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EQS-News: CRMI: Acornea Conquers the Darkness Innovation brings light to the blind around the world

Montag, 17.10.2016 06:25

EQS-News / 17/10/2016 / 12:20 UTC+8
 Acornea Conquers the Darkness
 Innovation brings light to the blind around the world
 Chicago, Illinois, October 16th
 An Eye-Opennijg innovation: Acornea makes a breakthrough in regenerative
 medicine as an innovation with the world's first bio-engineered cornea that
 brings light to the blind. The product is named as Acornea by China
 Regenerative Medicine International, a medical group based in Hong Kong.
 The product: Cornea is the clear outer covering of the eyeball. Acornea is
 a bio-engineered product that can be used as a replacement of human cornea
 for the blind to see again. The main body of Acornea is derived from other
 animals such as pigs and biologically treated to make it compatible to
 Other advantages of Acornea are the following special features: great
 transparency, less likely to get affected, easy to store and transport, and
 it does not require any kind of preserving fluid or complicated storage
 conditions. Moreover, the greatest benefit to the patients is that patients
 do not have to use lifelong immunosuppressive drugs after Acornea procedure
 in contrast with the human cornea transplant.   Acornea  has already been
 successfully used in curing patients.
 It proves to be working. The past 2 years witnessed 200 patients who have
 received Acornea transplant in China ranging from 11 month infant to 70-
 year-old adult. The result turned out to be successful. What is more
 inspiring is that the technology has been repeatedly proven to be
 effective, and it is now ready for global market.
 The scientist: So much appreciation should go to Dr. Shi, weiyun, professor
 from China Regenerative Medicine International. Dr. Shi is the Chairman of
 China Medical Association and the director of Cornea Medicine and Studies.
 As a world famous scientist at the top, Dr. Shi has been practicing eye
 medicine for more than 30 years and has conducted more than 10,000 eye
 surgeries. Dr. Shi is truly one of the creators of this revolutionary
 technology by CRMI.
 The manufacturer: China Regenerative Medicine International Limited
 ("CRMI") is a 20-year-old medical institution. Located in Hong Kong, CRMI
 has invested billions of dollars in regenerative medicine and tissue
 engineering products.
 With more than 10 year's persistent efforts in medical research, CRMI has
 become the #1 business entity in both regenerativemedicine and tissue
 engineering, as well as stem cell and other health care products. CRMI has
 a good number of production facilities
 all over china such as Xi'an, Shengzhen, Tianjing and Suzhou, etc.
 CFDA approval: With over 10 years painstaking effort, Acornea was finally
 Approved by China FDA in April 2015, CRMI is the sole patent owner of
 Acornea products and ready to commercialize the products for the benefit of
 those who suffer from the blind world, and Acornea will bring light back to
 their life again.
 Final words: As the Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Gilbert once said: "Within the
 next 50 years, the mankind will be able to develop all human organs." The
 China Regenerative Medicine International is now just doing that! Acornea,
 an absolute innovation, will bring light to the blind.  Acorena transplant
 may also unprecedentedly eliminate the remedies of lifelong
 For more information, please visit:
 China Regenerative Medicine International
 Telephone: (852)3966-8388
 Fax: (852)2802-0026
 Address:10th floor, Dah Sing Financial Center,108 Gloucester Road
 Wanchai, Hong Kong
 Please also contact:
 XiaoLu Li:
 Tel: (337) 326-4691
 Chan Chun Fung:
 Tel: (852)90617622
 Email: Anthony.chan@
 Zhengkang Shao:
 Mobil: (852) 59195330
 Email: Shao
Document: Document title: CRMI: Acornea Conquers the Darkness Innovation brings light to the blind around the world
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