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Travelbyus - Auszug aus

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Travelbyus - Auszug aus rabbit

Travelbyus - Auszug aus

18.12.99 11:13
ich habe grade die folgenden postings gelesen. klingt interessant.
weiß jemand mehr über laufende verträge oder verhandlungen zw.
tbu und den großen airlines. welche verträge haben die anderen (preview, expedia, travelocity) schon abgeschlossen?


I found this on Business Week Online dated Nov 15/99. I wondered if the new website to open Q12000 is Travelbyus or a new powerful competitor. Our links to American Airlines is erie. Any thoughts? If this is TBU we could have a quasi monopoly on our hands.If not, we could be sleeping with an elephant. Thoughts please?

Dogfight in Cyberspace: The Online Travel Biz Heats
Who will control it? The airlines or big middlemen such as Expedia and Travelocity?

Microsoft threw a party, but four major U.S. airlines
crashed it. That, in a nutshell, sums up a wild week in the
rapidly changing travel business last week. Microsoft
spin-off Expedia soared in its initial public offering on
Nov. 10, in spite of an announcement the day before that
Continental, Delta, United, and Northwest were jumping
into the online travel biz with a new joint Web portal.

The upshot? Looks like the fly boys have decided it's time
they took over the booking business, analysts say. And
middlemen -- from online behemoths like Expedia and
American Airlines spin-off Travelocity to mom-and-pop
travel agencies on Main Street -- are bracing for an even
tighter market squeeze. Underscoring this new reality: The
major carriers' announcement last month that they plan to
cut base domestic commissions to travel agents to 5% from
8%, a move started by United but quickly matched by
everyone else. Now, says Mike Boyd, president of

Colorado-based aviation consultants the Boyd Group:
"Airlines have a product, and they are selling their product.
They have control of the entire chain."

The quartet of airline jumbos announced they will pool
$100 million to launch their still-unnamed Web site in first
quarter 2000. They'll offer everything from cheap fares to
rental cars and hotel rooms.

RACK RATES. Although auctioning -- similar to what provides -- won't be offered initially, the
airlines are not ruling such pricing strategies out. Nor do
the airlines seem to be concerned about cannibalizing their
existing individual sites, which all four will continue to run
full tilt. "I don't see any conflict with offering rack rates
and distressed inventory side-by-side. We will give the
lowest published fares anywhere. Anything you find on the
Web, we will have," says Al Lenza, Northwest Airlines
vice-president for distribution.

According to Forrester Research, by the end of this year, 9
million Americans will have booked online, for sales of
nearly $8 billion in leisure and business travel. That
number is expected to climb to 26 million customers
booking $29 billion by 2003. "The airlines are watching
this new behavior of booking grow rapidly, and they are
seeing most of it go in the direction of online travel," says
James McQuivey, a Forrester research director.

To some degree, the airlines have already successfully
herded loyal customers to their own Web sites with a
barrage of frequent-flier incentives and exclusive discounts
for booking online. According to Internet consultants
Jupiter Communications, 79% of the online sales in 1996
went to travel agencies like Expedia and Travelocity . The
rest went to direct travel suppliers like airlines and hotels.
As of last year, that ratio was closer to 50-50. And some
airlines have already made it abundantly clear they don't
want to deal with a middleman, period. Southwest Airlines
ceased to pay commissions to any online travel agency in
an effort to maximize bookings through its own Web site.

HEALTHY NUMBERS. While brick-and-mortar travel agents have
the most to fear from a Big Four portal, Travelocity and
Expedia are hardly helpless targets. Travelocity, through
its acquisition of Preview Travel, has control over travel
sales on America Online and Yahoo!, the two most
powerful ISPs out there. And with Microsoft's bucks
behind it, Expedia has unlimited marketing resources.
"Plenty of customers want to go to an independent agency
like Expedia. We have 4.1 million customers coming to us
every month. That's a compelling marketplace," says Suzi
Levine, a product manager at Expedia.

The big travel Web sites have continued to post healthy
triple-digit annual growth numbers -- thanks in part to all
those commissions airlines pay them. According to Boyd,
United will pay out nearly $250 million in commissions
this year, even after the recent reduction. The airlines
"want that money back," says Boyd.

