LUCIBEL Introduces the World's First Industrialized LiFi Luminaire That Enables Internet Access Through Light

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PARIS, September 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

As result of its co-development partnership with the Scottish company PureLiFi, Lucibel presents the world's first industrialized LiFi solution on the market 

LiFi (Light Fidelity) is a communication technology through modulated LED light that enables data exchange between a specific LED lighting fixture and a computer, making Internet access possible. The performances of this bidirectional broadband connection have been multiplied by 4 since the installation in June 2015 by Lucibel of a prototype. The reception of data transmitted by the lighting fixture is done via a LiFi USB key whose size has been divided by 5.

The communication technology through light has existed for several years but only in low speed unidirectional version (VLC, Visible Light Communication) which enables the deployment of indoor geolocation applications, in particular in shop and museum sectors.

By positioning itself as an alternative to Wifi, this smart and connected light is taking on a new dimension thanks to Lucibel. 

According to the American research institute Gartner, The Internet of Things ((« IOT ») will come to more than 50 billion by 2020 to 2022 compared to 5 billion today, which will lead to an exponential growth in the volume of data exchanged. The LiFi technology positions itself as one of the broadband connection technology that will enable the development of IOT.

The LiFi lumianire and USB key, resulting from the partnership between Lucibel and PureLifi, are exclusively manufactured by Lucibel in France at its industrial site in Barentin (Normandy), whether marketed by Lucibel or PureLiFi. 

Edouard Lebrun, Chief Innovation Officer at Lucibel says: « The production of this LiFi solution in France forms part of Lucibel new industrial strategy implemented for over 2 years. Indeed, thanks to the relocation of its manufacturing facility in France, Lucibel has been able to co-develop, industrialize and market its LiFi solution in less than 15 months, which gives it the only solution of the market easily integrable in a building.

As a first step, the Lucibel LiFi solution aimed essentially at professionals to offer them Internet access mobility where wifi is not available or badly deployed.

Thanks to its decisive advantages (impossibility to remotely hack a LiFi network, absence of radio waves potentially harmful to human health…) priority deployment targets are places where:

  • The data security is a major issue (banks, defense, R&D centers, executive offices, private security…).
  • Electromagnetic waves (wifi) are not permitted (hospitals, nursery, schools, industry…)
  • The density of users is very high (co-working space, airport, hotel, meeting room, convention space…)

 « LiFi by LUCIBEL »: a structured sales strategy currently being deployed 

For more than two years, Lucibel has been structured its marketing strategy through:

  • The recruitment of a dedicated team specialized in networks and IT,
  • The implementation of strategic partnerships with major players in the real estate or IT sectors
  • The qualification of its LiFi solution by large general or specialized IT integrators.

The results are promising with big names already seduced by this innovative solution:

  • Nexity, first integrated player on the real estate market in France (housing, offices, managed residences, hotels, shops…), is the first end user of the industrialized LiFi luminaire. A collaboration and an operational partnership that Loïc Daniel, Deputy CEO of Nexity Business Property, welcomes: « The innovation strategy of Nexity is illustrated by a will to meet the needs of occupants for connected living and work spaces, flexible and oriented to their well-being. We congratulate ourselves on this approach of co-innovation with a company as Lucibel, who will be a supplier of new solutions for the real estate of tomorrow. »

  • Microsoft is also implementing the LiFi solution at its innovation center in Issy-les-Moulineaux in order to share with its clients the opportunities offered by the technology.

  • SLMS (Schneider Lucibel Managed Services, Joint-Venture between Schneider Electric and Lucibel) also markets the solution through its «LiFi as a Service by SLMS» offer.

Other partnerships are currently under negotiation and should be announced before end of 2016.

Frédéric Granotier, President and Founder of Lucibel, is confident: « This major breakthrough enables Lucibel Group to become the link between the world of lighting and the one of IT. With the integration of the LiFi technology in smartphones and tablets, expected within 2-3 years, the private individual market segment will also be opened to us».


In practice, a RJ45 wire is connected to the lighting fixture which then becomes a head end, and a LiFi key is connected to the computer USB port.


Technical performances:  

The "LiFi by Lucibel" solution enables the deployment of a complete wireless network through a bidirectional transmission of 42 Mbps. The "LiFi by Lucibel" system offers a mobile connection within a network while simultaneously supporting multiple access and «handover».

Each LiFi lumianire can serve several LiFi stations simultaneously. The «handover» function allows users to automatically have a stable connection from a lighting fixture to another.

In addition to traditional power supply, the "LiFi by Lucibel" luminaire is optionally compatible POE / POE+ and High Power POE in order to minimize the necessary wiring for the deployment of a LiFi network infrastructure. 

About Lucibel 

Lucibel is a French innovative company that designs in France and markets in over 30 countries new-generation lighting products and solutions based on LED technology. For more information, please visit company's website at

Lucibel is listed on Alternext Paris / Ticker: ALUCI / ISIN Code: FR0011884378 

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