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The Hartcourt Companies, Inc.

05/22: Hartcourt Subsidiary Completes Acquisition of 50% Interest of Shanghai Guo Mao; Agreement is a Prelude to a 100% Merger of the Two Entities

05/15: Hartcourt Announces Selection of to Deliver Chinese Sports Video and Audio Over the Internet

05/09: Hartcourt Selected to Help Open Chinese People's Supreme Court Cases to Internet Access

04/28: Announces Online Relationship With Third Chinese Securities Trading Firm

04/26: Takes 50% Stake in

04/25:, a Hartcourt Subsidiary Completes Acquisition of 50 Percent of

04/17: Hartcourt Reports 1999 Financial Results and Success in Acquiring Chinese Internet Businesses

04/12: Hartcourt's Subsidiary, Financial Telecom of Hong Kong, Acquires 51% of Data Transmission Network

04/10: Hartcourt Appoints a Wireless Telecom Expert, Dr. Charlie Q. Yang, to Chief Operating Officer

04/04: Hartcourt Companies, Owner of China-wide Internet Businesses, Retains FRB BSMG; Premier Chinese Financial Portal, Sino Bull, Among Hartcourt Holdings

03/28: Hartcourt's Subsidiary, UAC Online, Releases Chinese Stock Trading Applications for Palm OS and Windows CE

03/23: Hartcourt Appoints Mr. Duc Duong Chief Technology Officer

03/20: Guosen Securities to Use UAC 162 Network for Online Stock Trading

03/15: Michael Bianco Is the New President & CEO of; Hartcourt Subsidiary Is Putting Finishing Touch on Its Portal Launch and IPO

03/13: to Develop WAP Connectivity for Mobile Phone Services

03/08: is the Official Webcaster for Hong Kong Stock Exchange; Hartcourt Subsidiary is a Rising Star In Hong Kong Internet

03/06: (A Hartcourt Subsidiary) Web Site Is a Hit with Chinese Investors

02/29/00: Hartcourt to Invest in Sichuan Cable Network

02/16/00: Chairman to Speak on China Market for Online Stock Trading

02/14/00: Hartcourt to Invest in eIMPACT Solutions

01/24/00: Hartcourt Applies For Nasdaq NMS Listing

01/14/00: Hua Xia Launches Set Top Boxes with Microsoft and Legend

01/10/00: Hartcourt Shares Gain 5,264 Percent in 1999

01/06/00: Hartcourt Funding Agreement Increased to $35 Million

12/29/99: Hartcourt Appoints BDO International to be its Auditors

12/28/99: Agrees to Acquire 50% of Shanghai Guo Mao

12/23/99: Hartcourt UAC JV Generating Publicity On Government Media

12/19/99: to Purchase 40% of Shangdi Network

12/13/99: Engages Ernst & Young for IPO Business Plan

12/07/99: Agrees to Buy 50% of Internet Software Company

12/01/99: eSAT Inc. and Hartcourt Come to Terms on Strategic Alliance

11/18/99: Formed as IPO Company for UAC Online and FinTel

11/15/99: Hartcourt Signs Agreement for $25 Million Equity Line Funding

11/02/99: Hartcourt UAC JV Signs with Beijing Telecom; Gains Gov't Funding

10/25/99: Hartcourt Signs JV Agreement For Wireless ISP and IP Phone

09/22/99: Hartcourt Completes Acquisition of Financial Telecoms Ltd.

09/09/99: Hartcourt to Convert 15% of Stock Options in UAC Online

08/25/99: Hartcourt Acquires 58% of Financial Telecom of Hong Kong

07/20/99: Hartcourt to Participate in National ISP Venture in China

07/12/99: Hartcourt Approved for Listing on German Stock Exchange

06/29/99: Hartcourt Acquires 35% of China's First Online Trading Co.

06/03/99: Hartcourt to Distribute Share Certificates of Enova Holdings

03/25/99: Hartcourt to Divest 65% of ECS to Mgmt and Investors' Group

03/25/99: Hartcourt Exchanges Interest in Peony Garden Project, Beijing

03/24/99: The Hartcourt Companies Inc. to Spinoff U.S. Operations

03/24/99: The Hartcourt Companies Inc. Issues Rebuttal Statement

03/23/99: First Foreign Firm Allowed; Hartcourt to Merge with Chinese ISP

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