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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?

Wo steht Adelong (924249) morgen?

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Wo steht Adelong (924249) morgen? iron maiden
iron maiden:

Wo steht Adelong (924249) morgen?

28.12.99 16:08
Quelle :

ASX Announcement 15-12-99

Strategic alliance with Yahoo! Australia and NZ
Adelong Consolidated Gold Mines N.L (Changing to Adelong Capital Ltd) announce that it's internet associate FreeISP, an
Australian Internet marketing company, today announced a strategic alliance with Internet media company Yahoo! Australia
and NZ (

"This alliance adds another dimension to the services that FreeISP provides, benefiting both our corporate partners and
registered end-users," said Tamara Keniry, CEO, FreeISP.

As part of the alliance, Yahoo! Australia and NZ will provide search functionality and email services for FreeISP users. Links
to Yahoo! Australia and NZ Shopping and Yahoo! Australia and NZ Finance will also form part of the services offered.

"We see our involvement with FreeISP as having the potential to introduce new Internet users to Yahoo! Australia and NZ and
the wide variety of services we have to offer," said Peter Everingham, Business Development Manager, Yahoo! Australia and

About FreeISP
FreeISP is an Australian company, established by a team of IT professionals who are also currently Directors of Balanced IT
Services. The directors and owners of FreeISP have over 30 combined years of experience in the IT Internet industry. ASX
listed venture capital firm Adelong Consolidated Gold Mines N.L (Changing its name to Adelong Capital Ltd) are a major
shareholder of FreeISP.

FreeISP is an Internet marketing company with core competencies in data warehousing and data mining, providing an Internet
marketing service to Australian corporations. FreeISP allows corporations to provide their customers with free unlimited
Internet access, enhancing their customer loyalty programs and ability to effectively target end-users.

FreeISP head office is located at 133 Victoria Road, Rozelle, 2039. More information on FreeISP can be found on the
Internet at

Released on behalf of FreeISP by Weatherman, Besgrove & Love, Level 1, 33 Albany Street, St Leonards NSW 2065.

This release is available electronically via Internet. To obtain a copy please mail your request to

For further information, please contact:

Tamara Keniry CEO FreeISP +612 9818 4477
Simone Mansour Account Manager WB&L +612 9966 5678
Craig Manners Director Adelong +613 9242 4125

Wo steht Adelong (924249) morgen? tgk1

Aktuell is das aber nich........Schon im Kurs enthalten! o.T.

28.12.99 17:00
Wo steht Adelong (924249) morgen? u-p1

höher! :-) o.T.


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