Turbo Global Partners Will Produce a Global Telethon for Human and Child Trafficking Awareness in Partnership Airline Ambassadors, International (AAI) January 13, 2017

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CARSON CITY, Nevada, October 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Turbo Global Partners (TURBO) trading as DIBZ International, Inc. (OTC: DIBZ), in partnership with Airline Ambassadors, International (AAI) sets the date of January 13, 2017 for the Global Telethon for Human and Child Trafficking Awareness.

TURBO through its wholly-owned subsidiary Turbo Communications, Inc. will produce a Global Telethon for Human and Child Trafficking Awareness in partnership with AAI for the purpose to raise funds to create safe havens for children rescued from being enslaved and trafficked in the U.S.  The date slated is January 13, 2017 and will be produced in Las Vegas, on the heels of AAI's human and trafficking awareness training at McCarran International Airport for airport personnel, law enforcement, retail workers and volunteers.

Robert Singerman, CEO of TURBO states, "January is human and child trafficking awareness month, and it's the perfect time to produce this Global Television event, especially on the heels of the human and trafficking awareness training at McCarran conducted by AAI."  He continues, "Human and child trafficking is the 2nd biggest crime in the world, and with an estimated 200,000 children currently in sexual slavery in the U.S., we need 100,000 beds in structured facilities to not just provide safe harbor for rescued children, but facilities that deliver a holistic strategy to nurture, revive and heal these victims." 

Eric Roberts, on-camera host of the new global media campaign part of which is a series of newly produced PSA's by Turbo's wholly owned subsidiary, Turbo Communications, Inc. agrees. "When I learned that it's estimated that 200,000 children are sex slaves in the U.S. with the average age of 8-years old, I was shocked and sickened.  But when I learned of the work of AAI, I'm forever changed.  My commitment to help AAI has now become my life's and family's purpose. I will be passionately involved in pushing the message out at the upcoming Global Telethon, and I know my peers in the industry will be as equally passionate to help as well."

The Global Telethon will be aired in cable systems in the U.S. nation-wide as well as simulcast on the Airline Ambassadors Hero Force Video Alert Network, http://www.OnNowTV.com/911, managed and produced by Turbo Communications.  William Teitelbaum, EVP of TURBO will Co-Executive Produce the Telethon with Robert Singerman.  "To be able to help in a big way with this terrible crime is humbling yet powerful.  We are pulling out all stops to help create a global awareness of this crime, and more importantly our purpose is to raise funds for facilities desperately needed for these rescued children."  

Nancy Rivard, Founder of AAI is looking forward to the event as well. "Our organization is tirelessly working providing human and child trafficking awareness trainings at airports around the world, and with the help of TURBO producing the Global Telethon for our benefit, we know our message will catapult to a global audience, our trainings can be expanded world-wide, and the dream of facilities for our children through public - private partnerships can become a reality."

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