Travelbyus - kleiner link für interessierte

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Travelbyus - kleiner link für interessierte rabbit

Travelbyus - kleiner link für interessierte

13.01.00 09:10

hier könnt ihr schon mal eure karibikflüge buchen.

p.s. : nicht vergessen montag ist weblaunch.  
Travelbyus - kleiner link für interessierte rabbit

und noch eine neue e-mail von peter adams(tbu)

Hi Steve:
Happy New Year to you, too.
Our Web site going online on Monday is a "soft" launch. We are not quite where we want to be with regard to destination content and product. Nor do we have our 5,000 travel agencies in place and we need them for the cooperative advertising program.
I suspect your comment about visitor registration is prompted by Expedia's announcement? You'll be pleased to know TBU was ahead of the curve. Our Web site had been developed without a visitor having to register to gain access. Just another example of everyone playing "catch up".
As an aside, there are some sites which will continue to require registration, and rightly so. A good salesperson knows the following steps:
1. Qualify the prospect.
2. Overcome objections.
3. Close the sale.
Travel Web sites selling "cheap" travel (e.g. Cheap Tickets - CTIX and our own Cheap Seats and Mr Cheaps Web sites) need to cut down the number of browsers. It is important to understand that the GDS (the booking engine behind any travel Web site) charges after a certain number of inquiries. these charges are offset by actual bookings so the challenge is to have enough bookings to cancel out the charge assessed for all the "lookers". These Web sites will have to continue to "qualify" visitors and the first "gate" will continue to be the requirement to register/login.
I trust my answer has been helpful.
Thank you for your active interest in TBU. We certainly appreciate your input.
Sincerely, Peter Adam

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