UNINETT selects Canvas the Native Cloud Learning Management System as their preferred supplier to the Norwegian HE Sector

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"Continuous updates without system downtime keeps Canvas modern, relevant and up to date for UNINETT members."

LONDON and OSLO, Norway, Jan. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Canvas by Instructure (NYSE:INST), the open online learning management system (LMS) that makes teaching and learning easier, and UNINETT the state owned company responsible for Norway's National Research and Education Network, announced today, that Canvas has been chosen as the preferred LMS provider for the Higher Education (HE) sector in Norway.

Canvas by Instructure

The review process of purchasing an LMS in Norway started as part of UNINETT's eCampus initiative, and was driven by the need to simplify and shorten the purchasing cycle for the HE sector. The process started in November 2015, was undertaken by a core team that evaluated prices, and several expert groups that reviewed pedagogical aspects, technical, design, user interfaces, architecture and the contracts. The LMS systems were also tested by students and lecturers.

To be chosen as the preferred supplier, means that UNINETT members do not need to conduct further procurement activities to select and migrate to Canvas as their LMS. University College of South East Norway (USN) is the first such institution to take advantage of the review process and chose Canvas as their LMS within two working days of UNINETT's decision.

"The robust review process, which UNINETT carried out in the LMS market, helps institutions like our University College. We want to choose the best technology to help deliver a consistent teaching and learning experience for 18000 students, across our eight campus sites, and we want to future proof our investment. With Canvas appointed as the preferred supplier, it has enabled us to reduce the evaluation and decision cycle from four to five months to a matter of days. We are starting in 2017 with a new LMS, and will be up and running from August 2017 with Canvas," says John Viflot, Leader USN Digital.

"UNINETT is pleased to partner with Canvas in Norway. In our evaluation, Canvas was rated as the best technical choice, offering a modern, easy to use and easy to integrate, learning environment. They demonstrated their commitment to the Norwegian market with a strong team on the ground, helping our institutions to deliver a modern learning experience," says Olav Isak Sjøflot, Director of Services and deployment, UNINETT.

Further reasons Canvas has been chosen as preferred supplier by UNINETT include:

  • The preferred supplier delivers the solution that has scored overall best on the technical and functional solution criterion. It is a proven and standardised solution that overall fills the participating institutions needs best.
  • The customer regards the technical solution as the best among the bidders, with a well-established native cloud solution. Continuous updates without system downtime, which keeps the system modern, relevant and up to date.
  • The solution is regarded as having the best functionality and capabilities for communication and collaboration between teachers, students and staff. The solution appears very flexible and adaptable, both at the user level and at different organizational levels.
  • The solution promotes sharing of resources between students and teachers, and has a Learning Object Repository. On this topic, the solution was rated noticeably better than other offered solutions.
  • The offered solution gives ease of access to third party integrations, best capability for integrating the solution with third party systems.
  • The solution facilitates a broader selection and range of pedagogical methods and learning activities than other suppliers, and offers pedagogical flexibility.
  • The supplier's plan for implementation fits the Principals' needs, and references have given good reviews on the ease of implementing.

"Canvas is honored to partner with UNINETT on their vision for the future of higher education in Norway, and we're privileged to introduce member institutions to the benefits that Canvas offers. Recent analysts reports show Canvas is being chosen more often as the LMS of choice in Europe, and our local teams in Norway and across Europe are committed to making Canvas the safe and easy choice for institutions," concluded Kenny Nicholl, VP EMEA, Canvas.

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