $14 Million With Completion Of Acquisition Of Leading VoIP Service Provider In Emerging Markets PR Newswire
20.11.13 Axiologix, Inc. Files Report For First Fiscal Quarter Ending August 31, 2013 - Last Report Expected To Be Filed Via OTC Markets Prior To Re-Filing With The SEC PR Newswire
19.09.13 Axiologix Signs $5 Million Revolving Credit Facility With TCA Global Credit Master Fund To Support Growth And Advance Acquisition Efforts PR Newswire
16.09.13 Axiologix, Inc. Files Annual Report For Year Ending May 31, 2013; Revenues Grow By 482% Year On Year. PR Newswire
11.07.13 Axiologix Continues Its Acquisition Plans With The Addition Of $3 Million Cloud Service Provider PR Newswire
25.06.13 Axiologix, Inc. To Attain Profitability With Velocity Networks Acquisition; Will See Increase In Annual Earnings Approaching $1 Million PR Newswire
06.06.13 Axiologix, Inc. To Report Fiscal 4th Quarter Revenues Over $250,000; Up 33% From Same Period Last Year PR Newswire
14.05.13 Axiologix, Inc. Successfully Completes Due Diligence On Californian Acquisition: Moving To Complete Definitive Agreements. PR Newswire
07.05.13 Axiologix, Inc. Announces $7.5 Million Preferred Equity Investment With Ironridge Technology PR Newswire
02.05.13 Axiologix, Inc. Enters Potential $10 Million Annual Revenue Joint Venture PR Newswire
30.04.13 Axiologix, Inc. Reduces Debt By $775,372 (Over 40%) In Third Fiscal Quarter. PR Newswire
25.04.13 Axiologix, Inc. Sees Assets Nearly Double In Past Nine Months: Pending Acquisition To Bring Annual Revenues Past $6 Million With Positive Earnings. PR Newswire
23.04.13 Axiologix, Inc. Committed to No Reverse Split and Continues to Build Revenue With Company's Cloud Technology Solutions PR Newswire
17.04.13 Axiologix, Inc. Reports Nine Month Results: $710,678 In Revenues Compared To No Revenues For Same Period Last Year PR Newswire
04.04.13 Axiologix Irish Software Unit Extends Customer Contract Worth $300,000 Over Three Years PR Newswire
08.03.13 Axiologix Issues Guidance For Third Quarter - Revenues Expected At $240k For Quarter, $700k For Nine Months. PR Newswire
26.02.13 Axiologix Enters Into $800,000 Equity Transaction With Institutional Investor Ironridge Technology Co. - Underpinning Growth And Acquisition Strategy PR Newswire
20.02.13 Axiologix To Acquire Leading Provider Of IP Voice, Data And Managed Services With Revenues Exceeding $6M Per Year. PR Newswire
11.02.13 Axiologix subsidiary axiocomm launches new website and online ordering capability for nationwide business phone services. PR Newswire
18.01.13 Axiologix Issues Second Quarter And First Half Results. Revenues Up 26% Quarter On Quarter; Positive Income And Cash From Operations In Quarter PR Newswire
14.01.13 Axiologix Subsidiary Announces Partnership To Offer IP Voice, Data And Cloud Services Via Nationwide Agent Channel PR Newswire
08.01.13 Axiologix Guidance For 2nd Fiscal Quarter Ended November 2012 - Revenues Up 22% PR Newswire
04.12.12 Axiologix Forms AxioComm To Offer IP Voice, Data And Cloud Services Directly To Customers PR Newswire




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