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PENDRAGON PLC - Transaction in Own Shares

Montag, 09.01.2017 18:05 von

PR Newswire

Pendragon PLC: Transaction in Own Shares

Pendragon PLC (the “Company”) announces that it has purchased for cancellation (through Jefferies International Limited) the following number of its ordinary shares of 5p each on the London Stock Exchange.

Date of purchase: 9 January 2017
Number of ordinary shares purchased (aggregated volume): 93,950
Highest price paid per share (pence): 31.75p
Lowest price paid per share (pence): 31.50p
Volume weighted average price paid per share (pence):         31.6657p

Following the purchase of these shares, the Company has 1,436,260,982 ordinary shares in issue. All of the shares have equal voting rights and there are no shares held in treasury.  This figure 1,436,260,982 represents the total voting rights in the Company and may be used by shareholders as the denominator for the calculations by which they can determine if they are required to notify their interest in, or a change to their interest in, the Company under the Financial Conduct Authority’s Disclosure and Transparency Rules.

The schedule below contains detailed information about the purchases made by Jefferies on behalf of the Company as part of the buyback programme.



9 JANUARY 2017

Schedule of Purchases – Individual Transactions

Number of shares purchased Transaction price
(pence per share)
Time of transaction Trading venue
6917 31.5 09:51:18 London Stock Exchange
21090 31.5 10:47:21 London Stock Exchange
3001 31.75 10:50:27 London Stock Exchange
3317 31.75 11:37:36 London Stock Exchange
2920 31.75 11:47:25 London Stock Exchange
3416 31.75 12:02:29 London Stock Exchange
7805 31.75 12:02:29 London Stock Exchange
8840 31.75 12:02:29 London Stock Exchange
800 31.75 14:14:32 London Stock Exchange
2279 31.75 14:14:32 London Stock Exchange
3421 31.75 15:05:10 London Stock Exchange
7010 31.75 15:05:15 London Stock Exchange
3666 31.5 15:15:41 London Stock Exchange
3046 31.75 16:19:51 London Stock Exchange
3583 31.75 16:20:23 London Stock Exchange
3232 31.75 16:20:49 London Stock Exchange
2900 31.75 16:20:52 London Stock Exchange
3120 31.75 16:25:32 London Stock Exchange
3587 31.75 16:29:41 London Stock Exchange