Wieder News zu PCCW!!

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Wieder News zu PCCW!! onnasis

Wieder News zu PCCW!!

24.02.00 22:46
Bis morgen will PCCW ein neues Angebot für C&W vorlegen.
Doch lest selbst:

Update on C&W HKT (008) acquisition: It is heard that Pacific Century Cyberworks (1186) will submit its terms of offer for C&W HKT (008) before this Friday. The latest term is one PCCW share plus $8 cash for each C&W HKT share. PCCW may take less than a 35% stake in C&W HKT to avoid a general offer and lower the cash required for the acquisition to a more affordable level of around $33bn. We maintain our BUY recommendation on C&W HKT at prices below $24 but neutral to negative on PCCW in the near term due to the arbitrage opportunities.

* Although both (008) Cable & Wireless HKT and (1186) Pacific Century Cyberworks opposed to the overall market and fell, we retain our strong buy rating for both counters in the near term after (1186) Pacific Century Cyberworks announced that the company intended to acquired C&W HKT. We treat that this is a win-win solution for both parties. We believe that the prospect on C&W HKT is promising if PCC is success to acquire C&W HKT as PCC has a well-developed network with international technology companies, gaining the benefit from getting the technology from the foreign companies. On the other hand, PCC can also gain benefit as the company can speed up its board-band development business. We retain a speculative buying on both counters. Our short-term target price for C&W HKT is HK$28.00, representing a potential upside of 17.65 percent compared with the current trading price of HK$23.80. Our 3-month target price for PCC is at HK$32.00, representing a potential upside of 52.02 percent compared with the current trading price of HK$21.05. We recommend buying C&W HKT on below HK$24.00 and buying PCC within a range between HK$20.00 and HK$21.00

Wieder News zu PCCW!! Kicky

PCCW ist aber heute gestiegen,hier eine Empfehlung von heute

24.02.00 23:10
PCCW (1186)    BUY
DAO HENG Securities

Market talk has it that PCCW will invest in Legend (992) $33.00 Hold, and that Legend has reached an agreement with PCCW to install software for using PCCW's broadband services (NOW) on its PCs and to manufacture set-top boxes. Legend's share price shot up 13% yesterday.

If the JV materialises, we believe it will be positive to both companies. Legend already has over 25% market share of China's PC market, and this will provide an effective channel for promoting PCCW's broadband services.

Additionally, Pacific Convergence could provide contents for Legend's portal, fm365.com. Currently the portal provides six channels, which includes news, education, entertainment, life style, stock market and shopping information.

Wieder News zu PCCW!! Emma

weiß jemand, wie PCCW heute in Hongkong lief?

25.02.00 06:31
habe über "finet" noch keinen Kurs gefunden.
Wieder News zu PCCW!! onnasis

Am Montag hält PCCW eine Pressekonferenz!!!

25.02.00 07:29
Man kann von positiven Nachrichten ausgehen, bezüglich C&W und Legend
deshalb ist heute noch Gelegenheit Positionen auf,-auszubauen.

A spokesman of Pacific Century CyberWorks (1186) said the company plans to hold a press conference next Monday.

Wieder News zu PCCW!! 1795n

Re: Wieder News zu PCCW!!

Laut Info in NTV wurde der Handel ausgesetzt, da spätetens Montag Bekanntgabe von Zusammenschluß, in HK um 1,6 % gestiegen vor Aussetzung.
Gut das ich gestern noch einige nachgekauft habe, habe jetzt einen Mittelwert von 2,79, ich denke sie wird auf 3,40 steigen nächste Woche.
Was meint Ihr ???
Gruß Vicki

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