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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?

wer kann das zu Upgrade kurz übersetzen ???

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wer kann das zu Upgrade kurz übersetzen ??? Ich bin da

wer kann das zu Upgrade kurz übersetzen ???

Hagens Berman Files Class Action Suit Against Upgrade International, Inc. For Violations of
        the Federal Securities Laws

        PR Newswire
        Friday February 25 3:23pm

        SEATTLE, Feb. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- A class action has been commenced in the United States District
        Court for the Western District of Washington on behalf of all purchases of Upgrade International, Inc.
        (OTC Bulletin Board: UPGD) ("Upgrade") common stock during the period November 29, 1999
        through February 24, 2000 (the "Class Period").

        The complaint charges Upgrade with violations of the federal securities laws. Specifically, plaintiffs have
        brought claims under sections 10(b) and 20 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

        Specifically, the complaint alleges that Upgrade's positive statements concerning Upgrade's licensure of
        the Keepered Media technology from Ampex, the abilities of Upgrade's UltraCard, Upgrade's listing
        status with Nasdaq, and Upgrade's reporting status with the SEC were materially false and misleading
        because, at the time Upgrade issued them, and that defendants knew, or were reckless in not knowing,
        the following adverse information:

            a.   That the Keepered Media technology had never been proven to work on a

                 credit card type format;

            b.   That Ampex, the owner of Keepered Media technology, had
                 discontinued its use as it was too costly for commercial
                 manufacturing and did not believe the technology had any material

            c.   That the value of Keepered Media technology was so insignificant, its
                 value was not even recorded as an asset on Ampex's financial

            d.   That Upgrade had not applied for Nasdaq National Market System

            e.   That the UltraCard had not been proven to store 20,000 times the
                 storage capacity of magnetic strip cards;

            f.   That Keepered Media technology had only proven to work on hard drive
                 disks and was financially unfeasible to produce;

            g.   That despite its license of Keepered Media technology, Upgrade would
                 not have a product to sell, lease or license until the year 2001; and

            h.   That there was no reasonable basis for claiming that Upgrade would be
                 an SEC reporting company by February 24, 2000, as its auditors had
                 not even completed Upgrade's audit.

        By issuing these allegedly false and misleading statements, defendants artificially inflated Upgrade's stock
        price from $10-1/2 on 11/29/99 to a Class Period high of $82-1/2 in January 2000, resulting in market
        capitalization of well over $1 billion, before the true facts about Upgrade's troubled operations and false
        statements concerning Upgrade's product development efforts were revealed.

        Plaintiff seeks to recover damages on behalf of all purchasers of Upgrade common stock during the
        Class Period (the "Class"). The plaintiff is represented by Hagens Berman, LLP which has concentrated
        its practice in the field of class action and multi-plaintiff litigation, representing plaintiffs in numerous
        securities and investment fraud actions throughout the country. Hagens Berman, LLP has been
        appointed lead or co-lead counsel on behalf of defrauded investors in numerous complex financial
        cases, and has been responsible for many large recoveries which, in the aggregate, total more than $1

        If you are a member of the Class described above, you may, no later than 60 days from today, move
        the Court to serve as lead plaintiff of the Class, if you so choose. In order to serve as lead plaintiff,
        however, you must meet certain legal requirements. If you wish to discuss this action or have any
        questions concerning this notice or your rights or interests, please contact plaintiffs' counsel, Steve W.
        Berman or Karl P. Barth at Hagens Berman, P.S. at 206-623-7292 or toll-free at 888-381-2889 or
        via e-mail at

                 Hagens Berman. P.S.
                 Steve W. Berman or Karl P. Barth of Hagens Berman, P.S., 206-623-7292, or
                 888-381-2889, or  

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