Was ist mit Adultshop.com ?

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Was ist mit Adultshop.com ? Ich bin da

Was ist mit Adultshop.com ?

Press Release by AdultShop.com


The Directors of AdultShop.com Limited are pleased to announce
that the due diligence for the Barbarellas Group transaction
has now been completed.

An independent expert's report by Ernst & Young Corporate Finance
Pty Limited has concluded that the purchase of the Barbarellas
Group by AdultShop.com Limited is "fair and reasonable".

The Company will be holding a General Meeting on 29th December 1999
to seek shareholder approval for the transaction. Subject to shareholder
approval, it is expected that the transaction will be completed on
31st December 1999.

An established company with over 23 years experience in both the wholesaling
and retailing of adult products, Barbarellas offers AdultShop.com
many benefits including:
· Profitable operating business with strong cash flow
· Barbarellas expansion throughout Australia and New Zealand
· Established infrastructure and internal systems
· Established supplier network and relationships
· Experience within the industry
· High profile, strong brand name

Managing Director, Malcolm Day stated that "The Barbarellas Group
transaction will provide AdultShop.com with a strategic and competitive
advantage, furthering our market position and strength as a global

Photo of Managing Director, Malcolm Day (outside Barbarellas retail store)
available at AAP Image Website at aapimage.aap.com.au

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For further details or comment, please contact:

Malcolm Day
Managing Director
AdultShop.com Limited
Phone: +61 8 9227 6777
Email: Malcolm@AdultShop.com.  

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