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Probleme bei der Darstellung von ARIVA.DE?


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UTNS hugo


habe gut verdient, hatte ja bei 20 cent auf die story verwiesen (an dieser Stelle).

7:33 PM
09/17/99  DJIA 10803.63 66.17  NASDAQ 2869.62 62.90  S&P 500 1335.42 16.94  
NYSE 613.10 5.78 Russell 2000 434.45 4.20 30YR T-Bond 60.43 -0.29

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Unitransact Business Solutions Inc. (UTNS)

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Price Data

Last Sale Price 3/8  Volume (000) 272  Size of Last Sale 1000
Net Change 0.095  Open 0.305  Bid 0.36
% Change 33.9%  High 0.38  Ask 3/8
Last Sale Time 15:23  Low 0.30  Size of Bid&Ask 5000x5000
Fundamental Data

52 Wk High 0  Volatility 0  Yield 0
52 Wk Low 0  Shares Outst. (000) 0  Ex-Div Date N/A
EPS 0.000  Market Cap 0.00  Dividend Freq.  
P/E Ratio   Exchange OTC BB
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Market Guide Business Summary

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Latest News Headlines

08-20 Business Financial Network Initates Coverage of Unitransact Business Solutions, Inc.  (BW)
08-16 Staruni Corporation Acquires Stake In ISP  (BW)
08-16 UniTransact Business Solutions Inc. Announces Consummation of Staruni Acquisition; Financial Results of Parasun   (BW)
07-20 UniTransact Signs Binding Contractual Agreement to Purchase Parasun Internet Services Provider, Inc.  (BW)
07-16 Unitransact Announces Re-Negotiated Licensing Agreement with Aaex Corp.  (BW)
07-13 UniTransact Business Solutions, Inc. - Acquires Stake in ISP  (BW)
07-12 Announces Investment Opinion, No. 6 of 6  (BW)

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