And with control of so many domestic flights between the
four, the airlines could wield strong control over inventory
and use that as a weapon to ensure market share and
preferred pricing. For their part, the airlines say they want
to build a completely impartial site, much like American
Airlines' Travelocity. "This thing has to be neutral, and it
has to be all-encompassing," says Northwest Airlines'

But the announcement of a jumbo Web portal certainly
failed to stop the cork-popping at Expedia the following
day. Shares of Expedia, of which Microsoft holds 85%,
soared to $65 per share on the first day of trading, up from
the initial price of $14 per share. The big question now:
Will the four airlines' portal spoil Expedia's party?

By Alex Salkever in Honolulu

Pos. 2 :

Will the four airlines' portal spoil Expedia's party?

The four major airlines will not be able to avoid business with TRAVELBYUS because TBU's website will be the most unique , effective , efficient and expediant travel site on line. People are going to flock to this site for information for their vacations. And the airlines will want them to have direct access to their flights. And Mr. Cheap Seats already has contact with these airlines re booking.

Let's face it, the travel industry is huge and is expanding more and more online. There are still wide open cypberspaces out there for, and once again, this has been repeated in other sectors as well, the GOOD companies. These are the companies hat will prosper and exist many cyberyears and TRAVELBYUS will be there!

Travelbyus - Auszug aus estrich

Was soll das jetzt heißen? o.T.

18.12.99 13:34
Travelbyus - Auszug aus al_ka

Re: Travelbyus - Auszug aus

18.12.99 13:57
Gute Frage.
Meine Meinung.
Die lokalen travel agencies "vor ort" werden mifri schwer zu kämpfen habe (sterben)
Ich informiere mich zB bei Reisen nur noch übers Internet.
Ich werde nie (will auch gar nicht) direkt über ein Portal einer Airline gehen => da ist NULL Wettbewerb und Auswahl.
Ergo stimme ich dem 2. Kommentar (s.o.) voll und ganz zu.
Ich baue voll auf TBU auch wenn es noch ne Weile dauert. Reisen wird in den nächsten jahren das größte Hobby ALLER werden. Parallel hat TBU wohl eine 1-800-I-TRAVEL Nummer in USA aufgekauft. Also think positive !!!!!
PS: TBU um immerhin 1% in USA gestiegen WOW
Travelbyus - Auszug aus rabbit

Sollte TBU tatsächlich die besagt Homepage sein,

18.12.99 17:05
dann stehen jetzt schon die großen us-airlines dahinter. ( und die konkurenz wurde sogar schon aus dem feld geschlagen) somit dürfte es
an aufträgen wohl kaum mangeln.
sollte die website jedoch eine andere als tbu sein, dann wäre das natürlich
nicht positiv für tbu zu werten.
die spekulation die aus dem artikel hervorgeht ist ja die, daß die besagte
webseite der airlines im 1. qrt. 2000 an den start geht. das ist genau der
termin zu dem tbu auch das stadium des betatests verlassen soll.
wenn es jetzt wirklich tbu ist, dann kann man wohl sicher sein, daß der kurs sich zwangsweise sehr schnell steigern wird. mit 10 Euro in den nächsten 6 monaten wird's das dann sicher noch nicht gewesen sein.  
man muß auch mal bedenken, daß immermehr reisebüros schließen werden,
weil die kommissionen immermehr gedrückt werden. geht ja auch aus dem artikel hervor. die reiseveranstalter und fluglinien werden mehr und mehr
dazu übergehen, ihre geschäfte über das internet abzuwickeln. sollte tbu
hier rechtzeitig fuß fassen, dann wird das ein riesengeschäft.
ich bin jedenfalls froh, das ich noch zu 2 euro kaufen konnte.
in drei bis vier monaten wissen wir ja wie's wirklich ist.
Travelbyus - Auszug aus rabbit

Neuer Groomecapital-Bericht mitte Januar

A new report from Groome Capital (Dec. 17) ...states TBU is undervalued. New price target under review.
Or you can click the Groome Capital link under investor resources at

The last line in the Dec 17 report states the following:

"The companies recent marketing effort to establish branding and increase customer awareness, should be very effective in promoting the website and nationwide of member travel agents. Consequently, we believe that TBU is considerably undervalued."

Recommendation: Maintain Buy
12 Month Target: Under Revision-Previous target was $4.50
STATUS: We are currently updating our model on TBU and expect to publish a full report in mid January 2000, when we expect to upgrade our 12 month target.

Dank an PEZ

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