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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?


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ZEBRAMART TARGET 26$ !!!!! brainy


28.02.00 14:29
Feb. 26, 2000 (OTC BB: ZMRT)
Price as of 2/25/00 : $1.43
Target Price : $26
Recommendation Strong Buy is just beginning to be noticed by Wall Street investors, however, based on the future prospects of the company it is extremely undervalued.  For instance, Wall Street has yet to take notice of the fact that is partnered with AOL/Time Warner and Roadrunner! In other words is poised for dramatic growth.

Unlike most Internet e-tailers, has a focused business approach, which has allowed to become the world's leader in the luxury segment of members-only online shopping. has cornered the online market for high margin, quality goods, suitable for only the most discriminating consumers. is leading the e-tailing transition from pure e-commerce to a "clicks and mortar" business model.  The most successful Internet retailers will be those who combine a traditional bricks and mortar presence with an online presence.  To that end, has just received financing in the amount of $1,250,000 for the construction of's retail store, scheduled to open the summer of this year 2000 in Atlanta and will work in conjunction with the company's e-commerce division. works because it is targeting the high-end market and because that mean high margins and, ultimately, large earnings.  And as the first mover into this field is facing little or no competition.  It has the first-mover advantage in an unexploited area of Internet retailing. has the original business concept necessary to be truly profitable. isn't trying to be everything to everyone, therefore its products are expensive and appeal directly to the wealthy demographic. As mentioned earlier this equates to a profitable business because the mark up on luxury items is enormous.

By leveraging the tremendous growth of e-commerce and offering quick, painless access to luxury goods delivered to anywhere in the world, is accessing an enormous and, to date, untapped market. has announced that they will merge with Royal Acquisitions Inc. this week!  Not only will this cause to be a fully reporting company but it will instantly make the co. eligable for NASDAQ listing! This will remove the E from their ticker symbol, and add tremendious value to share holders. is a winner, and at this price represents the best opportunity you will see in this market.  Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a yet to be discovered jewel.
ZEBRAMART TARGET 26$ !!!!! preisfuchs

Re: ZEBRAMART ( ZMRT ) 929078 dieser aktie sollte man sich übe.

28.02.00 16:36
leider nur über usa erhältlich.

Wieviel Verlust habt Ihr beide nun mit ZMRT ?. Kurs nun bei 0,13$!. o.T.

14.06.00 23:25
ZEBRAMART TARGET 26$ !!!!! preisfuchs

ich bin ehrlich 48% im minus!. ich denke der pleitegang von


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